13 May 2015 Performances of THz cameras with enhanced sensitivity in sub-terahertz region
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Uncooled microbolometer-type 640x480 and 320x240 Terahertz (THz) focal plane arrays (FPAs) with enhanced sensitivity in sub-THz region are developed, and incorporated into 640x480 and 320x240 cameras, respectively. The pixel in the THz-FPA has such a structure that an area sensitive to electromagnetic wave is suspended above read-out integrated circuit (ROIC). A thin metallic layer is formed on the top of the sensitive area, while a thick metallic layer is formed on the surface of ROIC. The structure composed of the thin metallic layer and the thick metallic layer behaves as an optical cavity. The THz-FPAs reported in this paper have a modified pixel structure which has several times longer optical-cavity length than NEC’s previous pixel does, by forming a thick SiN layer on the ROIC. The extended optical-cavity structure is favorable for detecting electromagnetic wave with lower frequency. Consequently, the Minimum Detectable Power per pixel (MDP) is improved ten times in sub-THz region, especially 0.5-0.6 THz. This paper presents spectral frequency dependences of MDP values for THz-FPA with the modified pixel structure and THz-FPA with the previous pixel structure, using THz free electron laser (FEL) developed by Osaka University. The modification of pixel structure extends high sensitivity region to lower frequency region, such as sub-THz region, and the wider spectral coverage of THz camera surely expands its applicability
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Naoki Oda, Naoki Oda, Tsutomu Ishi, Tsutomu Ishi, Seiji Kurashina, Seiji Kurashina, Takayuki Sudou, Takayuki Sudou, Takao Morimoto, Takao Morimoto, Masaru Miyoshi, Masaru Miyoshi, Kohei Doi, Kohei Doi, Hideki Goto, Hideki Goto, Tokuhito Sasaki, Tokuhito Sasaki, Goro Isoyama, Goro Isoyama, Ryukou Kato, Ryukou Kato, Akinori Irizawa, Akinori Irizawa, Keigo Kawase, Keigo Kawase, "Performances of THz cameras with enhanced sensitivity in sub-terahertz region", Proc. SPIE 9483, Terahertz Physics, Devices, and Systems IX: Advanced Applications in Industry and Defense, 94830S (13 May 2015); doi: 10.1117/12.2175478; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2175478

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