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ixConference Committee
xi2016 Medical Imaging Award Recipients
9789 03Patient-tailored multimodal neuroimaging, visualization and quantification of human intra-cerebral hemorrhage [9789-1]
9789 04Radiogenomic analysis of breast cancer: dynamic contrast enhanced - magnetic resonance imaging based features are associated with molecular subtypes [9789-2]
9789 05Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging for prediction of response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer [9789-3]
9789 06Automatic lung nodule classification with radiomics approach [9789-4]
9789 083D printed cardiac phantom for procedural planning of a transcatheter native mitral valve replacement [9789-6]
9789 09Advanced 3D mesh manipulation in stereolithographic files and post-print processing for the manufacturing of patient-specific vascular flow phantoms [9789-7]
9789 0AA deep semantic mobile application for thyroid cytopathology [9789-8]
9789 0BInterconnecting smartphone, image analysis server, and case report forms in clinical trials for automatic skin lesion tracking in clinical trials [9789-9]
9789 0CFeasibility of streamlining an interactive Bayesian-based diagnostic support tool designed for clinical practice [9789-10]
9789 0DImproved superficial brain hemorrhage visualization in susceptibility weighted images by constrained minimum intensity projection [9789-11]
9789 0EMulti-site evaluation of a clinical decision support system for radiation therapy [9789-12]
9789 0FLesion registration for longitudinal disease tracking in an imaging informatics-based multiple sclerosis eFolder [9789-13]
9789 0GAltered effective connectivity within default mode network in major depression disorder [9789-14]
9789 0HSegmentation of bone pixels from EROI Image using clustering method for bone age assessment [9789-15]
9789 0IA case-based reasoning tool for breast cancer knowledge management with data mining concepts and techniques [9789-16]
9789 0JImproving face image extraction by using deep learning technique [9789-17]
9789 0KCollection of sequential imaging events for research in breast cancer screening [9789-18]
9789 0LMutual information-based feature selection for radiomics [9789-19]
9789 0MElectronic data capture and DICOM data management in multi-center clinical trials [9789-20]
9789 0OTowards an open-source semantic data infrastructure for integrating clinical and scientific data in cognition-guided surgery [9789-22]
9789 0PA handheld computer-aided diagnosis system and simulated analysis [9789-23]
9789 0QPerformance management of high performance computing for medical image processing in Amazon Web Services [9789-24]
9789 0RMass classification in mammography with multi-agent based fusion of human and machine intelligence [9789-32]
9789 0SA cloud platform for remote diagnosis of breast cancer in mammography by fusion of machine and human intelligence [9789-25]
9789 0TSemantic information extracting system for classification of radiological reports in radiology information system (RIS) [9789-26]
9789 0UMulti-disciplinary data organization and visualization models for clinical and pre-clinical studies: a case study in the application of proton beam radiosurgery for treating spinal cord injury related pain [9789-27]
9789 0VBuilding high dimensional imaging database for content based image search [9789-28]
9789 0WComparing the role of shape and texture on staging hepatic fibrosis from medical imaging [9789-29]
9789 0XClinical experiences of collaborative imaging diagnosis in Shanghai district healthcare services [9789-30]
9789 0YDevelopment of a web based informatics system utilizing quantitative imaging features for predicting outcomes in stroke rehabilitation clinical trials (Cum Laude Poster Award) [9789-31]
9789 0ZAssociation between dynamic features of breast DCE-MR imaging and clinical response of neoadjuvant chemotherapy: a preliminary analysis [9789-33]


