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Feinberg, Lee D., 03, 04, 07, 0C, 0H, 0J

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Fernández-Rodriguez, M., 3U

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Galano, Damien, 3D

Galicher, R., 3A

Gallagher, Ben B., 42

Gallagher, David B., 1S

Gallego, J. D., 2K

Galli, Emanuele, 5Q

Gallieni, Daniele, 1B, 6C

Galvin, Michael, 3G

Galy, Camille, 3D

Gambicorti, Lisa, 1E, 52

Gamper, Noah, 48

García Muñoz, Antonio, 3O

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García-Marín, Macarena, 41

Garrett, Daniel, 1T

Gaskin, Jessica, 0N

Gaspar Venancio, Luis M., 0O, 0P, 0V

Geis, Norbert, 2M

Gélot, P., 58

Genolet, L., 0Q, 0U

Gerber, Michael, 1E, 52

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Gesa, L., 36

Ghigo, Mauro, 28, 2Z, 30, 31

Giacomini, F., 0T, 2Q, 2T, 60

Gianotti, F., 2T, 60

Giardino, Giovanna, 0B, 3O, 45, 46

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Gigliotti, Trevis, 4C

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Gillis, Jean-Marie, 3D

Gimenez, Jean-Luc, 0T

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Greeley, Bradford, 1A

Greenbaum, Alexandra Z., 48

Greene, Thomas P., 0E

Greenhouse, Matthew A., 06

Greggio, Davide, 28, 2Z, 30, 31, 32, 39, 51

Griffin, Douglas, 1Q

Griffin, M., 1X, 58

Groff, Tyler D., 21, 3F

Grogin, Norman, 6I

Grupp, Frank, 0T, 2M, 2U

Güdel, Manuel, 1X, 33

Guilpain, T., 2D

Guizzo, Gian Paolo, 0T, 2Q, 2T, 60

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Guyon, Olivier, 0H

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Haiml, Markus, 5H

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Harvey, P., 0X

Hasebe, T., 0X

Hasegawa, M., 0X

Hattori, K., 0X

Hattori, M., 0X

Hauchecorne, A., 0Z, 4G

Hayden, William L., 0F

Hazumi, M., 0X

Hein, Randall, 18

Helmbrecht, Michael A., 20

Helmich, F., 0K

Hénault, F., 5G

Heras, Ana Maria, 28

Hernandez, J., 2D

Hernandez, Olivier, 47

Herscovici-Schiller, O., 3A

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Hickey, M., 2R

Hicks, Brian A., 20

Hidehira, N., 0X

Hilbert, Bryan, 4B, 5U

Hill, C., 0X

Hilton, G., 0X

Hilton, George, 1A

Hines, Dean C., 41, 5K

Hoar, John, 0O

Hochedez, J.-F., 0Z

Hodapp, Klaus W., 0E

Hoekstra, H., 0Q

Hoffmann, H., 51

Höhnemann, Holger, 5H

Holl, Berry, 2F

Holland, A., 0Q

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Holzapfel, W., 0X

Hopkins, Randall C., 0G

Hori, Y., 0X

Hormuth, Felix, 0T

Hornstrup, Allan, 0T

Horodyska, Petra, 3D

Horton, Anthony, 1Q

Hosseini, Sona, 5C

Howard, Joseph, 0C

Hristov, Viktor, 4J

Hubmayr, J., 0X

Hughes, A., 58

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Hull, Tony, 6B

Hunt, Thomas, 0Q, 33

Hwang, T., 2R

Ichiki, K., 0X

Ikhlef, R., 0Z

Imada, Hiroaki, 0X, 4H

Inatani, J., 0X

Ingalls, James G., 5Z

Inoue, Masanori, 0X, 4H

Inoue, Y., 0X

Irbah, A., 0Z, 4G

Irie, F., 0X

Irwin, K., 0X

Irwin, Patrick G. J., 3P

Isaacs, John C., 5K

Isaak, Kate, 29, 2A, 3O

Ishihara, Daisuke, 2I, 3V

Ishino, Hirokazu, 0X, 4H

Ishitsuka, H., 0X

Isobe, Naoki, 2H, 2I

Israel, H., 0Q

