Emerging Digital Micromirror Device Based Systems and Applications VIII
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13-18 February 2016
San Francisco, California, United States
Front Matter: Volume 9761
Proc. SPIE 9761, Front Matter: Volume 9761, 976101 (22 August 2016);
Advanced Manufacturing using a DMD or other SLM: Joint Session with Conferences 9759 and 9761
Proc. SPIE 9761, The next generation of maskless lithography, 976102 (15 March 2016);
DLP® System Prototyping and DMD Characterization
Proc. SPIE 9761, The effects of heavy ion radiation on digital micromirror device performance, 976108 (15 March 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9761, Active modulation of laser coded systems using near infrared video projection system based on digital micromirror device (DMD), 97610A (15 March 2016);
Spectroscopy and Hyperspectral Imaging
Proc. SPIE 9761, DLP NIRscan Nano: an ultra-mobile DLP-based near-infrared Bluetooth spectrometer, 97610B (15 March 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9761, Real-time video imaging of gas plumes using a DMD-enabled full-frame programmable spectral filter, 97610C (15 March 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9761, Miniature transmissive DLP-based infrared spectrometer, 97610D (21 March 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9761, Powerful DMD-based light sources with a high throughput virtual slit, 97610E (15 March 2016);
Computational Imaging for Spectral Applications
Proc. SPIE 9761, Adaptive architectures for spectral processing, 97610F (15 March 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9761, Design of a multi-spectral imager built using the compressive sensing single-pixel camera architecture, 97610G (15 March 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9761, Hyperspectral scanning white light interferometry based on compressive imaging, 97610H (15 March 2016);
Computational Imaging for Advanced Applications
Proc. SPIE 9761, Time-of-flight compressed-sensing ultrafast photography for encrypted three-dimensional dynamic imaging, 97610I (15 March 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9761, Computational imaging expansion from visible to infrared and to THz systems, 97610J (15 March 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9761, Experimental study of a DMD based compressive line sensing imaging system in the turbulence environment, 97610K (15 March 2016);
Beam Shaping
Proc. SPIE 9761, Experimental demonstration of precise holograms using complex light modulation, 97610M (15 March 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9761, Spatial and temporal control of thermal waves by using DMDs for interference based crack detection, 97610N (15 March 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9761, Shaping non-diffracting beams with a digital micromirror device, 97610O (15 March 2016);
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 9761, Generation of vortex circular Airy beam through binary amplitude digital hologram, 97610Q (15 March 2016);
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