19 March 2015 Evaluating adaptation options of microcirculatory-tissue systems based on the physiological link of nutritive blood flow and redox ratio
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Fluorescent spectroscopy (FS) is becoming more widely used in chemistry, biology, in various fields of medical technology and medicine in general. Many purulent wounds, burns and other destructive inflammatory processes are accompanied by changes in the fluorescent activity of the tissues, which occurs due to a misbalance in accumulation of natural fluorophores: FAD, NADH, lipofuscin, porphyrins, structural proteins, etc. The study of redox ratio (RR), characterizing the metabolic processes, is important in the assessment of the metabolic activity ofmicrocirculatory-tissue systems (MTS). However, one of the big problems of the FS method is still the correct interpretation of the data and the development of practical methods for its application in clinical medicine. To solve this problem and create new diagnostic criteria, we propose to evaluate the adaptive capacity of MTS using indicators of links between nutritive blood flow and redox ratio during a physiological rest and functional load (occlusion test). As is known, these parameters (RR and nutritive blood flow) characterize the metabolic activity of tissues.We have performedan experimental study of the relationship between the RR, defined by FS, and nutritive blood flow, defined by the methods of laser Doppler flowmetry. Preliminary results in the study of a complex approach to diagnosis of the state of biological tissue were obtained. A positive relationship between the nutritive blood flow in the microcirculatory channel and RR of skin tissue is observed.The speed of change of metabolism in the phase of occlusion and reperfusion and duration of phase of recovery may be the criteria for adaptive capabilities of MTS, which has practical significance for physiology and medicine.
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Alexander I. Krupatkin, Alexander I. Krupatkin, Victor V. Sidorov, Victor V. Sidorov, Victor V. Dremin, Victor V. Dremin, Andrey V. Dunaev, Andrey V. Dunaev, Irina N. Novikova, Irina N. Novikova, Simian Zhu, Simian Zhu, Ghulam Nabi, Ghulam Nabi, Karina S. Litvinova, Karina S. Litvinova, Anastasia P. Baklanova, Anastasia P. Baklanova, Ruslan M. Bakshaliev, Ruslan M. Bakshaliev, Sergey A. Ravcheev, Sergey A. Ravcheev, "Evaluating adaptation options of microcirculatory-tissue systems based on the physiological link of nutritive blood flow and redox ratio", Proc. SPIE 9448, Saratov Fall Meeting 2014: Optical Technologies in Biophysics and Medicine XVI; Laser Physics and Photonics XVI; and Computational Biophysics, 944803 (19 March 2015); doi: 10.1117/12.2179560; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2179560

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