Israelsson, Ulf, 0T, 2R

Ito, Makoto, 4H

Jackman, Angela, 0G

Jackson, Kate, 6D

Jahn, Wilfried, 1D

Jahnke, Knud, 0O, 0T

Jakobsen, Peter, 0T, 2U

Jaumann, R., 51

Jellema, Willem, 3U

Jensen, Peter, 0B, 0D

Jeong, O., 0X

Jeong, Woong-Seob, 59

Jerónimo Zafra, José M., 5B

Jessen, Niels-Christian, 0T, 2U

Jhabvala, M., 2R

Johanning, Gary, 4C

Johnson, M., 1E

Johnson, Thomas E., 0D

Johnston, John D., 40

Joliet, E., 2E

Jones, Martyn L., 5E, 6F

Jordan, Margaret, 0F

Juanola-Parramon, R., 2L

Jurling, Alden S., 0F, 42

Kahle, D., 2R

Kan, Em., 2R

Kan, Er., 2R

Kanai, H., 0X

Kanai, Yoshikazu, 4J

Kaneda, Hidehiro, 2I, 3V

Karatsu, K., 0X

Karl, Hermann, 0B, 44

Kasdin, N. Jeremy, 1Y, 3C, 3F, 3G, 3J, 64

Kashima, Shingo, 0X, 4H

Katayama, N., 0X

Katterloher, Reinhard, 2M

Kawada, Mitsunobu, 2H, 2I, 3W

Kawano, I., 0X

Kawasaki, T., 0X

Keating, B., 0X

Kelly, Douglas M., 08, 0E

Kendrew, Sarah, 3P

Kern, Brian D., 19, 3F

Kern, P., 5G

Kernasovskiy, S., 0X

Keski-Kuha, Ritva, 03, 04, 07

Keskitalo, R., 0X

Ketchazo, C., 5G

Khandrika, H., 5D

Kholikov, S., 0Z

Kibayashi, A., 0X

Kida, Y., 0X

Kienlen, Michael, 1N

Kim, Il-Joong, 59

Kim, Min Gyu, 4J, 59

Kim, Minjin, 59

Kim, Yunjong, 3G

Kimble, Randy A., 08

Kimura, Kimihiro, 0X, 4H

Kimura, N., 0X

Kirchhoff, Rule, 6B

Kirschner, V., 2D

Kiselev, Alexander, 54

Kisner, T., 0X

Kissel, S., 2X

Kitching, T., 0Q

Klebor, Maximilian, 28, 2Z, 30, 31

Klioner, S. A., 2D

Klop, W. A., 37

Knight, J. Scott, 0C, 0F, 3Y, 40, 42, 49

Ko, Jongwan, 59

Ko, Kyeongyeon, 59

Koca, Corina, 20

Koeck, C., 2D

Kogut, Alan, 0W

Kohley, Ralf, 0O

Kohri, K., 0X

Koller, S., 0Z

Komatsu, E., 0X

Komatsu, K., 0X

Korngut, Phillip, 4J

Kotani, Takayuki, 3E

Koyama, M., 11

Kozhurina-Platais, Vera, 6I

Kramer, C., 2K

Kranitis, Nektarios, 3D

Krick, Jessica E., 5Z

Krist, John E., 19, 5M

Kroneberger, M., 4W

Krone-Martins, Alberto, 2F

Kubik, Bogna, 0T, 5J

Kulp, Trey, 0F

Kumagai, Shiomi, 3E

Kuo, C.-L., 0X

Kurokawa, Takashi, 3E

Kuromiya, S., 0X

Kurowski, Michal, 3D

Kusaka, A., 0X

Labadie, Lucas, 2F

Lacour, S., 4L

Ladno, Michal, 3D

Lafrasse, S., 5G

Lafrenière, D., 13

Lagage, P. O., 1X, 5G

Laine, B., 2D

Lajoie, Charles-Philippe, 0F, 4A, 5K

Lallo, Matthew D., 0F

Lam, Raymond, 18

LaMarr, B., 2X

Lambert, Andrew, 1Q

Lamensans, Mikel, 0T

Lander, Juli A., 04, 07

Landini, Federico, 4Z, 50, 5O, 6E

Lange, Nicolas, 69

Lanz, Alicia, 4J

Lapeyrère, V., 4L

Larcheveque, C., 0U

Laudisio, Fulvio, 0T, 2Q, 2T, 5R

Laureijs, René J., 0O, 0P, 0Q, 0T, 0V, 58

Laurent, Philippe, 0T

Laurin, D., 13

Lavigne, J.-F., 13

Lawrence, Jon, 1Q

Lazzarini, Paolo, 1B, 6C

Leboulleux, Lucie, 3C, 4A

Leconte, J., 1X

Le Duigou, J.-M., 3A, 5G

Lee, A., 0X

Lee, Dae-Hee, 4J, 59

Lee, Dukhang, 59

Leese, Mark, 5B

Léger, Alain, 2F, 5G

Leisawitz, D. T., 0K, 2L

Leisenring, Jarron M., 0E, 5U

Le Mignant, David, 0T

Lemke, R., 44

Lemmer, Aaron, 21

Lemoult, T., 4L

Lepennec, Y., 58

Leriche, B., 58

Lesna, Valentina, 0O

Lessio, L., 32, 39

Levacher, Patrick, 28, 2N

Levesque, L. E., 13

Levi, Joshua, 3Z

Li Causi, G., 5V

Li, D., 0X

Liebecq, Sylvie, 3D

Liepmann, Till, 3Z

