Front Matter: Volume 9548
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OAM Transfer: Celebrating 20 Years
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Outreach and Education: International Year of Light
Proc. SPIE 9548, Tutorial: opto-mechanical cooling by the back-action of cavity photons, 954808 (25 August 2015);
Toward (Or In) the Quantum Limit of Opto-Mechanics
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Optical Manipulation of Matter Through Gaseous Media
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Trapping at Extremes (i.e., "Gonzo" Trapping)
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Foundations of the Electromagnetic Theory of Force and Momentum
Proc. SPIE 9548, Continuum electrodynamics and the Abraham-Minkowski momentum controversy, 95480J (25 August 2015);
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Laser-Induced Shockwaves and Cavitation
Proc. SPIE 9548, A model for traumatic brain injury using laser induced shockwaves, 95480P (25 August 2015);
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Using the Photonic Toolbox to Study Cells and Their Organelles I
Proc. SPIE 9548, Reactive oxygen species production in single cells following laser irradiation (Presentation Recording), 95480S ();
Proc. SPIE 9548, Integrated 3D macro-trapping and light-sheet imaging system, 95480T (25 August 2015);
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Enhanced Sensitivity, Resolution, and Range of Force Actuators
Proc. SPIE 9548, Structured interference force for enhanced optical trapping (Presentation Recording), 95480W ();
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Photonic Devices for Optically Induced Forces
Proc. SPIE 9548, Photonic force microscopy of surface electromagnetic waves in a one-dimensional photonic crystal, 954810 (25 August 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9548, Optical epitaxial growth of gold nanoparticle arrays (Presentation Recording), 954811 ();
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Optical Lab-on-a-Chip
Proc. SPIE 9548, Optical manipulation of single microparticle for microfluidic flow rate sensing, 954813 (25 August 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9548, Optically induced transportation of dielectric particles with fiber optic Bessel beam, 954814 (25 August 2015);
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Statistical Mechanics of Small Systems
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Micro-Scale Studies of Hydrodynamics, Opto-Fluidics, and Binding
Proc. SPIE 9548, Optically controlled hydrodynamic micro-manipulation, 95481A (25 August 2015);
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Optical Force Studies of Active Micro-Swimmers
Proc. SPIE 9548, Pattern formation for active particles on optically created ordered and disordered substrates (Presentation Recording), 95481I ();
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Optically Driven Microheology and Mechanical Properties
Proc. SPIE 9548, Artifacts from photobleaching and dye-dissociation in fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, 95481M (25 August 2015);
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Using the Photonic Toolbox to Study Cells and their Organelles II
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Near-Field Micromanipulation, Plasmonic, and Nanoparticle Trapping
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Considering Shaped Particles in Optical Traps
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