20 July 2015 Front Matter: Volume 9655
Proceedings Volume 9655, Fifth Asia-Pacific Optical Sensors Conference; 965501 (2015) https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2203414
Event: Fifth Asia Pacific Optical Sensors Conference, 2015, Jeju, Korea, Republic of
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Aharoni, Abraham, 3D

Ali, Shawkat, 0E, 0F

Ast, Sandra, 11, 1Z

Bae, Jinho, 0E, 0F

Baker, Chams, 0Q

Baldi, Massimo, 0P

Banh, Q. T., 23

Bao, Haihong, 31

Bao, Xiaoyi, 0Q

Bartelt, Hartmut, 2S

Bergman, A., 0V

Berneschi, Simone, 27

Bogdanowicz, Robert, 19

Botsev, Yakov, 3I

Callaghan, Dean, 1E

Canning, John, 0S, 11, 1Z, 2T, 39

Cao, Beibei, 2E

Cao, Qian, 38

Chang, Jiho, 3E

Chen, Gongdai, 1T, 2F

Chen, J., 08

Chen, Liang, 0J

Chen, Su, 2E

Chen, Xue, 0M

Chen, Zhe, 2J, 3B

Cheng, Cheng, 13

Cheng, Linghao, 07, 2D, 2X, 2Y, 38

Cheng, M., 1J

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Cho, Youngho, 2B, 3A

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Choi, Jong-Kuk, 3Z

Choi, Sang-Jin, 0H

Chu, Cheng-Shane, 0Y

Chu, Ssu-Wei, 0Y

Chung, Youngchul, 1I

Chung, Youngjoo, 1X, 2G

Churkin, D. V., 3J, 48

Ciaccheri, Leonardo, 0P

Clark, David C., 1M

Cook, Kevin, 11, 1Z, 2T, 39

Dai, Jixiang, 13

Dai, Yutang, 09

da Silva, Marco J., 0T, 41

Deng, Ming, 14, 1Y, 46

de Oliveira, Walmir, 1N

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Di Pasquale, Fabrizio, 3R, 47

Dong, Huazhuo, 2J

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Dugasani, Sreekantha Reddy, 3A

Dutra, Guilherme, 0S, 0T

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Eyal, Avishay, 3I

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Faralli, Stefano, 47

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Gnyba, Marcin, 19

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Guan, Bai-Ou, 07, 10, 1F, 28, 2D, 2N, 2P, 2R, 2V, 2X, 2Y, 38