Lightsey, Paul A., 0A, 3Y

Ligori, Sebastiano, 0T, 2Q, 2T, 5R, 60

Lilje, Per B., 0T

Lillie, Charles F., 1O, 4K

Lindegren, L., 2D

Linder, E., 0X

Lis, D. C., 2K

Lisi, Franco, 1B, 6C

Lisman, Doug, 1U

Liu, Alice, 0H

Liu, Scige J., 5Q, 5V

Livas, Jeffrey C., 1K, 5A

Lizán, David, 0T

Llop-Sayson, Jorge, 1A

Lloro, Ivan, 0T

Lo, Amy, 25

Lomanowski, Bartosz A., 4U

Long, Joseph, 0F

Longval, Y., 58

López-Moreno, José Juan, 5B

Loreggia, Davide, 3D, 4Z, 50, 5O, 6E

Lorenz, C., 1I

Lorenzo Alvarez, José, 0O, 0P, 0Q, 0V

Lotkin, G., 2R

Lowrance, Patrick J., 5Z

Lützgendorf, Nora, 0B, 3O, 44, 45, 46

Lunt, Sharon R., 49, 4C

Luo, G., 1I

Luo, Yujie, 6H

Lynch, Dana H., 1H

Lyon, Richard G., 20

MacDonald, Robert, 2C

MacEwen, Howard A., 1O

Macias-Perez, Juan Francisco, 0T

Maciaszek, Thierry, 0O, 0T, 2R, 2U, 5J

Macintosh, Bruce A., 1T, 5M

Mackenty, John, 6I

Maes, Jeroen, 5B

Maestre, S., 58

Maffei, B., 58

Magrin, Demetrio, 28, 2A, 2Z, 30, 31, 32, 39, 51

Maiorano, Elena, 0O, 2T, 60

Maire, J., 13

Maki, M., 0X

Malaguti, Giuseppe, 33

Malaguti, P., 1X

Malbet, Fabien, 2F, 5G

Maldonado, Carlos, 1P

Malvasio, L., 2A

Mandell, Avi M., 1A, 1U, 3L, 4R

Mandic, Milan, 18

Mann, Steven D., 08

Marafatto, Luca, 28, 2Z, 30, 31, 32, 39

Maresi, Luca, 6C

Margiotta, A., 0T, 2Q, 60

Marinai, M., 39

Marois, C., 13

Marston, Anthony, 0B, 44

Martel, André R., 08

Martellato, Elena, 10

Martignac, J., 0Q, 58

Martin, G., 5G

Martin, Laurent, 0T

Martín-Fleitas, J., 2E

Martlin, C., 5D

Marty, C., 58

Marty, W., 58

Masi, S., 58

Mason, Peter, 4J

Massey, R., 0Q

Massone, G., 4Z, 5O, 6E

Mather, J. C., 2L

Mathers, Naomi, 1Q

Matsuhara, Hideo, 0X, 2H, 2I, 3W

Matsumoto, Toshio, 4J, 59

Matsumura, Tomotake, 0X, 4H

Matsuo, Taro, 2I

Matsuoka, S., 0X

Matsuura, Shuji, 0X, 4J

Matthews, Gary W., 04, 07, 1J

Mauri, N., 0T, 2Q, 2T, 60

Mawet, Dimitri, 4T

Mazoyer, Johan, 3C, 4T

McClure, S., 2R

McElwain, Michael W., 0F, 1A, 1U

McHarg, Matthew G., 1P

McKenney, C., 2R

Mechmech, Idriss, 3D, 4Z, 6E

Medinaceli, Eduardo, 0T, 2Q, 2T, 5R, 60

Meftah, M., 0Z, 4G

Meixner, M., 0K

Melich, Radek, 3D

Mellier, Yannick, 0O, 0Q, 0T

Melnick, G. J., 0K

Mendillo, Christopher B., 6A

Mennesson, Bertrand E., 5M

Menten, K., 0K

Mentzell, J. E., 2L

Merkle, Frank, 0D

Meyer, Stephan, 0W

Meza, Luis, 0F

Micela, Giuseppina, 1X, 33, 34, 36

Michaelis, H., 51

Michau, Vincent, 4A

Middleton, Kevin, 33, 34

Midwinter, Calvin, 4D

Miko, L., 2R

Milam, S., 0K, 2L

Mima, S., 0X

Min, Michiel, 1X, 33

Minami, Y., 0X

Mirc, F., 58

Misawa, R., 58

Misselt, Karl, 4B, 5U

Mitsuda, K., 0X

Mizutani, Tadahito, 2H, 3W

Mogulsky, Valery, 28, 2Z, 30, 31

Molinari, Sergio, 1L, 2K, 5V

Mollet, Dominique, 3D

Moneti, A., 1X

Monsurrò, Pietro, 5S

Montel, J., 58

Montier, L., 58

Moon, Bongkon, 59

Moore, Douglas, 18

Moore, Dustin B., 09

Moore, James, 18

Mora, A., 2D, 2E

Morales Muñoz, Rafael, 5B

Morales, J. C., 1X

Morand, F., 0Z

Morford, Tracy, 4J

Morgan, Edward, 2C, 2X

Morgante, Gianluca, 0T, 2Q, 2T, 33, 34, 36, 5R, 60

Morrison, Jane E., 41

Morse, Jon A., 1J

Mosdorf, Michał, 3D

Moseley, S. H., 2L

Mosner, Peter, 0B, 0D, 44

