16 March 2016 White random lasing in mixture of ZnSe, CdS and CdSSe micropowders
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Room temperature random lasing with white light emission in a mixture of AIIBVI semiconductor powders was achieved for the first time. The scattering gain media was formed by the mixture of closely packed active micron sized crystallites of ZnSe, CdS, CdSSe semiconductors. The micropowders were produced by grinding bulk crystals of each compound. Optical excitation was performed by 10-nanosecond pulses of tuned Ti:Al2O3-laser at 390 nm. The lasing in the mixture of semiconductor powders was achieved simultaneously at four wavelengths in blue, green, yellow and red spectral regions after exceeding the threshold excitation power density. A drastic integral intensity increase, spectrum narrowing and appearance of mode structure accompanied the laser action. ZnSe crystallites produce the laser light at about 460 nm while CdS particles – at about 520 nm. Two types of CdSSe semiconductor micropowders with different sulfur content lase at 580 nm and 660 nm. The threshold excitation power densities for all laser lines in the emission spectrum are approximately the same of about 0.9 MW/cm2. The sum of the emission spectrum of the mixture of the micropowders forms white light with high brightness. Lasing is due to an appearance of random feedback for amplified radiation in the active medium of closely packed light scattering crystallites. The presented results may find their applications for visualization systems, lighting technology, data transmission, medicine as biosensors and in identification systems. The key feature of random lasers is low cost of its production and possibility to be deposited on any type of surface.
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A. Y. Alyamani, A. Y. Alyamani, M. S. Leanenia, M. S. Leanenia, L. M. Alanazi, L. M. Alanazi, M. M. Aljohani, M. M. Aljohani, A. A. Aljariwi, A. A. Aljariwi, M. V. Rzheutski, M. V. Rzheutski, E. V. Lutsenko, E. V. Lutsenko, G. P. Yablonskii, G. P. Yablonskii, } "White random lasing in mixture of ZnSe, CdS and CdSSe micropowders", Proc. SPIE 9726, Solid State Lasers XXV: Technology and Devices, 972625 (16 March 2016); doi: 10.1117/12.2212439; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2212439


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