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Habisreuther, Tobias, 2S

Hahami, Meir, 3I

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Hayashi, Neisei, 29, 2I

He, Jun, 1W, 2W, 3W

He, Wei, 2D

He, Zuyuan, 08, 3F, 3P

Hoffmann, P., 1Q

Hosoki, Ai, 15

Hossain, Md. Arafat, 11, 1Z

Hosseinzadeh Kassani, Sahar, 12, 1H

Hotate, Kazuo, 3L

Hou, Lu, 0B, 22

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Hu, Nengpeng, 2X

Hu, Pan, 0J

Hu, Peng, 2E

Hu, Qifan, 49

Hu, Wenbin, 3S

Huang, Chujia, 45

Huang, Dongmei, 46

Huang, Hankai, 2J

Huang, Jun, 09

Huang, Quandong, 0M

Huang, Wei, 46

Huang, Wenzhu, 04, 0W

Huang, Yijian, 1W

Huang, Yun-Yun, 10, 1F, 2N, 2P, 2V

Hwang, J. H., 1H

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Jo, Songhyun, 06

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Kalinowski, Hypolito J., 1N

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Okabe, Yoji, 3T

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Oton, Claudio J., 47

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Pan, Jianjun, 40

Park, Byeongho, 2B, 3A

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Park, Kyihwan, 0K, 24, 42

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Park, Seongchong, 03

Park, Seung-Nam, 03

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Partridge, M., 35

Patyk, Rodolfo L., 0T

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Righini, Giancarlo C., 27

Rodrigues, Rômulo L. P., 41

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Shin, Bum Ju, 1B

Shin, S. H., 2K

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Sobaszek, Michał, 19

Son, Joo-Hiuk, 16

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Song, Y., 1J

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Tao, W., 1J

Tatam, R. P., 2H, 33, 35

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Tian, Zhengwen, 3B

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Tiwari, D., 2H

Tong, Xinglin, 0J

Trannin, Pamela G., 1N

Tsukida, Osamu, 37

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Uchimura, Ryoutarou, 37

Vanholsbeeck, F., 1J

Vendruscolo, Tiago P., 0T, 41

Wada, Atsushi, 0U, 37

Wang, Chao, 1W

Wang, Gaopeng, 13

Wang, Guanjun, 17

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Wang, Linglan, 05, 0I

Wang, Qiaoni, 2W

Wang, T., 0Z, 18, 1K

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Wang, Yiping, 0A, 0G, 17, 1W, 2W, 3W

Wang, Yiting, 3B

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Watanabe, Kazuhiro, 0O, 15, 25, 2L

Wen, Xiaoyan, 09

Won, Bumsik, 42

Woo, Deok Ha, 2B, 3A

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Wu, Chuang, 28

Wu, H., 3J

Wu, H., 48

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Xia, Li, 2Q

Xu, Hongbin, 0W

Xu, Jiwei, 3M

Xu, Xizhen, 17

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Yamazaki, Hiroshi, 0O

Yan, Dekai, 0B

Yan, Yuchao, 0I

Yang, Bing, 3B

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Yang, Jun, 0B, 0C, 1C, 1D, 1V, 22

Yang, Kaiming, 0A, 3W

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Yang, Yucheng, 2E

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Yao, Yuguo, 3L

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Ying, Diqing, 0I

Yoo, W. J., 2K

Yoo, Young-Sik, 1P

Yoon, Yeomin, 0K

Yu, Bo, 1F

Yu, Haihu, 2E, 30

Yu, Jianhui, 2J, 3B

Yu, Kuanglu, 2Y

Yu, Li, 2X

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Yu, Yongqin, 0D, 0M

Yu, Zhangjun, 0B

Yuan, Li-Bo, 0B, 0C, 1C, 1D, 1S, 1T, 1U, 1V, 22, 2C, 2F, 2Z, 3G, 3K

Yuan, Qiang, 2D

Yuan, Tingting, 1V, 2Z

Yuan, Yinquan, 13, 45

Yuan, Yonggui, 0B, 0C, 1V, 22, 3G

Yun, Hansik, 32

Zaidi, Farhan, 3R

Zeng, Jing, 1Y

Zhang, Jianjie, 05

Zhang, Jun, 3B

Zhang, L., 3J

Zhang, Li, 2O

Zhang, Linqiang, 3M, 3U, 48

Zhang, Min, 49

Zhang, Tao, 43

Zhang, Weili, 3M, 3U

Zhang, Wentao, 04, 0W

Zhang, Xiaotong, 1V

Zhang, Yating, 2Q

Zhang, Yaxun, 1C, 1D

Zhang, Yu, 0B, 1C, 1D

Zhao, Enming, 1C, 1D

Zhao, Jing, 17, 1W

Zhao, Minli, 0J

Zheng, Wanjun, 49

Zheng, Xing, 3S

Zheng, Yu, 30

Zhong, Xiaoyong, 0G, 3W

Zhong, Xing, 2Z

Zhou, Chaoran, 0J

Zhou, Ciming, 45

Zhou, Jiangtao, 1W

Zhou, Xian, 09

Zhu, Cheng, 3S

Zhu, Jianhui, 2O

Zhu, Tao, 14, 1Y, 46

Zuber, A., 1Q

Conference Committee

Conference Chairs

Byoungho Lee, Seoul National University (Korea, Republic of)