Mot, B., 58

Mott, Brent, 0D

Mroczkowski, Mateusz, 3D

Mugnier, L. M., 3A

Mugnuolo, R., 51

Munari, Matteo, 28, 2Z, 30, 31, 32, 39, 51

Mundy, L. G., 2L

Murakami, Naoshi, 3E

Murchison, B., 1I

Murray, N., 0Q

Musi, Paolo, 0O

Muzerolle, J., 44

Nagai, M., 0X

Nagasaki, T., 0X

Nagata, R., 0X

Najarro, Francisco, 3U

Nakagawa, Takao, 2H, 2I, 3W

Nakajima, M., 0X

Nakamura, S., 0X

Nakayasu, T., 11

Naletto, Giampiero, 10

Namikawa, T., 0X

Narasaki, Katsuhiro, 3W

Narayanan, D., 0K

Narbonne, J., 58

Naruse, M., 0X

Nascimbeni, Valerio, 28, 31

Naylor, David A., 5E, 6F

N'Diaye, Mamadou, 1Y, 3C, 4A, 4T

Neefs, Eddy, 5B

Nelan, Edmund P., 0F, 5K

Nemati, Bijan, 19, 5G, 5M

Ngan, I., 2A

Nguyen, L., 2R

Nguyen, Tam, 2C

Nicastro, L., 2T, 60

Niclas, Mathieu, 0T, 2V

Nicolini, G., 4Z, 5O, 6E

Nicot, J-M., 58

Nielsen, Louise Dyregaard, 3O

Niemi, S., 0Q

Nishibori, Toshiyuki, 0X, 4H

Nishijo, K., 0X

Nishikawa, Jun, 3E

Nishino, H., 0X

Nisulescu, M., 5O

Noce, Vladimiro, 2Y, 36, 4Z, 50, 5O, 6E

Noda, A., 0X

Noguchi, T., 0X

Noriega-Crespo, Alberto, 41

Norman, Colin, 4T

Novi, A., 39

Novicki, Megan C., 3K

Novo-Gradac, Kevin J., 08

Nowak, M., 4L

Ogawa, H., 0X

Ogawa, Hiroyuki, 2H, 3W

Ogburn, W., 0X

Oguri, S., 0X

Ohl, Ray G., 08

Ohnishi, Yosuke, 4J

Ohta, I., 0X

Okabayashi, Akinobu, 3W

Okada, N., 0X

Okamoto, A., 0X

Okamura, T., 0X

Okura, Y., 11

Olczak, Gene, 40, 4E

Olivieri, A., 51

Ollivier, Marc, 1X, 33

O’Neill, Kevin, 3D, 4Z, 6E

Ossenkopf-Okada, V., 2K

Otani, C., 0X

Ottensamer, R., 2A, 2Y, 36

Oya, Masahito, 3E

Oyabu, Shinki, 2I, 3V

Özel, Feryal, 0N

Pace, Emanuele, 1X, 2Y, 33, 34, 36

Pachot, Charlotte, 0P

Padgett, D. L., 2L

Padilla, Cristóbal, 0T

Pagano, Isabella, 28, 2A, 2Y, 2Z, 30, 31, 32, 39

Pajot, F., 58

Paltani, S., 0U

Palumbo, P., 51

Pamplona, Tony, 0T

Pancrazzi, Maurizio, 2Y, 36, 4Z, 50, 5O, 6E

Paolinetti, R., 51

Papageorgiou, Andreas, 3R

Pareschi, Giovanni, 1L

Park, Sung-Joon, 59

Park, Won-Kee, 4J, 59

Park, Youngsik, 59

Parot, G., 58

Pascal, Sandrine, 0R, 2N

Pascale, Enzo, 1X, 33, 3R, 5H

Paschalis, Antonis, 3D

Pasian, Fabio, 0O

Pasqualini, L., 0T, 2Q

Pastor Morales, M. Carmen, 5B

Pastor, Carmen, 3U

Patauner, Christian, 1B, 6C

Patel, Manish R., 5B

Patočka, Karel, 3D

Patrizii, Laura, 0T, 2Q, 2T, 5R, 60

Patterson, Keith D., 18, 3K

Pearson, C., 2K

Pekosh, J., 1I

Pellegrino, Joseph, 1N

Pellegrino, Sergio, 6D

Pelo, E., 1E

Penanen, Konstantin I., 08

Penfornis, Yann, 1L

Penka, Daniela, 2M

Pereboom, H. P., 4F

Peresty, Radek, 3D

Perez, Mario R., 4R

Pérez-Lizán, David, 5W, 62

Pérot, E., 58

Perrin, Marshall D., 0F, 1A, 1Y, 3C, 4A, 5K, 5M

Peter, Gisbert, 28, 2A, 2Y

Petkovic, Michael, 1Q

Petrone, Peter, III, 20

Pezzuto, S., 2Y, 36

Philippon, A., 0Q

Piazza, Daniele, 1E, 28, 2A, 2Z, 30, 31, 32, 39

Piersanti, Osvaldo, 0O

Pilbratt, G. L., 1W, 1X

Pimentao, J., 58

Pinel, Jacques, 0O

Piotto, Giampaolo, 28

Pisano, G., 0X, 58

Plasson, P., 2Y

Plesseria, J. Y., 2A

Pluzhnik, Eugene, 22, 5N, 66

Poberezhskiy, Ilya, 18, 19

Pommerol, A., 1E

Pompei, C., 39

Ponthieu, N., 58

Pontoppidan, K., 0K

Pope, A., 0K

