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9 September 2015 Annotations of Mexican bullfighting videos for semantic index
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The video annotation is important for web indexing and browsing systems. Indeed, in order to evaluate the performance of video query and mining techniques, databases with concept annotations are required. Therefore, it is necessary generate a database with a semantic indexing that represents the digital content of the Mexican bullfighting atmosphere. This paper proposes a scheme to make complex annotations in a video in the frame of multimedia search engine project. Each video is partitioned using our segmentation algorithm that creates shots of different length and different number of frames. In order to make complex annotations about the video, we use ELAN software. The annotations are done in two steps: First, we take note about the whole content in each shot. Second, we describe the actions as parameters of the camera like direction, position and deepness. As a consequence, we obtain a more complete descriptor of every action. In both cases we use the concepts of the TRECVid 2014 dataset. We also propose new concepts. This methodology allows to generate a database with the necessary information to create descriptors and algorithms capable to detect actions to automatically index and classify new bullfighting multimedia content.
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