10 May 2016 Along-track calibration of SWIR push-broom hyperspectral imaging system
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Push-broom hyperspectral imaging systems are increasingly used for various medical, agricultural and military purposes. The acquired images contain spectral information in every pixel of the imaged scene collecting additional information about the imaged scene compared to the classical RGB color imaging. Due to the misalignment and imperfections in the optical components comprising the push-broom hyperspectral imaging system, variable spectral and spatial misalignments and blur are present in the acquired images. To capture these distortions, a spatially and spectrally variant response function must be identified at each spatial and spectral position. In this study, we propose a procedure to characterize the variant response function of Short-Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) push-broom hyperspectral imaging systems in the across-track and along-track direction and remove its effect from the acquired images. A custom laser-machined spatial calibration targets are used for the characterization. The spatial and spectral variability of the response function in the across-track and along-track direction is modeled by a parametrized basis function. Finally, the characterization results are used to restore the distorted hyperspectral images in the across-track and along-track direction by a Richardson-Lucy deconvolution-based algorithm. The proposed calibration method in the across-track and along-track direction is thoroughly evaluated on images of targets with well-defined geometric properties. The results suggest that the proposed procedure is well suited for fast and accurate spatial calibration of push-broom hyperspectral imaging systems.
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Jurij Jemec, Jurij Jemec, Franjo Pernuš, Franjo Pernuš, Boštjan Likar, Boštjan Likar, Miran Bürmen, Miran Bürmen, "Along-track calibration of SWIR push-broom hyperspectral imaging system", Proc. SPIE 9860, Hyperspectral Imaging Sensors: Innovative Applications and Sensor Standards 2016, 98600H (10 May 2016); doi: 10.1117/12.2223800; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2223800

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