Popowicz, Adam, 1R

Porpora, Daniel A., 3Y, 3Z

Portaluri, E., 39

Potin, S., 5G

Pottinger, Sabrina, 0O, 0Q

Powers, T., 2R

Prada, Camilo Mejia, 19, 3F

Pravdo, S., 2R

Preis, O., 5G

Previte, Anthony, 1Q

Prezelus, Sylvain, 0O

Prieto, Eric, 0P, 0T, 2M, 2R, 2U, 5J

Prigozhin, Gregory, 2C, 2X

Prigozhin, I., 2X

Primeau, Brian, 2C

Pucci, Mauro, 1B, 6C

Pueyo, Laurent, 1Y, 3C, 4A, 4T, 5K, 5M

Puig, L., 1W, 1X

Puig-Suari, Jordi, 1Q

Purica, M., 5O, 6E

Pyo, Jeonghyun, 59

Quiller, Trey, 1P

Qureshi, Atif, 1N

Racca, Giuseppe D., 0O, 0Q, 0T

Radzik, Bartlomiej, 3D

Ragazzoni, Roberto, 28, 2A, 2Z, 30, 31, 32, 39, 51

Raichs, Cayetano, 62

Rando, N., 29, 2A

Rapp, Robert, 0B

Rataj, Miroslaw, 1X, 33, 36, 3D

Ratti, F., 29, 2A

Rauer, Heike, 28, 2Z, 30, 31

Rausch, P., 68

Rauscher, Bernard J., 0J

Rawle, Timothy, 0B, 3O, 44, 45, 46

Ray, Tom, 1X, 33

Re, Cristina, 10

Rebeiz, G., 0X

Rebolo-López, Rafael, 62

Redding, David, 0J

Reed, Benjamin B., 1N

Reinlein, Claudia, 69

Reisenfeld, Sam, 1Q

Renaud, C., 0Z

Renotte, Etienne, 3D, 4Z, 50, 5O, 6E

Ressler, M. E., 41

Rest, Armin, 4B, 5U

Rhodes, David, 4C

Ribas, Ignasi, 1X, 33, 36

Riccardi, Armando, 1B, 6C

Richards, Michael C., 3K

Richards, P., 0X

Ricker, George, 2C, 2X

Rieder, Martin, 28, 2Z, 30, 31

Rieke, G. H., 41

Rieke, Marcia, 0E, 5U

Rigopoulou, D., 2K

Rinehart, S. A., 2L

Rioux, Norman M., 0H, 3L, 4R

Ristic, Bojan, 5B

Ristorcelli, I., 58

Rizzo, M. J., 2L

Robberto, Massimo, 0E, 4B, 5U

Roberge, Aki, 1U, 2L, 3L, 4R

Robinson, Tyler D., 1U

Robles Muñoz, Nicolás, 5B

Rocchetto, M., 1X

Rochat, S., 5G

Roedel, Andreas, 0D

Rodríguez Gómez, Julio F., 5B

Rodriguez, L., 58

Roelfsema, Peter, 3U

Roellig, T., 0K

Rohrbach, Scott O., 08

Roloff, V., 1E

Rolt, Stephen, 4U, 4V

Romoli, Marco, 4Z, 50, 5O, 6E

Rosato, Pierluigi, 0O

Rosset, Cyrille, 0T

Rossin, Christelle, 0R, 0T

Roudil, G., 58

Rouzé, M., 0Z

Rowlands, Neil, 13, 4D

Rozemeijer, Hans, 0O

Rudolph, Andreas, 0O

Rumler, Peter, 0B, 0D

Saavedra Criado, Gonzalo, 0O

Saccoccio, M., 58

Safa, F., 29

Sahlmann, J., 2E

Saint-Pe, M., 5G

Saito, K., 11

Saitto, Antonio, 5S

Sakai, S., 0X

Sakon, Itsuki, 0K, 2I, 3V

Sakurai, Yuki, 0X, 4H

Salabert, D., 0Z

Salatino, M., 58

Salvador, Lucas, 3D

Salvignol, Jean-Christophe, 0O, 0P, 0Q, 0T, 0V

Sanchez, Patrice, 0R, 0T

Sánchez-Prieto, Sebastián, 5W

Sandstrom, K., 0K

Sankar, Shannon R., 1K, 5A

Sano, Kei, 4J

Sanz Mesa, Rosario, 5B

Sarajlic, M., 38

Sarkar, Subhajit, 1X, 3R

Sato, N., 0X

Sato, Yoichi, 0X, 2H, 3W

Sauerwein, Timothy, 2C, 2X

Sauvage, Jean-François, 3A, 3C

Sauvage, Marc, 0O, 1L

Savini, Giorgio, 2K, 58

Savransky, Dmitry, 1T, 1U

Scaramella, Roberto, 0O

Schade, D., 13

Schiminovich, David, 0J

Schirra, Florent, 5J

Schisano, E., 5V

Schistad, Robert, 2V

Schlawin, Everett, 0E

Schmidt, Micha, 0O

Schmitz, N., 51

Schmoll, Jürgen, 4V

Schmutz, W., 0Z

Schneider, A., 1I

Schnell, Andrew, 0G

Schweitzer, Hagen, 50

Schweitzer, Mario, 28, 2Z, 30, 31

Sciortino, A., 0Q

Scott, D., 0K

Secroun, Aurélia, 0T, 5J

Segawa, Y., 0X

Seidel, Gregor, 0T

Seiffert, Michael, 0T, 2R

Sekiguchi, S., 0X

Sekimoto, Yutaro, 0X, 4H

