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9 July 2015 Development of high-transmittance phase-shifting mask for ArF immersion lithography
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A new PSM using high transmittance is developed to overcome patterning process limits in ArF immersion lithography. We optimized mask structure, materials, and film thicknesses for patterning process. A new material for phase-shifter is applied to the HT-PSM to exhibit higher transmittance in ArF wavelengths and the thickness of the new material is thinner than that of the conventional 6% phase-shifter (MoSiON). A new blank structure using a MoSi shading layer with double Cr hardmasks (HM) is developed and suggested for the HTPSM process. Double HM blank stacks enable the HT-PSM to adopt thin PR process for resolution enhancement in mask process. The first Cr on the MoSi is utilized as a HM to etch MoSi shading layer, an adhesion layer for PR process, and also a capping layer to protect blind area during MoSi and phase-shifter etching. In contrast, the role of the second Cr between MoSi and phase-shifter is an etch stopper for MoSi and a HM to etch phase-shifter at the same time. However, Double HM process has some problems, such as first Cr removal during second Cr etching and complex process steps. To solve the Cr removal issues, we evaluated various Cr layers which have different etchrates and compositions. According to the evaluations, we optimized thicknesses and compositions of the two Cr layers and corresponding etching conditions. Lithography simulations demonstrate that the new HT-PSM has advantages in NILS in aerial images. As a result, initial wafer exposure experiments using the HT-PSM show 13-32% improvements in LCDU compared to that of the conventional 6% PSM due to its higher NILS.
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Won-suk Ahn, Hwan-Seok Seo, Ju-Mi Bang, Ji-Young Kim, Jae-Min Song, Byoung-Hoon Seung, Hee-Bom Kim, and Chan-Uk Jeon "Development of high-transmittance phase-shifting mask for ArF immersion lithography ", Proc. SPIE 9658, Photomask Japan 2015: Photomask and Next-Generation Lithography Mask Technology XXII, 965808 (9 July 2015);

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