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20 August 2015 Surface morphology of ultrathin graphene oxide films obtained by the SAW atomization
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Lately, graphene oxide (GO) thin films have attracted much attention: they can be used as humidity-sensitive coatings in the surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors; being functionalized, they can be used in optoelectronic or biodevices, etc. In this research we study surface morphology of small-area thin GO films obtained on Si and quartz substrates by deposition of very small amounts of H2O-GO aerosols produced by the SAW atomizer. An important feature of this method is the ability to work with submicrovolumes of liquids during deposition that provides relatively good control over the film thickness and quality, in particular, minimization of the coffee ring effect. The obtained films were examined using AFM and electron microscopy. Image analysis showed that the films consist of GO sheets of different geometry and sizes and may form discrete or continuous coatings at the surface of the substrates with the minimum thickness of 1.0-1.8 nm which corresponds to one or two monolayers of GO. The thickness and quality of the deposited films depend on the parameters of the SAW atomization (number of atomized droplets, a volume of the initial droplet, etc.) and on sample surface preparation (activation in oxygen plasma). We discuss the structure of the obtained films, uniformity and the surface coverage as a function of parameters of the film deposition process and sample preparation. Qualitative analysis of adhesion of GO films is made by rinsing the samples in DI water and subsequent evaluation of morphology of the remained films.
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Olga V. Balachova, Sergey M. Balashov, Carlos A. R. Costa, and A. Pavani Filho "Surface morphology of ultrathin graphene oxide films obtained by the SAW atomization", Proc. SPIE 9558, Nanostructured Thin Films VIII, 95580N (20 August 2015);

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