Sekine, M., 0X

Seljak, U., 0X

Selsis, F., 1X

Sepulveda, J., 1I

Serpell, E., 2D

Serra, Benoit, 0T, 5J

Servaye, Jean-Sébastien, 3D, 4Z, 50, 5O, 6E

Shaklan, Stuart B., 1S, 1U, 1Y

Shao, Mike, 2F, 5G

Shaw, Benjamin J. R., 4V

Sheikh, David A., 6J

Sherwin, B., 0X

Shi, Fang, 18, 63

Shibai, Hiroshi, 2H, 2I, 3W

Shields, Joel, 18

Shimizu, T., 0X

Shin, Goo-Hwan, 59

Shinozaki, Keisuke, 0X, 2H, 3W

Shipley, Ann, 3I

Shirahata, Mai, 4J

Shiri, Ron, 20

Short, Alex, 0O, 0P, 0Q, 0V

Shu, S., 0X

Sias, Marco, 0O

Siccardi, F., 56

Sicilia, Daniela, 28, 2Z, 30, 31

Sidick, Erkin, 18

Siegler, Nicholas, 1S

Sierra-Roig, C., 36

Simioni, Emanuele, 10

Simonella, O., 58

Sirbu, Dan, 22, 3G, 3J, 5N, 66

Sirianni, Marco, 0B, 3O, 44, 45, 46, 6I

Sirignano, Chiara, 0T, 2Q, 2T, 5R, 60

Sironi, Giorgia, 1L

Sirri, Gabriele, 0T, 2Q, 2T, 5R, 60

Sivaramakrishnan, Anand, 1Y, 48

Skottfelt, J., 0Q

Smadja, Gerard, 5J

Smith, Daniel, 3H, 3K

Smith, David Alan, 0G

Smith, Erin C., 4R

Smith, J. Scott, 09

Smith, Koby Z., 0C, 42

Snodgrass, Stephen , 0D

Solheim, Bjarte G. B., 2V

Sordet, M., 38

Sørensen, Anton Norup, 0T, 2U

Sortino, Francesca, 0T, 2T, 60

Sosey, M., 5D

Soummer, Rémi, 0F, 1Y, 3C, 4A, 4T, 5K, 5M

Southworth, R., 29

Sozzetti, Alessandro, 2F

Speckmaier, Max, 0D

Spergel, David, 0W

Spiga, Daniele, 28, 2Z, 30, 31

Spitler, Lee, 1Q

Spolyar, Douglas, 2F

Spurio, M., 0T, 2Q

Stadler, E., 5G

Stagnaro, Luca, 0O

Staguhn, J. G., 2L

Stahl, H. Philip, 0G

Stanco, L., 0T, 2Q, 2T, 60

Stansberry, John, 0E, 0F

St-Antoine, Jonathan, 47

Stapelfeldt, Karl R., 1A, 1S, 1U, 2L

Stark, Christopher C., 0F, 0H, 1U, 1Y, 3L

Stauffer, John, 5Z

Steinbuch, M., 4F

Steller, M., 2A, 2Y

Stephen, John, 2Q, 2T, 5R, 60

St. Laurent, Kathryn E., 1Y

Stockman, Yvan, 3D

Stompor, R., 0X

Stoneking, Eric, 3L

Stover, John, 3H

Strada, Paolo, 0O, 0P, 0T, 0V, 2R

Stuhlinger, Martin, 0B

Su, K. Y. L., 0K

Subedi, Hari, 64

Sudiwala, Rashmi V., 5H

Suematsu, Y., 11

Sugai, Hajime, 0X, 4H

Sugita, Hiroyuki, 0X, 2H, 3W

Sukegawa, T., 11

Sullivan, Joseph F., 08

Suntharalingam, Vyshnavi, 2C, 2X

Surace, Jason A., 5Z

Suzuki, A., 0X

Suzuki, J., 0X

Suzuki, Toyoaki, 0X, 2I

Swindells, I., 0Q

Szafraniec, M., 0Q

Taccola, Matteo, 50

Tajima, O., 0X

Takada, S., 0X

Takakura, S., 0X

Takano, K., 0X

Takatori, S., 0X

Takei, Y., 0X

Takeuchi, S., 2H

Takeyama, Norihide, 4J

Tamura, Motohide, 3E

Tan, B. K., 2K

Tanabe, D., 0X

Tanaka, Yosuke, 3E

Tang, Hong, 18, 1A

Tapie, P., 58

Tatry, P., 2D

Tauber, J., 58

Tavrov, Alexander, 54

Taylor, William, 1X, 33

Telfer, Randal, 09, 0F, 40, 4E

Tennyson, J., 1X

Tenti, M., 0T, 2Q, 2T, 60

te Plate, Maurice B. J., 0B, 0D

Texter, Scott, 03

Thayer, Carolyn, 2C, 2X

Thibault, Simon, 13, 47

Thizy, Cédric, 0T, 3D, 4Z, 50, 5O, 6E

Thomas, C., 0U

Thomas, Nicolas, 1E, 2A, 52

Thomas, Sandrine J., 22

Thoral, P., 2D

Tielens, X., 2K

Tilquin, Andre, 5J

Tinetti, Giovanna, 1X, 33

Tintori, Matteo, 1B, 6C

Toledo-Moreo, Rafael, 0T, 5W, 62

Tomaru, T., 0X

Tomita, N., 0X

Tommasino, Pasquale, 5S

Toon, Geoffrey, 5C

Torre, J.-P., 58

Torres Redondo, Josefina, 3U

Torvanger, Oyvind, 2V

