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Della Monica Ferreira,

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den Herder, Jan-Willem A., 0U, 0Y, 1R, 2I, 3U, 3W, 5F, 5T, 5W, 61, 64

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Duranti, Matteo, 6D

Durham, R. Nick, 45


Domenico, 6D

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France, Kevin, 06, 0A, 2V, 3C

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Galliano, M., 0J

Gallo, Luigi, 0U

Gallo, Luis D., 1H

Galloway, D. K., 1R

Gálvez Sanchez, J. L., 1R, 4B

Gandhi, Poshak, 0U, 1R

Gandorfer, Achim M., 03

Gangemi, G. C., 6J

Gangl, Bert, 4Y

Gao, Jiarui, 6D

Gao, Xiaohui, 6D

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Garcia-Berro, E., 1R

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Gargano, Fabio, 6D, 6E

Garnæs, Jørgen, 5K

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Gastaldello, F., 63

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Genolini, B., 6C

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Germain, Gregg, 44

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Gezari, S., 1R

Gheorghe, Codin, 46

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Gibelin, L., 6C

Giebels, B., 2R

Giglietto, Nicola, 6D

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Giuliani, A., 2N

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Glesener, Lindsay, 0E

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Godet, O., 0J

Gogus, E., 1R

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Golub, Leon, 73

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Grave, X., 6C

Grebenev, S., 1J

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Green, James C., 0A, 2V, 3C

Grein, Christoph, 3L

Greiner, J., 1R

Grenier, I., 2N, 6E

Griffith, C., 1V

Griffith, Christopher, 4Y

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Groot, P., 1R

Gros, P., 2R

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Grossberger, Christoph, 1K

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Gschwender, M., 1R

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Guainazzi, Matteo, 0U, 3U

Gualtieri, L., 1R

Gubarev, Mikhail, 0E, 1J, 1V

Güdel, Manuel, 1R, 2B

Guidorzi, C., 1R

Guillemot, Ph., 0J

Guizzo, G. P., 62

Gunji, Shuichi, 1A

Günther, Hans M., 56

Guy, L., 1R

Guzman, A., 65

Gyo, M., 2X

Ha, Kong Q., 1H

Haas, Daniel, 0U, 0Y, 1R, 2I, 3U, 3W, 5R

Haba, Yoshito, 0U, 12, 41

Haberl, Frank, 1K

Haensel, P., 1R

Hagino, Kouichi, 0U, 11, 13

Hahne, Devin, 0Z

Hailey, M., 1R

Hajdas, W., 2P, 6E

Halain, J.-P., 2X

Hälker, Olaf, 1K, 2D

Hamadache, C., 2N, 6C

Hamaguchi, Kenji, 0U

Hamden, E., 31

Hamuguchi, K., 1R

Haneveld, Jeroen, 27

Hanlon, Lorraine, 2N, 6P

Hansen, F., 1R

Hara, H., 3D

Harayama, Atsushi, 0M, 0U, 11, 5C

Harmoul, Abdullah Saif, 38

Harra, L., 2X

Harrus, Ilana, 0U, 14

Hartmann, D. H., 1R, 2N

Hartner, Gisela, 1K

Hartz, Leslie, 3N

Hasanbegovic, Amir, 46

Hasegawa, Takashi, 0M

Hashimoto, S., 2R

Hasouneh, Monther A., 1H

Haswell, C. A., 1R

Hatori, Satoshi, 0M

Hatsukade, Isamu, 0U, 10

Hayashi, Katsuhiro, 0U, 11, 13

Hayashi, T., 1N

Hayashi, Takayuki, 0U, 0Z, 12, 3U, 3X, 3Y, 3Z, 41, 5D

Hayashida, Kiyoshi, 0U, 10, 1A, 57

