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10 September 2015 Are electrons oscillating photons, oscillating “vacuum," or something else? The 2015 panel discussion
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Platform: What physical attributes separate EM waves, of the enormous band of radio to visible to x-ray, from the high energy narrow band of gamma-ray? From radio to visible to x-ray, telescopes are designed based upon the optical imaging theory; which is an extension of the Huygens-Fresnel diffraction integral. Do we understand the physical properties of gamma rays that defy us to manipulate them similarly? One demonstrated unique property of gamma rays is that they can be converted to elementary particles (electron and positron pair); or a particle-antiparticle pair can be converted into gamma rays. Thus, EM waves and elementary particles, being inter-convertible; we cannot expect to understand the deeper nature of light without succeeding to find structural inter-relationship between photons and particles. This topic is directly relevant to develop a deeper understanding of the nature of light; which will, in turn, help our engineers to invent better optical instruments.
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Charles G. Akins, Richard Gauthier, A. F. Kracklauer, John A. Macken, Andrew Meulenberg Jr., Chary Rangacharyulu, Chandrasekhar Roychoudhuri, Martin B. van der Mark, and John G. Williamson "Are electrons oscillating photons, oscillating “vacuum," or something else? The 2015 panel discussion", Proc. SPIE 9570, The Nature of Light: What are Photons? VI, 95701I (10 September 2015);


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