Toulouse-Aastrup, Corinne, 0T

Tournois, Severine C., 09

Traub, Wesley A., 1S, 5C

Trauger, John, 5C

Travaglini, R., 0T, 2Q

Trébuchet, P., 4L

Trifiletti, Alessandro, 5S

Trifoglio, Massimo, 0T, 2Q, 2T, 5R, 60

Truong, Tuan, 18

Tsumura, Kohji, 2I, 4J

Tsunematsu, Shoji, 3W

Tubío-Araujo, Óscar, 62

Tucker, C., 2R, 58

Turck, K., 2R

Turck-Chièze, S., 0Z

Turella, A., 51

Turin, P., 0X

Turrini, D., 1X

Ulmer, M. P., 1I

Uozumi, S., 0X

Utsunomiya, S., 0X

Uzawa, Y., 0X

Vaillon, Ludovic, 0O

Valenti, Jeff, 3O

Valenziano, Luca, 0T, 2Q, 2T, 5R, 60

Valieri, C., 2T

Vallée, Philippe, 47

Valsecchi, Giuseppe, 1L

Van Aken, Dirk, 5H

Van Campen, Julie M., 08

Vandaele, Ann Carine, 5B

Vandenbussche, Bart, 1X, 33

Vanderbei, Robert J., 1Y, 3G, 3J

Vanderspek, Roland, 2C, 2X

Vannucci, Antonello, 5S

van Ruymbeke, M., 0Z

Vasisht, Gautam, 5M

Vassigh, Kenny K., 1H

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Conference Committee

Symposium Chairs

  • Colin Cunningham, UK Astronomy Technology Centre (United Kingdom)

  • Masanori lye, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (Japan)

Symposium Co-chairs

  • Allison A. Barto, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation (United States)

  • Suzanne K. Ramsay, European Southern Observatory (Germany)

Conference Chairs

  • Howard A. MacEwen, Reviresco LLC (United States)

  • Giovanni G. Fazio, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (United States)

  • Makenzie Lystrup, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation (United States)

Conference Program Committee

  • Natalie Batalha, NASA Ames Research Center (United States)

  • Beth A. Biller, The Royal Observatory, Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

  • James B. Breckinridge, Breckinridge Associates (United States)

  • Richard W. Capps, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (United States)

  • Mark Clampin, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (United States)

  • Mattheus W. M. de Graauw, P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute (Russian Federation)

  • Lee D. Feinberg, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (United States)

  • Andreas Glindemann, European Southern Observatory (Germany)

  • Qian Gong, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (United States)

  • James C. Green, University of Colorado at Boulder (United States)

  • Matthew J. Griffin, Cardiff University (United Kingdom)

  • Astrid Heske, European Space Research and Technology Center (Netherlands)

  • Robert A. Laskin, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (United States)

  • David T. Leisawitz, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (United States)

  • Charles F. Lillie, Lillie Consulting (United States)

  • Jean-Pierre Maillard, Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris (France)

  • Gary W. Matthews, Harris Corporation (United States)

  • Takao Nakagawa, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Japan)

  • Jim M. Oschmann Jr., Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation (United States)