He, J. J., 2P

He, Pengfei, 20

Heap, Sara, 05

Hebeler, K., 1R

Heefner, Kristofer B., 1H

Heger, A., 1R

Heilmann, Ralf K., 1X, 22, 4P, 56, 73

Hempel, M., 1R

Hermans, A., 2X

Hermsen, W., 1R

Hernanz, Margarita, 1R, 2N, 4B, 4Y

Hertz, Edward, 73

Hestnes, Phyllis, 1H

Hickman, Robert, 4Y

Hikida, Reina, 3G

Hill, Robert S., 14

Hilton, Gene C., 0Q, 2H

Hiraga, Junko S., 0U, 10

Hirose, Kazuyuki, 0U

Hoadley, Keri, 06, 2V

Hoberman, Jane, 0E, 2Q

Hobson, C. W., 3M

Hoge, Lisa J., 1H

Holland, Andrew, 02

Hołyszko, J., 23, 78

Homan, J., 1R

Hopkins, Randall, 4Y

Horan, D., 2R

Horeau, Benoit, 42

Hornschemeier, Ann, 0U

Hornstrup, A., 1R

Horyani, Mihaly, 3J

Hoshino, Akio, 0U, 0Y, 3S

Hosseini, Sona, 34

Houret, B., 0J

Hu, Bingliang, 6D

Huang, Qiushi, 20, 6Q

Huber, Alan, 1I

Hudec, R., 1R

Huenemoerder, David P., 4P, 56

Hughes, Eli, 0L

Hughes, John, 0U

Hui, Michelle, 4Y

Hull, J., 0D

Hull, Tony, 05

Huovelin, J., 1R

Huppenkothen, D., 1R

Hurford, G. J., 2Q

Hutchings, John, 1F

Ichinohe, Yuto, 0U, 13

Iizuka, Ryo, 0U, 0Z, 12, 3U, 3X, 3Y, 3Z, 41, 5D, 5E

Ikeda, Hirokazu, 0M

Ikeyama, Yuki, 1A

Immel, Thomas J., 07

Ina, Masao, 0M

Inam, S. C., 1R

Ingram, A., 1R

Ingram, Luster, 4Y

Inoue, Hajime, 0U

Inoue, Shota, 57

Inoue, Yoshiyuki, 0U

In't Zand, J. J. M., 1R

Irwin, Kent D., 0Q, 2H

Isern, J., 2N

Ishibashi, Kazunori, 0U, 0Z, 12, 3Y, 41

Ishida, Manabu, 0U, 0Z, 12, 3U, 3X, 3Y, 3Z, 41, 5D

Ishikawa, Kumi, 0U, 0Y, 3P, 3R, 3S

Ishikawa, Ryoko, 08, 2U, 3D

Ishikawa, Shin-nosuke, 08, 0E, 2U, 3D

Ishimura, Kosei, 0U, 0X

Ishisaki, Yoshitaka, 0U, 0W, 0Y, 1N, 3N, 3R, 3S, 3T, 3U, 3W

Israel, G., 1R

Itoh, Masayuki, 0U, 12, 41

Iwai, Masachika, 10

Iwasawa, K., 1R

Iwata, Naoko, 0U, 0X

Iyomoto, Naoko, 0U, 0Y

Izumiya, Takanori, 5E

Izzo, L., 1R

Jackson, Brian D., 2H, 2I, 5R, 5S, 5T

Jacobs, H. M., 1R

Jacobs, Tawanda M., 1H

Jacques, L., 2X

Jacquey, C., 63

Jakobsen, Anders C., 5K

James, Bryan L., 3O

Janardhan, P., 4N

Jelinsky, S., 0D

Jenke, Peter, 1R, 4Y

Jetter, F., 1R

Jewell, Chris, 0U

Jhabvala, Christine A., 3L

Jiang, Li, 6Q

Jimenez Escobar, Antonio, 60

Jin, Xin, 7E

Jin, Y., 0S

Jing, Li, 02

Johannsen, T., 1R

Johansen, Tor Magnus, 46

Jonker, P., 1R

Jørgensen, John L., 1H

Josè, J., 1R Kaaret, P., 1R

Kaastra, Jelle, 0U, 4P, 5F

Kagawa, Yasuaki, 0M

Kaiser, Michael A., 1H

Kalamkar, K., 1R

Kalemci, E., 1R

Kallman, Timothy, 0U

Kamae, Tuneyoshi, 0U

Kamath, P. U., 1F

Kamble, Nilima, 1E

Kamisiński, T., 68

Kamitsukasa, Fumiyoshi, 1A

Kanao, Kenichi, 0X, 3P, 3S

Kanbach, G., 1R, 2N

Kane, Robert, 0A, 2V

Kanev, Evgeny, 35, 36

Kano, Ryouhei, 08, 2U, 3D

Kara, Erin, 0U

Karas, Vladimir, 1R, 4H

Karelin, D., 1R

Karkour, N., 6C

Kaspi, Victoria, 17

Kataoka, Jun, 0U, 11, 13

Kataria, Dhiren, 02, 1R

Kathiravan, S., 1F

Kato, Yuka, 3T

Katoch, Tilak, 1D

Katsuda, Satoru, 0U

Katsukawa, Y., 3D

Katsuragawa, Miho, 5C

Katsuta, Junichiro, 0U, 11, 13

Kaufmann, P., 2Q

Kawabata, Tomoki, 57

Kawaharada, Madoka, 0U

Kawai, Nobuyuki, 0U

Kawano, Taro, 0U, 0X

Kawasaki, Shigeo, 0U

Kazakevich, Y., 36

Kazeva, John D., 3Q

Kearney, John, 4X

Keek, L., 1R

Kelley, N. A., 2Q

Kelley, Richard L., 0Q, 0U, 0W, 0X, 0Y, 1N, 2H, 3L, 3M, 3N, 3O, 3Q, 3S, 3T, 3U, 3W

