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5 September 2015 Growth and characterization of a new nonlinear optical organic crystal: 2,4,6-Trimethylacetanilide
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A new nonlinear optical organic material, 2,4,6-trimethylacetanilide (246TMAA), also known as N-[2,4,6- trimethylphenyl]acetamide, has been synthesized and grown as a single crystal by the slow evaporation technique by organic solvents. The grown crystals have been characterized by morphology study. The crystals are prismatic. Surface examination shows granular dendritic pattern in optical micrograph. The Scanning Electron Micrograph shows the layered growth of the crystal. The Differential Scanning Calorimeter plot shows no phase change until melting point (219°C). The density of the crystals is 1.1g/cc and the crystals are soft. The crystals are transparent in the visible region and in the ultra-violet region till 280 nm. 246TMAA crystallizes with 2 molecules in a monoclinic unit cell in the noncentrosymmetric point group m, space group Pn. Refractive indices of this optically biaxial crystal along the three crystallophysical axes have been measured at 633 nm. The optical second harmonic generation efficiency of the crystal at 1064 nm is about half that of the urea crystal, measured by powder method using Nd:YAG laser. The results show that the 246TMAA crystal can efficiently be used for up-conversion of infrared radiation into visible green light. The powder X-ray diffraction spectrum of the crystal has been obtained.
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V. Upadhyaya and Sharada G. Prabhu "Growth and characterization of a new nonlinear optical organic crystal: 2,4,6-Trimethylacetanilide", Proc. SPIE 9564, Light Manipulating Organic Materials and Devices II, 95640W (5 September 2015);

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