Sang Bae Lee, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (Korea, Republic of)

Yunjiang Rao, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (China)

Organizing Committee Members

Jinho Bae, Jeju National University (Korea, Republic of)

Young-Geun Han, Hanyang University (Korea, Republic of)

Min Yong Jeon, Chungnam National University (Korea, Republic of)

Jaehoon Jung, Dankook University (Korea, Republic of)

Chang-Seok Kim, Pusan National University (Korea, Republic of)

Donghyun Kim, Yonsei University (Korea, Republic of)

Jeehyun Kim, Kyungpook National University (Korea, Republic of)

Yong Wook Lee, Pukyong National University (Korea, Republic of)

Kyunghwan Oh, Yonsei University (Korea, Republic of)

Kwang Yong Song, Chung-Ang University (Korea, Republic of)

Minho Song, Chonbuk National University (Korea, Republic of)

Technical Program Committee Chairs

Youngjoo Chung, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, (Korea, Republic of)

Wei Jin, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong, China)

Seok Lee, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (Korea, Republic of)

Kentaro Nakamura, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)

Technical Program Committee Members

Jacques Albert, Carleton University (Canada)

Kevin Chen, Pittsburgh University (United States)

Zhe Chen, Jinan University (China)

Kin Seng Chiang, City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China)

Kevin Cook, The University of Sydney (Australia)

Fabrizio Di Pasquale, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (Italy)

Xinyong Dong China Jiliang University (China)

Wolfgang Ecke, Institute of Photonics (Germany)

Yasufumi Enami, Hiroshima University (Japan)

Jayantha Epaarachchi, University of Southern Queensland (Australia)

Brant Gibson, University of Melbourne (Australia)

Min Gu, Swinburne University of Technology (Australia)

Young-Geun Han, Hanyang University (Korea, Republic of)

Sheng-Lung Huang, National Taiwan University (Taiwan)

Muhammad Khawar Islam, University of Engineering & Technology Taxila (Pakistan)

Shibin Jiang, AdValue Photonics Inc. (United States)

Irina Kabakova, The University of Sydney (Australia)

Kyriacos Kalli, Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus)

Myeong Soo Kang, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Korea, Republic of)

Jim Katsifolis, Future Fibre Technologies (Australia)

Chang-Seok Kim, Pusan National University (Korea, Republic of)

Il-Bum Kwon, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (Korea, Republic of)

Byeong Ha Lee, Gwangju Institue of Science and Technology (Korea, Republic of)

Ju Han Lee, University of Seoul (Korea, Republic of)

Ming-jun Li, Corning Incorporated (United States)

Seon Do Lim, KRISS (Korea, Republic of)

Tiegen Liu, Tianjin University (China)

Cicero Martelli, Federal University of Technology (Brazil)

Anna Mignani, CNR-Institute of Applied Physics ‘Nello Carrara’ (Italy)

Arnan Mitchell, RMIT University (Australia)

David Moss, The University of Sydney (Australia)

Koji Omichi, Fujikura Ltd. (Japan)

Luca Palmieri, University of Padova (Italy)

Jaehee Park, Keimyung University (Korea, Republic of)

Gang-Ding Peng, University of New South Wales (Australia)

Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop, University of Queensland (Australia)

Minah Seo, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, (Korea, Republic of)

Tatsutoshi Shioda, Saitama University (Japan)

Ki-Bong Song, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (Korea, Republic of)

Kwang Yong Song, Chung-Ang University (Korea, Republic of)

Minho Song, Chonbuk National University (Korea, Republic of)

Sarun Sumriddetchkajorn, National Electronics and Computer Technology Centre (Thailand)

Satoshi Tanaka, National Defense Academy of Japan (Japan)

Graham Town, Macquarie University (Australia)

Dongning Wang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong, China)

Yiping Wang, Shenzhen University (China)

Lei Xu, Fudan University (China)