Kellogg, James W., 1H

Kelly, Daniel P., 3L

Kempf, Sascha, 3J

Kennedy, Patrick Kenneth, 5C

Kennedy, T., 1R, 2X

Kenyon, Steven J., 1H, 4X

Kerschbaum, Franz, 2D

Kester, T., 1V

Khan, Aafaque R., 03

Khangulyan, Dmitry, 0U

Kiener, J., 2N, 6C

Kikuchi, Naomichi, 0Z, 3U, 3X, 3Y, 3Z, 5D

Kilaru, K., 1J

Kilbourne, Caroline A., 0Q, 0U, 0W, 0X, 0Y, 2H, 2I, 3L, 3M, 3N, 3O, 3Q, 3S, 3T, 3U, 3W, 5S

Kim, Juyong, 1A

Kimball, Mark O., 0U, 3O

King, Ashley, 0U

Kink, Walter, 1K

Kintziger, Christian, 07, 2W

Kirichenko, Alexey S., 3B

Kishimoto, T., 2M

Kishimoto, Yuji, 1A

Kissel, S., 4C

Kitaguchi, Takao, 0U, 13

Kitamoto, Shunji, 0U, 0Y, 3S

Kitayama, Tetsu, 0U

Kiviranta, Mikko, 2I, 5R, 5S, 5T

Klochkov, D., 1R

Kluzniak, W., 1R

Knödlseder, J., 2N

Knudsen, Erik B., 5O, 76

Kobayashi, Ken, 08, 3D, 73

Koch, Anna, 2C, 2D

Koechlin, L., 3E

Koenecke, Richard G., 0Z, 1H, 4X

Koerding, E., 1R

Kohmura, Takayoshi, 0U, 10

Kokkotas, K., 1R

Kokubun, Motohide, 0U, 0X, 11, 13

Kole, M., 2P

Kolodziejczak, Jeffrey, 17, 1J, 1V, 1X

Komossa, S., 1R

Komura, S., 2M

Kong, M. N., 2P

Kong, S. W., 2P

Korpela, Eric, 38

Korpela, Seppo, 1R, 4Y

Kosaka, Tatsuro, 0U, 12, 41

Kotak, Sanket, 1E

Kotaka, T., 2R

Koujelev, Alex, 0U

Kouveliotou, C., 1R

Kowalski, A. F., 1R

Koyama, Katsuji, 0U

Koyama, Shu, 0U, 0Y, 3S, 3T, 3U

Koyande, J., 1E

Kozon, Robert P., 1H

Kraft, Ralph, 0L

Kretschmar, Peter, 0U

Kreykenbohm, Ingo, 1K, 1R

Krimm, Hans, 0U, 14

Kripps, Kari L., 3Q

Krivchenko, Aleksandr, 1J, 50, 51

Krivonos, R., 1J

Krivova, Natalie, 03

Kroth, Udo, 47

Krucker, Säm, 0E, 0F

Kruczek, Nicholas, 0A, 2V

Krumrey, Michael, 1I, 27, 5K, 5N, 5P

Krzanowski, James E., 6L

Kubo, Hidetoshi, 1A, 2M

Kubo, Masahito, 08, 3D

Kubota, Aya, 0U

Kudelin, M., 1J

Kuiper, L. M., 1R

Kumar, Amit, 1F

Kumar, P., 4N

Kume, Kyo, 0M

Kunieda, Hideyo, 0U, 12, 41

Kunneriath, D., 1R

Kurashima, Sho, 0Z, 3U, 3X, 3Y, 3Z, 5D

Kurkela, A., 1R

Kuromaru, G., 1N

Kurosawa, S., 2M

Kurubi, Hiroyuki, 57

Kuvvetli, Irfan, 1R, 2D

Kuwabara, Masaki, 3G

Kuzin, Sergei V., 3B

Kuznetsova, Maria, 1J, 51

Labanti, C., 1R, 2N, 6I, 6J

Lachaud, C., 1R

Lacombe, K., 0J

Ladiya, T., 4N, 6G

Lafay, X., 6C

La Franca, F., 1R

Lai, D., 1R

Lairson, Bruce, 3Q

Lam Trong, Thien, 2G, 2I

LaMarr, Beverly, 1H, 1I, 4W

Lamb, F. K., 1R

Lambertson, Mike D., 1H

Lamer, Georg, 1K

Lancelot, J. Paul, 1F

Landgraf, B., 5P

Lapshov, Igor, 1J, 1K, 51

Larruquert, Juan Ignacio, 08

Larson, Anne M., 1H

Latronico, Luca, 4G

Laubert, P. P., 1R

Laubis, Christian, 1I, 47

Laurent, Philippe, 0U, 11, 13, 2N, 42, 63, 6C

Laurenza, M., 2K, 63

Lawrence, David J., 6B

Leary, James C., 6B

Lebrun, François, 0U, 11, 13, 1R

Lechanoine-Leluc, C., 2P

Le Coguie, A., 0S

Le Duigou, J. M., 4L

Lee, Sang-Jun, 0Q

Lee, Shiu-Huang, 0U

Leenaarts, Jorrit, 08

Lefmann, Kim, 76

Legay, E., 6C

Legere, Jason S., 2O, 6K, 6L

Lemaitre, G., 31

Le Mer, Isabelle, 0F

Lentine, Steven, 1H

Le Provost, H., 1R

