4 June 2015 InAs/Ga(In)Sb type-II superlattices short/middle dual color infrared detectors
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Short wavelength and middle wavelength dual color infrared detector were designed and prepared with InAs/Ga(In)Sb type-II superlattices materials. The Crosslight software was used to calculate the relation between wavelength and material parameter such as thickness of InAs, GaSb, then energy strucutre of 100 periods 8ML/8ML InAs/GaSb and the absorption wavelength was calculated. After fixing InAs/GaSb thickness parameter, devices with nBn and pin structure were designed and prepared to compare performance of these two structures. Comparison results showed both structure devices were available for high temperature operation which black detectivity under 200K were 7.9×108cmHz1/2/W for nBn and 1.9×109cmHz1/2/W for pin respectively. Considering the simultaneous readout requirement for further FPAs application the NIP/PIN InAs/GaSb dual-color structure was grown by MBE method. Both two mesas and one mesa devices structure were designed and prepared to appreciate the short/middle dual color devices. Cl2-based ICP etching combined with phosphoric acid based chemicals were utilized to form mesas, silicon dioxide was deposited via PECVD as passivation layer. Ti/Au was used as metallization. Once the devices were finished, the electro-optical performance was measured. Measurement results showed that optical spectrum response with peak wavelength of 2.7μm and 4.3μm under 77K temperature was gained, the test results agree well with calculated results. Peak detectivity was measured as 2.08×1011cmHz1/2/W and 6.2×1010cmHz1/2/W for short and middle wavelength infrared detector respectively. Study results disclosed that InAs/Ga(In)Sb type-II SLs is available for both short and middle wavelength infrared detecting with good performance by simply altering the thickness of InAs layer and GaSb layer.
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Yanli Shi, Yanli Shi, Rui Hu, Rui Hu, Gongrong Deng, Gongrong Deng, Wenjing He, Wenjing He, Jiangmin Feng, Jiangmin Feng, Mingguo Fang, Mingguo Fang, Xue Li, Xue Li, Jun Deng, Jun Deng, "InAs/Ga(In)Sb type-II superlattices short/middle dual color infrared detectors", Proc. SPIE 9451, Infrared Technology and Applications XLI, 94510L (4 June 2015); doi: 10.1117/12.2176196; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2176196

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