Changyuan Yu, National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Libo Yuan, Harbin Engineering University (China)

Xuping Zhang, Nanjing University (China)

Tao Zhu, Chongqing University (China)

International Steering Committee Members

Xiaoyi Bao, University of Ottawa (Canada)

Hartmut Bartelt, Institute of Photonics (Germany)

Arthur Braga, Pontifica Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

John Canning, The University of Sydney (Australia)

Andrea Cusano, Universita degli Studi del Sannio (Italy)

Bai-Ou Guan, Jinan University (China)

Kazuo Hotate, The University of Tokyo (Japan)

Wei Jin, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong, China)

Byoung Yoon Kim, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Korea, Republic of)

Yanbiao Liao, Tsinghua University (China)

Byoungho Lee, Seoul National University (Korea, Republic of)

Yu-Lung Lo, National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan)

Alexis Mendez, MCH Engineering (United States)

Kyunghwan Oh, Yonsei University (Korea, Republic of)

Yunjiang Rao, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (China)

David D. Sampson, The University of Western Australia (Australia)

Jose Luis Santos, Universidade do Porto (Portugal)

Perry Shum, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

Ralph P. Tatam, Cranfield University (United Kingdom)

Hwayaw Tam, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong, China)

Frederique Vanholsbeeck, University of Auckland (New Zealand)

Anbo Wang, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (United States)

Reinhardt Willsch, Institute of Photonics (Germany)

Minghong Yang, Wuhan University of Technology (China)


The Fifth Asia-Pacific Optical Sensors Conference (APOS 2015) was held 20–22 May 2015, at the Lotte City Hotel Jeju in Jeju, Korea.

APOS 2015 continues a series of conferences that are intended to provide a central forum for an update and review of technical information covering a wide range of optical sensing fields—from fundamental research to systems and applications. The conference is open to researchers and professionals from the Asia-Pacific Rim as well as all regions of the world.

Since the first event held in Chengdu, China in 2008, APOS has become the key regional forum in this field and where an international collection of researchers and industry colleagues could get together to discuss and develop mutual collaborations. It is also the place where we can train the next generation of young researchers and leaders.

APOS 2015 was initiated to provide an open forum discussing state-of-the-art scientific and technological achievements in optical sensors, leading to future industrial applications. The conference included the following topics: Physical Sensing; Chemical and Gas Sensing; Biological/Biomedical Sensing and Imaging; Integrated Technologies for Sensing; Specialty Optical Fibers for Sensing; Grating and Component Technologies for Sensing; Novel Materials for Sensing, Distributed, Multiplexed and Networked Sensing; Environmental and Structural Monitoring; and Industrial Applications, Field Trials and Standardization. Many of the submitted papers described recently developed optical sensors. Sharing the research achievements from this conference will benefit the international scientific community.

This volume contains reviewed papers presented at APOS 2015; a total of 151 papers were selected among 181 submitted abstracts, including three plenary talks, 78 oral presentations, and 100 poster presentations covering 18 sessions. This work was supported by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies Grant funded by the Korean government.

The committee chairs would like to express their sincere thanks to the organizing committee members, program committee members, international steering committee members and also all sponsoring and supporting organizations that offered essential support to the success of APOS 2015.

Byoungho Lee

Sang Bae Lee

Yunjiang Rao

Conference Sponsorship and Support

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Optical Society of Korea

Technical Cosponsors


The Optical Society

IEEE Photonics Society Center for Relativistic Laser Science

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Korea Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST)

National Creative Research Center for Active Plasmonics Application Systems (SNU)

Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)

Korea Tourism Organization

Jeju Tourism Organization

Jeju Convention & Visitors Bureau



SeongKyeong Photonics

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Advanced Photonics Research Institute

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} "Front Matter: Volume 9655", Proc. SPIE 9655, Fifth Asia-Pacific Optical Sensors Conference, 965501 (20 July 2015); doi: 10.1117/12.2203414; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2203414

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