Leutenegger, Maurice A., 0U, 0W, 0Y, 3L, 3Q, 3T, 3U, 3W

Levantino, Matteo, 60

Le Ven, V., 6C

Levin, Vasily, 1J, 50, 51

Levin, Zuni, 3J

Lewis, Jesse H., 1H

Li, Lei, 02

Li, Lu, 2P

Li, Ran, 6D

Li, X., 1R

Li, Yong, 6D

Liang, E., 1R

Liao, Yingyu, 7E

Ligori, S., 62

Lillis, Robert, 38

Lilly, Michael G., 1H

Limousin, Olivier, 0F, 0J, 0O, 0U, 11, 13, 1R, 2N, 42, 6C

Lin, D., 1R

Lin, R. P., 2Q

Linares, M., 1R

Linder, D., 1R

Linder, M., 26

Linget, D., 6C

Liu, J. T., 2P

Liu, Kuochia Alice, 1H

Liu, L.-P., 1R

Liu, Na, 7E

Liu, Xin, 2P, 6D

Lo Cicero, Ugo, 60, 66

Lockwood, Sean, 2T

Lodato, G., 1R

Loewenstein, Michael, 0U, 14

Loicq, Jerome, 07, 2W

Lomakin, Ilya, 1J, 1K

Long, Knox, 0U

Longo, F., 1R, 2N

Loparco, Francesco, 6D

Lopez, Heidi, 3Q

Lotti, S., 2K, 5X, 63

Louzir, M., 2R

Lozano, M., 4B

Lozipone, Larry, 4X

Lu, F., 1R

Lu, Junguang, 6D

Lugiez, F., 0S

Lumb, David, 0U

Lund, N., 1R

Lutovinov, A., 1J

Ma, Bin, 20, 7E

Maccarone, T. J., 1R, 4Y

Macculi, C., 2I, 2K, 5X, 5Y, 5Z, 63

Macera, D., 1R

MacKenty, John W., 33

Madarasz, Emanuel, 6Y, 70

Madejski, Grzegorz M., 0U, 13

Madhwani, P., 1D

Maeda, Yoshitomo, 0U, 0Z, 12, 3U, 3X, 3Y, 3Z, 41, 5D

Maehlum, Gunnar, 46

Maejima, Masato, 3Y

Maestre, S., 1R

Magnano, Elena, 60, 66

Mahesh, P. K., 1F

Mahmoodifar, S., 1R Maier, D., 1R

Maier, Daniel, 0U, 42, 6C

Makishima, Kazuo, 0U, 11, 13

Malaguti, Giuseppe, 6W

Malcovati, P., 1R

Malone, C., 1R

Malonis, Andrew, 1H, 1I, 4W

Malzac, J., 1R

Manchanda, R. K., 1D

Mandel, I., 1R

Manfreda, Alberto, 4G

Mangano, V., 1R

Manousakis, A., 1R

Manthripragada, Sridhar S., 1H

Marcinkowski, R., 2P

Marcos-Arenal, Pablo, 2Z, 30

Marelli, M., 1R

Marggraf, Stefanie, 5K

Margueron, J., 1R

Marinucci, A., 1R

Marisaldi, M., 1R, 2N, 6I, 6J

Markevitch, Maxim, 0U, 3U

Markoff, S. B., 1R

Markowitz, A., 1R

Markwardt, Craig B., 1H, 4W

Marquez, Vanessa, 73

Marsella, Giovanni, 6D

Marshall, Herman L., 17, 44, 56

Martignac, Jérôme, 0F

Martindale, A., 1R, 1Y

Martínez, G., 1R

Martínez, R., 4B

Maruca, B. A., 2Q

Mason, James Paul, 09

Massa, F., 4I

Massahi, Sonny, 5K, 5O, 5P, 6P, 76

Massaro, E., 4I

Masters, Candace, 0U, 3N

Masterson, R., 4C

Mates, Benjamin, 0Q

Mathew, Joice, 32, 39

Matonak, Bryan D., 1H

Matsumoto, Hironori, 0U, 12, 3Y, 3Z, 41, 71

Matsuoka, Y., 2M

Matsushita, Kyoko, 0U

Matt, Giorgio, 17, 4H

Mazzarella, James R., 1S, 21, 6X

Mazziotta, Mario Nicola, 6D, 6E

Mazzoli, Alexandra, 07, 2X

McBreen, S., 2N

McBride, Stephen, 0E

McCammon, Dan, 0U, 0W, 0X, 0Y, 3L, 3M, 3N, 3Q, 3U, 3W

McClelland, Ryan S., 1S, 6X, 7A

McConnell, Mark L., 2O, 6K, 6L

McCoy, Jake, 24

McCracken, Jeff, 73

McEnery, J. E., 2N

McEntaffer, Randall, 24, 4P

Mcginnis, Isaac E., 1H

McGuinness, Daniel S., 0U, 3M, 3Q

McHardy, I. M., 1R

McKenzie, David E., 08

McNamara, Brian, 0U

McPhate, Jason, 0D, 38, 3F

Medina-Tanco, G., 1R

Mehdipour, Missagh, 0U, 1R

Meidinger, Norbert, 1K, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 67, 68