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Agarwal, Suneeta, 0H

Amezcua, Lilyana, 0F

Antani, Sameer, 0J

Arechavala, Stacie M., 09

Bai, Yuanhan, 0G

Bakthula, Rajitha, 0H

Baloch, Zubair, 0A

Bao, Shunxing, 0Q

Beaumont, Hubert, 0L

Botzolakis, Emmanuel, 0C

Bryan, R. Nick, 0C

Butman, John, 0D

Castro, Marcelo A., 0D

Chand, Arpita, 09

Chen, Po-Hao, 0C

Cook, Tessa, 0C

Corte-Real, Miguel, 0A

Cui, Longbiao, 0G

Dai, Gang, 0R

Damon, Stephen M., 0Q

DeMarco, John, 0E

Demigha, Souâd, 0I

Demner-Fushman, Dina, 0J

Deserno, Thomas M., 0B, 0M

Deshpande, Ruchi, 0E

Doma, Aliaa, 0B

Engelhardt, Sandy, 0O

Fan, Ming, 04, 05, 0R, 0S, 0Z

Fetzer, Andreas, 0O

Franz, Alfred Michael, 0O

Fu, Juzhong, 05

Gao, Xin, 0W

Goh, Sheng-Yang M., 03

Gokhale, Aniruddha, 0Q

Gombert, Alexander, 0B

Haak, Daniel, 0B, 0M

Halling-Brown, M. D., 0K

Hansen, Rose, 08

Heuveline, Vincent, 0O

Hu, Haibo, 06

Huang, Lijuan, 0Z

Iannessi, Antoine, 0L

Ionita, Ciprian N., 08, 09

Irimia, Andrei, 03

Iyer, Vijay, 08

Izzo, Richard L., 08

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Maleshkova, Maria, 0O

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Meess, Karen M., 08

Mehrabi, Arianeb, 0O

Meinzer, Hans-Peter, 0O

Metzger, Jasmin, 0O

Mitsouras, Dimitrios, 09

Mohan, Suyash, 0C

Müller-Stich, Beat P., 0O

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Nolden, Marco, 0O

O'Hara, Ryan P., 08, 09

Oubel, Estanislao, 0L

Page, Charles-E., 0M

Park, Ji Hoon, 0Y

Patel, M. N., 0K

Pham, Dzung L., 0D

Philipp, Patrick, 0O

Qu, Xianghe, 0W

Ren, Yacheng, 06

Rettinger, Achim, 0O

Rudin, Stephen, 08, 09

Schoch, Nicolai, 0O

Shan, Yanna, 0R

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Shi, Liehang, 0T

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Siddiqui, Adnan H., 08

Speidel, Stefanie, 0O

Springer, Michael, 08

Su, Kening, 0P

Su, Mingjian, 0P

Sun, Jianyong, 0V, 0X

Sun, Qinpei, 0V

Tan, Xiaomin, 0W

Thoma, George R., 0J

Tse, Jeffrey, 0Y

Van Horn, John D., 03

Verma, Sneha K., 0U

Vespa, Paul M., 03

Vidiyala, Sowmya, 09

Wagner, Martin, 0O

Wang, Huaning, 0G

Wang, Mingqing, 0V, 0X

Wang, Qian, 06

Wang, Shijian, 04

Wang, Xiaojia, 04

Wang, Ximing, 0Y

Weller, Tobias, 0O

Wolf, Ivo, 0O

Xi, Dongdong, 0R

Xue, Zhiyun, 0J

Yang, Yuanyuan, 0V, 0X

Young, K., 0K

Zelzer, Sascha, 0O

Zhang, Jianguo, 0T, 0V, 0X

Zhang, Juan, 04, 05, 0R, 0Z

Zhang, Kai, 0X

Zhang, Linchuan, 0G

Zhang, Xuejun, 0F, 0P, 0W

Zhao, Jun, 06

Zheng, Bin, 04, 05, 0R, 0Z


Conference Committee

Symposium Chairs

  • Steven C. Horii, The University of Pennsylvania Health System (United States)

  • Berkman Sahiner, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (United States)

Conference Chairs

  • Jianguo Zhang, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics (China)

  • Tessa S. Cook, The University of Pennsylvania Health System (United States)

Conference Program Committee

  • Peter R. Bak, McMaster University (Canada)

  • William W. Boonn, The University of Pennsylvania Health System (United States)

  • Thomas M. Deserno, RWTH Aachen Univ. (Germany)

  • Steven C. Horii, The University of Pennsylvania Health System (United States)

  • Maria Y. Law, Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital (Hong Kong, China)

  • Heinz U. Lemke, Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (Germany)

  • Brent J. Liu, The University of Southern California (United States)

  • Eliot L. Siegel, University of Maryland Medical Center (United States)

  • Wyatt Tellis, University of California, San Francisco (United States)

Session Chairs

  • Keynote Session

  • Jianguo Zhang, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics (China)

  • Imaging Informatics for Precision Medicine Jianguo Zhang, Shanghai Institute of Technical (China)

  • Surgical PACS, 3D Printing, and Imaging Informatics for Non- radiological Applications

  • Thomas Deserno, RWTH Aachen Univ. (Germany)

  • Imaging Informatics for Diagnostics and Therapeutic Applications

  • Maria Y. Law, Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital (Hong Kong, China)

  • Big Data Technologies and Image Sharing in Medical Imaging and Informatics

  • Brent J. Liu, The University of Southern California (United States)

  • Cloud Computing and Collaborating for Medical Imaging Services and Applications

  • Peter R. Bak, McMaster University (Canada)

2016 Medical Imaging Award Recipients

Robert F. Wagner Best Student Paper Award

Robert F. Wagner was an active scientist in the SPIE Medical Imaging meeting, starting with the first meeting in 1972 and continuing throughout his career. He ensured that the BRH, and subsequently the CDRH, was a sponsor for the early and subsequent Medical Imaging meetings, helping to launch and ensure the historical success of the meeting. The Robert F. Wagner All-Conference Best Student Paper Award (established 2014) is acknowledgment of his many important contributions to the Medical Imaging meeting and his many important advances to the field of medical imaging.


This award is cosponsored by:


The Medical Image Perception Society 2016 Recipients:


First Place: MIND Demons for MR-to-CT deformable image registration in image- guided spine surgery (9786-16)

S. Reaungamornrat, T. De Silva, A. Uneri, Johns Hopkins Univ. (United States), J.-P. Wolinsky, Johns Hopkins Hospital (United States), A. J. Khanna, Johns Hopkins Health Care & Surgery Ctr. (United States), G. Kleinszig, S. Vogt, Siemens Healthcare (Germany), J. L. Prince, J. H. Siewerdsen, Johns Hopkins Univ. (United States)

Second Place: Design, fabrication, and implementation of voxel-based 3D printed textured phantoms for task-based image quality assessment in CT (9783-76)

Justin Solomon, Duke Univ. School of Medicine (United States), Alexandre Ba, Institut Univ. de Radiophysique Appliquée (Switzerland), Andrew Diao, Duke Univ. (United States), Joseph Lo, Elianna Bier, Duke Univ. School of Medicine (United States), François Bochud, Institut Univ. de Radiophysique Appliquée (Switzerland), Michael Gehm, Duke Univ. (United States), Ehsan Samei, Duke Univ. School of Medicine (United States)

Conference 9789 Awards

Cum Laude Poster Award

First Place: Development of a web based informatics system utilizing quantitative imaging features for predicting outcomes in stroke rehabilitation clinical trials (9789-31)

Ximing Wang, Ji Hoon Park, Jeffrey Tse, Brent Liu, The Univ. of Southern California (United States)

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} "Front Matter: Volume 9789", Proc. SPIE 9789, Medical Imaging 2016: PACS and Imaging Informatics: Next Generation and Innovations, 978901 (1 June 2016); doi: 10.1117/12.2230174; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2230174

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