18 March 2016 Novel EUV mask black border and its impact on wafer imaging
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EUV lithography is the most promising technology for semiconductor device manufacturing of the 10nm node and beyond. The EUV mask is a key element in the lithographic scanner optical path. The image border is a pattern free dark area around the die on the photomask serving as transition area between the parts of the mask that is shielded from the exposure light by the Reticle Masking (REMA) blades and the die. When printing a die at dense spacing on an EUV scanner, the EUV light reflection from the image border overlaps edges of neighboring dies, affecting CD and contrast in this area. To reduce this effect an etched multilayer type black border was developed, and it was demonstrated that CD impact at the edge of a die is strongly reduced with this type of the black border (BB). However, wafer printing result still showed some CD change influenced by the black border reflection. It was proven that the CD shift was caused by DUV Out of Band (OOB) light which is emitted from EUV light source. New types of a multilayer etched BB were evaluated and showed a good potential for DUV light suppression. In this study, a novel black border called Hybrid Black Border has been developed which allows to eliminate EUV and DUV OOB light reflection. Direct measurements of OOB light from HBB and Normal BB are performed on NXE:3300B ASML EUV scanner; it is shown that HBB OOB reflection is 3x lower than that of Normal BB. Finally, we state that HBB is a promising technology allowing for CD control at die edges.
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Yutaka Kodera, Yutaka Kodera, Norihito Fukugami, Norihito Fukugami, Toru Komizo, Toru Komizo, Genta Watanabe, Genta Watanabe, Shin Ito, Shin Ito, Itaru Yoshida, Itaru Yoshida, Shingo Maruyama, Shingo Maruyama, Jun Kotani, Jun Kotani, Toshio Konishi, Toshio Konishi, Takashi Haraguchi, Takashi Haraguchi, "Novel EUV mask black border and its impact on wafer imaging", Proc. SPIE 9776, Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Lithography VII, 977615 (18 March 2016); doi: 10.1117/12.2218942; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2218942


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