Meier, Dirk, 46

Melatos, A., 1R

Mende, Stephen B., 07, 2W

Menderov, A., 1J

Mendez, M., 1R

Mercier, K., 0J, 4L

Mereghetti, S., 1R, 2N

Merloni, Andrea, 1K, 2B

Meuris, Aline, 0F, 0O, 4L

Mican, Benjamin, 1K

Michalska, Malgorzata, 1R, 4Y

Migliari, S., 1R

Mignani, R., 1R

Mihara, T., 1R

Mihara, Tatehiro, 1A

Miko, Joseph, 0U

Miller, Eric D., 0U, 14, 4P

Miller, Jon M., 0U, 1R, 4P

Miller, M. C., 1R

Miller, Richard S., 6B

Miller, Roger L., 1H

Miller, Tim, 07, 38

Milliard, Bruno, 31, 3I

Minamiyama, Y., 2R

Mineo, T., 1R, 2K, 52, 63

Mineshige, Shin, 0U

Minesugi, Kenji, 0U, 0X

Miniussi, Antoine R., 0Q, 2H

Miniutti, G., 1R

Minuti, Massimo, 4G

Mirabel, F., 2N

Mirc, Frédéri, 3I

Mirza, Irfan, 1E

Misra, Ranjeev, 1D

Mitchell, Alissa L., 1H

Mitchell, Jason W., 1H

Mitsuda, Kazuhisa, 0U, 0W, 0X, 0Y, 1N, 2J, 3N, 3O, 3P, 3Q, 3R, 3S, 3T, 3U, 3W

Mitsuishi, Ikuyuki, 0U, 0Y, 12, 1N, 3P, 3R, 3S, 3Z, 41, 71

Miuchi, K., 2M

Miyamoto, S., 2M, 2R

Miyaoka, Mikio, 3S

Miyazawa, Takuya, 0U, 0Z, 12, 3Y, 41

Mizumoto, T., 2M

Mizumura, Y., 2M

Mizuno, Tsunefumi, 0U, 11, 13, 1A

Mizushima, Satoshi, 0M

Mochizuki, B. A., 2Q

Mohammed, Jelila S., 1H

Mohan, Rekhesh, 1F

Molendi, S., 2K, 63

Molkov, S., 1J

Mondal, Chayan, 1F

Monroe, Charles A., 1H

Montel, Johan, 3I

Montt de Garcia, Kristina M., 1H

Moore, Christopher Samuel, 09

Morgan, Kelsey M., 0Q, 2H

Mori, Hideyuki, 0U, 0Z, 12, 3U, 3X, 3Y, 3Z, 41, 5D

Mori, Koji, 0U, 10

Mori, Kunishiro, 11, 13

Mori, Nicola, 6D

Moroso, Franco, 0U

Morselli, A., 2N

Morsink, S., 1R

Moseley, Harvey, 0U

Moseley, Samuel J., 3M, 3Q

Motch, C., 1R

Motta, S., 1R

Mouchet, M., 1R

Mouret, G., 1R

Muench, Theodore, 0U, 3O

Mukai, Koji, 0U

Mukerjee, Kallol, 1E

Mulačová, J., 1R

Mulé, Peter D., 1H

Muleri, Fabio, 17, 1R, 4G, 4H, 4I

Müller, Peter, 5N

Müller, Siegfried, 1K

Müller-Seidlitz, Johannes, 2C, 67

Muñoz-Darias, T., 1R

Murakami, Go, 3G

Murakami, Hiroshi, 0U, 0Y, 10

Murakami, Masahide, 0Y, 3P

Murakami, Toshio, 0U

Murthy, Jayant, 1F, 32, 39

Mushotzky, Richard, 0U, 4P N. P. S.,

Mithun, 1G, 4D

Nagabhushana, S., 1F

Nagano, Hosei, 0U, 12, 41

Nagao, Louis T., 1H Nagino, Ryo, 0U, 10

Najafiuchevler, Bahram, 46

Nakagawa, Takao, 0U Nakajima, Hiroshi, 0U, 10, 57

Nakamasu, Y., 2M

Nakamori, Takeshi, 0U, 11, 13, 1A Nakamura, Yasuo, 0X

Nakaniwa, Nozomi, 0Z, 3U, 3X, 3Y, 5D

Nakano, Toshio, 0U, 11, 13

Nakashima, Shinya, 0U

Nakayama, Satoshi, 2U

