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3-7 April 2016
Brussels, Belgium
Front Matter: Volume 9883
Proc. SPIE 9883, Front Matter: Volume 9883, 988301 (30 June 2016);
Active Metamaterials I
Proc. SPIE 9883, Controlling nanoscale light (Conference Presentation), 988302 ();
Proc. SPIE 9883, Refractory plasmonics (Conference Presentation), 988303 ();
Dielectric and Tunable Metamaterials
Proc. SPIE 9883, Extended Malus Law with metallic linear polarizers in terahertz and microwave domains, 988306 (18 April 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9883, Voltage-tunable optical transmission of subwavelength metal gratings filled with liquid crystals, 988307 (18 April 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9883, Highly-efficient all-dielectric Huygens' surface holograms (Conference Presentation), 988308 ();
Proc. SPIE 9883, CMOS-compatible metamaterial-based wideband mid-infrared absorber for microspectrometer applications, 988309 (18 April 2016);
Active Metamaterials II
Proc. SPIE 9883, Optical nonlinearities in plasmonic metamaterials (Conference Presentation), 98830C ();
Proc. SPIE 9883, Plasmonic hole arrays with extreme optical chirality in linear and nonlinear regimes, 98830E (18 April 2016);
Nanostructured Pathways
Proc. SPIE 9883, Design of an optical sensor based on plasmonic nanostructures, 98830G (18 April 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9883, Plasmonic rack-and-pinion gear with chiral metasurface, 98830H (18 April 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9883, Large-area fabrication and characterisation of ultraviolet regime metamaterials manufactured using self-assembly techniques (Conference Presentation), 98830J ();
Proc. SPIE 9883, Structural Raman enhancement in graphite nano-discs, 98830L (18 April 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9883, A broadband highly efficient plasmonic polarization beam splitter, 98830M (18 April 2016);
Sensors and Special Effects
Proc. SPIE 9883, Conjugate-impedance matched metamaterials for super-Planckian radiative heat transfer, 98830O (18 April 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9883, Transformation optics, curvature and beyond (Conference Presentation), 98830Q ();
Proc. SPIE 9883, Gap plasmon-based metasurfaces: fundamentals and applications (Conference Presentation), 98830R ();
Hyperbolic and Modern Metamaterials
Proc. SPIE 9883, Dark-field hyperlens for high-contrast sub-wavelength imaging, 98830T (18 April 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9883, Enhancement of light extraction based on nanowire hyperbolic metamaterials in a grating structure, 98830U (18 April 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9883, Radiative engineering with refractory epsilon-near-zero metamaterials (Conference Presentation), 98830V ();
Proc. SPIE 9883, Multispectral inhomogeneous metasurface for emissivity control, 98830W (18 April 2016);
Advances in Metamaterials Design
Proc. SPIE 9883, Near-infrared plasmonics with transparent conducting oxides (Conference Presentation), 98830X ();
Proc. SPIE 9883, Engineering optical properties of semiconductor metafilm superabsorbers, 98830Y (18 April 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9883, Homogenization of spatially dispersive 1D fractal metamaterials, 98830Z (18 April 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9883, Active magnetoplasmonic ruler (Conference Presentation), 988310 ();
Proc. SPIE 9883, Self-assembled hyperbolic metamaterials in the deep UV (Conference Presentation), 988311 ();
Proc. SPIE 9883, 3D-stacked Ag nanowires for efficient plasmonic light absorbers and SERS sensors, 988312 (18 April 2016);
Terahertz Metamaterials
Proc. SPIE 9883, Room temperature strong light-matter coupling in 3D THz meta-atoms (Conference Presentation), 988314 ();
Nonlinear and Special Effects in Metamaterials
Proc. SPIE 9883, Effective medium approximation for deeply subwavelength all-dielectric multilayers: when does it break down?, 988317 (18 April 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9883, Transformation optics approach for Goos-Hänchen shift enhancement at metamaterial interfaces, 98831B (18 April 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9883, Gold asymmetric-split ring resonators (A-SRRs) for proteins sensing, 98831C (18 April 2016);
Novel Configurations and Phenomena
Proc. SPIE 9883, Transforming guided waves with metamaterial waveguide cores, 98831F (18 April 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9883, Toroidal response due to strong near-field coupling in planar metamaterials (Conference Presentation), 98831G ();
Proc. SPIE 9883, Improved optical amplification using metamaterial based split ring structures in optical fibres, 98831I (18 April 2016);
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 9883, Analysis of 2D hyperbolic metamaterial dispersion by elementary excitation coupling, 98831M (18 April 2016);
Proc. SPIE 9883, Varying the periodicity to achieve high quality factor on asymmetrical H-Shaped resonators, 98831N (18 April 2016);
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