20 May 2015 Recent progress in high-power ultrafast thulium-doped fiber lasers and mid-infrared supercontinuum sources
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The research on high-power ultrafast thulium-doped fiber lasers at 2 μm wavelength and mid-infrared (mid-IR) supercontinuum sources at 2~5 μm wavelength is one of these hot spots because of their potential applications in eye-safe radar, material processing, and electro-optical countermeasure system, which has an irreplaceable role compared to other wavelength fiber lasers. Here, we review the recent work of our group at 2 μm high-power ultrafast thulium-doped fiber lasers and 2~5 μm high-power mid-IR supercontinuum sources. Firstly, we demonstrate a high-power picosecond-pulsed thulium-doped all-fiber master-oscillator power-amplifier (MOPA), which yielded 120 W of average output power at central wavelength of 1963 nm with pulse duration of 16 ps. And then, we demonstrate a 203 W average power all-polarization-maintaining (all-PM) thulium-doped fiber MOPA system delivering picosecond pulses without using conventional chirped pulse amplication (CPA) technique. The pulse duration of 15 ps at 611.5 MHz repetition-rate results in a peak-power of 22 kW in the final PM thulium-doped fiber power amplifier. The polarization extinction ratio (PER) at the highest average output power was measured to be >15 dB, further power scaling is limited by available pump power. Finally, we demonstrate a high-power mid-IR supercontinuum generation with up to 21.8 W average power and spectrum spanning from 1.9 to beyond 3.8 μm in a single-mode ZBLAN fiber pumped by a 2 μm amplified picosecond pulses from a single-mode thulium-doped all-fiber MOPA.
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Jiang Liu, Jiang Liu, Hongxing Shi, Hongxing Shi, Kun Liu, Kun Liu, Fangzhou Tan, Fangzhou Tan, Pu Wang, Pu Wang, } "Recent progress in high-power ultrafast thulium-doped fiber lasers and mid-infrared supercontinuum sources", Proc. SPIE 9466, Laser Technology for Defense and Security XI, 946605 (20 May 2015); doi: 10.1117/12.2179244; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2179244

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