Nakazawa, Kazuhiro, 0U, 11, 13, 2N

Namba, Yoshiharu, 0U, 12, 41

Nandra, Kirpal, 1K, 2A, 2B, 4H, 4P

Nandy, Dibyendu, 03

Narasaki, Katsuhiro, 0X, 3S

Narukage, Noriyuki, 08, 3D

Nasser, G., 0J

Natsukari, Chikara, 0U, 0X, 10

Navalkar, Vinita, 1E

Negueruela, I., 1R

Neilsen, J., 1R

Neiner, Coralie, 2Y

Nell, Nicholas, 0A, 2V

Neubert, T., 1R

Ngo, Son N., 1H

Nicolosi, P., 3H

Nicot, Jean-Marc, 3I

Niemeyer, Jason, 6X

Nikzad, Shouleh, 34

Ninkov, Zoran, 05

Nirmal, K., 39

Nishioka, Yusuke, 0U, 10

Nitta, Kiyofumi, 3Z

Nobukawa, Kumiko K., 0U, 10

Nobukawa, Masayoshi, 0U, 10, 14

Noda, Hirofumu, 0U, 0Y, 11, 13, 3N, 3R, 3S

Nomachi, Masaharu, 0U

Noonan, John, 3J

Norris, Eric D., 1H

Norton, A. J., 1R

Norwood, Dwight A., 1H

Novotka, Joseph, 1H

Nowak, Michael A., 1R, 4P, 56

Nucita, A., 1R

Numata, Ai, 4X, 6X

Nuzzo, Flavio, 60

Obara, Shingo, 0X

Oberlack, U., 2N

O'Brien, Paul T., 1M, 1R, 1Y, 5F

Oda, M., 2M

Odaka, Hirokazu, 0U, 11, 13

O'Dell, Stephen L., 0U, 17, 1J, 1X

Oertel, M., 1R

Ogasaka, Yasushi, 12, 41

Ogawa, Hiroyuki, 0U

Ogawa, Mina, 0U, 0X, 0Y

Oger, R., 6C

Ogi, Keiji, 0U, 12, 41, 71

Ohashi, Takaya, 0U, 1N, 3P, 3R, 3S

Ohkuma, H., 2R

Ohno, Masanori, 0U, 11, 13

Ohta, Masayuki, 0U, 11, 13

Okajima, Takashi, 0U, 0Z, 12, 1H, 3U, 3X, 3Y, 3Z, 41, 4V, 4X, 5D

Okamoto, Atsushi, 0U, 0X, 3R, 3S

Okazaki, Tsuyoshi, 0U

Oleinikov, Vladimir, 51

Oliveira, Cristina, 2T

Olsen, Alf, 46

Olsen, Lawrence G., 0Z, 1H, 4X, 6X

Olsen, P. E. H., 1R

Olson, J., 2Q

Onyeachu, Chimaobi O., 1H

Orienti, M., 1R

Origné, A., 31

Orio, M., 1R

Orlandini, M., 1R

Orleanski, P., 1R

Orosco, Henry Y., 1H

Orsi, Silvio, 2P, 6D

Osborne, J. P., 1L, 1R, 1Y, 4L

Oscar, Adriani, 6D

Osten, R., 1R

Ota, Naomi, 0U, 0Y, 1N

Otnes Berge, Hans Kristian, 46

Otsuka, Kiyomi, 0X, 3S Ott, Sabine, 2C, 2D, 67

Ottensamer, Roland, 2D

Øya, Petter, 46

Ozaki, Masanobu, 0U, 10

Ozel, F., 1R

Ozimek, Martin T., 6B

Pacciani, L., 1R

Paerels, Frederik, 0U, 1R

Pahari, Mayukh, 1D

Påhlsson, Philip, 46

Palgan, T., 68

Paltani, Stéphane, 0U, 0Y, 1R, 3U, 61

Panchuk, Vladimir E., 2Z, 35, 37

Panda, Dipak K., 6G

Paolillo, M., 1R

Papadakis, I., 1R

Papitto, A., 1R

Pappas, C. G., 2H

Paragi, Z., 1R

Paredes, J. M., 1R

Pareschi, Giovanni, 23, 27, 5O, 74

Parker, Joel Wm., 3J

Parmar, Arvind, 0U

Parodi, G., 68

Pascal, S., 31

Patel, A. R., 4N, 6G

Pati, Ashok K., 1F

Patinge, A., 6G

Patruno, A., 1R