  • Ronald S. Polidan, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems (United States)

  • David C. Redding, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (United States)

  • Aki Roberge, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (United States)

  • Giorgio Savini, University College London (United Kingdom)

  • Bernard D. Seery, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (United States)

  • Nicholas Siegler, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (United States)

  • H. Philip Stahl, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (United States)

  • Giovanna Tinetti, University College London (United Kingdom)

  • Edward C. Tong, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (United States)

  • Gillian S. Wright, UK Astronomy Technology Centre (United Kingdom)

  • Toru Yamada, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Japan)

Session Chairs

  • 1 JWST I

    Gillian S. Wright, UK Astronomy Technology Centre (United Kingdom)

  • 2 JWST II

    Jim M. Oschmann Jr., Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation (United States)

  • 3 JWST III

    James B. Breckinridge, Breckinridge Associates (United States)

  • 4 NASA Large Mission Concepts

    Matthew J. Griffin, Cardiff University (United Kingdom)

  • 5 NASA Mission Studies: Joint Session with Conferences 9904 and 9905

    Mario R. Perez, NASA Headquarters (United States)

    Howard A. MacEwen, Reviresco LLC (United States)

  • 6 Euclid

    Beth A. Biller, The Royal Observatory, Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

  • 7 Deep Surveys

    Mattheus W. M. de Graauw, P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute (Russian Federation)

  • 8 Solar System Studies

    Mark Clampin, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (United States)

  • 9 WFIRST I

    Nicholas Siegler, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (United States)

  • 10 WFIRST II

    Gary W. Matthews, Harris Corporation (United States)

  • 11 Technologies

    H. Philip Stahl, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (United States)

  • 12 Systems I

    Howard A. MacEwen, Reviresco LLC (United States)

  • 13 Systems II

    Lee D. Feinberg, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (United States)

  • 14 In-Space Servicing

    Jean-Pierre Maillard, Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris (France)

  • 15 Nanosats and CubeSats

    Charles F. Lillie, Lillie Consulting (United States)

  • 16 Exoplanets I

    David B. Gallagher, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (United States)

  • 17 Exoplanets II

    David C. Redding, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (United States)

  • 18 Exoplanets III

    Howard A. MacEwen, Reviresco LLC (United States)

  • 19 Exoplanets IV

    Makenzie Lystrup, Ball Aerospace (United States)

  • 20 Astrometry

    Makenzie Lystrup, Ball Aerospace (United States)

  • 21 IR Systems

    Giovanni G. Fazio, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (United States)


This conference met throughout the duration of the SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation Conference 2016 in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom. It was part of a series of annual conferences addressing systems and technologies in the optical, infrared, and millimeter wavelength region that are held alternately in the Eastern and Western hemispheres, the preceding conference having been held in 2014 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Many of the presentations addressed major milestones in the space telescope development that have recently passed or are rapidly approaching. In particular:

  • NASA is currently preparing foundational material for the 2020 Astrophysics Decadal Survey that the National Academies of Science will be starting in about two years. One of the major efforts underway in this project is a set of four community mission concept studies to be presented to the Survey team. The objectives, technologies, approach, teaming, and current status and progress of each of the four Science Technology Definition Teams (STDTs) were presented in a joint session with Conference 9905, Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2016: Ultraviolet to Gamma Ray.

  • The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is well along in construction and testing, and is scheduled for launch in October 2018. The current status and development plans for this program were discussed in detail during three oral presentation sessions and in a number of Poster Papers.

  • The Euclid dark universe mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) passed its Preliminary Design Review in December 2015, and is ramping up into development, construction, and testing phases. The status of this program was summarized during an oral presentation session and a number of Poster Papers.

  • Finally, major technology development efforts for NASA's Wide Field InfraRed Space Telescope (WFIRST) are well underway in preparation for an expected program initiation once funding pressures from the JWST program have eased in the 2017–2018 time frame. Several of these projects were presented during the conference, again both orally and in poster formats.

In addition to the presentations related directly to specific, identifiable programs, there were a number of projects and studies of concepts and technologies in earlier stages of development that were addressed during the conference. This included brief discussion of aspects of systems, some currently operational, some in various stages of development (including those with technology development well underway), and some still very much in the early concept development stages. A major topic under this heading was the development and testing of coronagraphic technology (both internal and external) for exoplanet detection and characterization (indeed, four oral presentation sessions were devoted to this topic). Other topics addressed under this general heading included infrared technologies and systems (notably for the far infrared); astrometry; deep surveys; new system concepts; advanced telescope technologies; very small satellites; and in-space assembly and servicing for space telescopes.

Howard A. MacEwen

Giovanni G. Fazio

Makenzie Lystrup

© (2016) COPYRIGHT Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE). Downloading of the abstract is permitted for personal use only.
"Front Matter: Volume 9904", Proc. SPIE 9904, Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2016: Optical, Infrared, and Millimeter Wave, 990401 (26 August 2016); doi: 10.1117/12.2249638; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2249638

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