Paul, B., 1D, 1R

Pavlinsky, Mikhail, 1J, 1K, 50, 51

Pearce, Mark, 4H, 6D, 6E

Pearson, J. F., 1Y, 4L

Pederiva, F., 1R

Peille, Philippe, 2H, 5F, 5T, 5W, 64

Pellegrini, G., 4B

Pellizzoni, A., 1R

Penacchioni, A. V., 1R

Penton, Steven, 2T

Peplowski, Patrick N., 6B

Perea Abarca, Belén, 2Z, 30

Peretz, U., 1R

Perez, M. A., 1R

Perez-Torres, M., 1R

Perinati, E., 1R, 52, 65

Pérot, Etienne, 3I

Pertenais, Martin, 2Y

Pesce-Rollins, Melissa, 4G

Peterson, B. M., 1R

Peterson, Jacqualine R., 1H

Petit, Pascal, 2Y

Petit, S., 1Y

Petracek, V., 1R

Petre, Robert, 0U, 3U, 4P

Pevear, Kristina N., 1H

Peyré, J., 2N, 6C

Pfeffermann, Elmar, 1K

Pham, Karen K., 1H

Piano, G., 2N

Picciotto, A., 6I

Piemonte, C., 6I, 6J

Pietschner, Daniel, 1K, 2A, 2E

Pigot, C., 0S

Pilch, A., 68

Pinchera, Michele, 4G, 4H

Pinsard, F., 4L

Pinto, Ciro, 0U

Piro, Luigi, 2I, 2K, 5F, 5W, 5X, 5Y, 5Z, 63

Píš, Igor, 60, 66

Pittori, C., 1R, 2N

Plastinin, Jurii A., 3B

Plattner, Markus, 2A, 2D, 68

Plesha, Rachel, 2T

Plucinsky, Paul P., 44, 45

Pohl, Martin, 0U, 1R, 2P, 4Y, 6D, 6E

Poilleux, P., 2R

Pointecouteau, Etienne, 5W

Polak, S., 68

Pollard, Sue E., 1H

Pons, J., 1R

Pons, R., 0J

Pontius, James T., 0U, 0X

Pope, John S., 1H

Poppenhaeger, K., 4P

Poppett, Claire, 2W

Porro, Matteo, 2C

Portell, J., 1R

Porter, Frederick S., 0Q, 0U, 0W, 0X, 0Y, 2H, 3L, 3M, 3N, 3O, 3Q, 3S, 3T, 3U, 3W

Possenti, A., 1R

Postma, Joe, 1F

Postnov, K., 1R

Pottschmidt, Katja, 0U

Poutanen, Juri, 1R, 4H

Powers, Charles E., 1H

Powers, Daniel F., 1H

Prakash, Ajin, 32, 39

Prakash, M., 1R

Prandoni, I., 1R

Pratt, Gabriel W., 2B

Predehl, Peter, 1K

Prêle, D., 5U

Price, Samuel R., 1H

Prigozhin, Gregory Y., 1H, 1I, 4V, 4W

Probst, Anne-Catherine, 6V

Produit, N., 2P

Proffitt, Charles, 2T

Proserpio, Laura, 6V, 6Y, 70

Psaltis, D., 1R

Ptak, A., 4P

Puigdengoles, C., 4B

Purves, Lloyd, 05

Pye, J., 1R

Qi, Runze, 6Q

Qu, J., 1R

Quan, Zheng, 6D

Quijada, Manuel A., 0A

Quiret, S., 31

Raab, Walfried, 02

Rachevski, A., 1R, 6I, 6J

Rachmeler, Laurel A., 08

Raffanti, Rick, 3F

Rajarshi, Chaitanya, 03

Rambaud, D., 0J, 1R

Ramirez, Julian B., 1H

Ramon, Pascale, 0J, 1R

Ramaprakash, A. N., 03

Ramsay, G., 1R

Ramsey, Brian D., 0E, 0U, 17, 1J, 1V, 73

Rao, A. R., 1G, 4D

Rao, N. Kameswara, 1F

Rapin, D., 2P

Rapisarda, M., 1R

Rashevskaya, I., 1R, 6I, 6J

Rataj, M., 68

Rau, Arne, 2A, 2B, 5G

Rauly, E., 6C

Rauw, G., 61

Ravensberg, Kevin, 5S

Ray, Paul S., 1R, 4Y

Rea, N., 1R

Read, Andy, 02

Rebuffat, Denis, 02

Reddy, S., 1R

Reglero, Victor, 4H

Reichard, Karl, 0L

Reichel, Thomas, 47

Reid, Winston J., 1H

Reiffers, Jonas, 2D

Reig, P., 1R

Reina Aranda, M., 1R

Reintsema, Carl D., 0Q, 2H

Reiprich, Thomas H., 2B

Remillard, Ronald A., 1H, 1I, 1R, 4W

Renaud, Diana, 42

Renotte, Etienne, 2W, 2X

Reva, Anton A., 3B

Revnivtsev, M., 1J

Reynolds, Christopher, 0U, 1R

Rezzolla, L., 1R

Ribo, M., 1R

Richter, Rainer H., 67

Rider, Kodi, 2W

Riggio, A., 1R

Rignanese, L. P., 6I, 6J

Rios, A., 1R

Rischke, D. H., 1R

Riveros, Raul E., 1S, 21

Rizvanov, Artem A., 3B

Robberto, Massimo, 05

Robinson, David, 0Z

Robrade, Jan, 1K

Roche, J., 1V

Rochus, P., 2X

Rodriguez, J., 1R

Rodriguez, M., 0S

Rodríguez-Gil, P., 1R

Rogstad, Eric M., 1H

Rohlfs, R., 1R

Roman-Duval, Julia, 2T

Romani, Roger, 17

Romano, P., 1R

Romstedt, Jens, 02

Rosecrans, Glenn P., 1H

Rosier, P., 6C

Rossi, C., 5Y

Rossi, E. M. R., 1R

Rotin, Alexey, 1J, 50, 51

Rousseau, A., 1R

Roux, W., 3E

Rowe, John N., 1H

Różańska, Agatha, 1R, 2B

Rubini, Alda, 4G, 4H

Rudak, B., 1R

Runciman, Chris, 02

Russell, D. M., 1R

Russell, Helen, 0U

Rutczynska, A., 2P

Rutkowski, Kristin, 14

Ryan, James M., 2O, 6K

Rybka, D., 2P

Ryde, Felix, 1R, 6D

Ryu, K., 4C

Sabatini, S., 2N

Sabau, Maria Dolores, 4H

Sabau-Graziati, L., 1R

Sachkov, Mikhail, 04, 2Z, 30, 35, 36, 37

Sadamoto, Masaaki, 1A

Sadleir, John E., 0Q, 2H

Safi-Harb, Samar, 0U

Safonova, Margarita, 32, 39

Sager, Jennifer A., 1H

Saha, Timo T., 1S, 6X, 7A

Sahin, H., 0S

Sahnow, David J., 2T

Sahu, Snehalata, 1F

Saint-Hilaire, P., 2Q

Saito, Shinya, 0U, 11, 13

Saji, Shigetaka, 3Z

Sakai, Kazuhiro, 0Q, 0U, 1N, 2H, 2Q

Sakai, Shin-ichiro, 0U

Sakamoto, T., 1R

Sala, G., 1R

Salmaso, B., 23, 5O

Salvaterra, R., 1R

Salvato, Mara, 1K

Salvetti, D., 1R

Sameshima, Hiroaki, 0U

Sample, J., 2Q

Sandberg, J., 1R

Sanders, Claude A., 1H

Sanders, Jeremy S., 2B, 4P

Sankarasubramanian, Kasiviswanathan, 1F

Sanna, A., 1R

Santangelo, Andrea, 1K, 1R, 4H, 4Y, 52, 65

Santos, C., 6C

Sarbadhikari, A. Basu, 6G

Sargent, Andrew, 14

Sarpotdar, Mayuresh, 32, 39

Sasaki, Manami, 1K, 2B

Sasaki, Toru, 0U

Sato, Goro, 0U, 11, 13, 5C

Sato, Kosuke, 0U, 0W, 0Y, 3S, 3U, 3W

Sato, Rie, 0U, 11, 13

Sato, Toshiki, 0Z, 3U, 3X, 3Y, 3Z, 5D

Sato, Yoichi, 0U, 0X, 0Y, 3S

Sauvageot, J. L., 0S

Savadkin, Bruce, 1H

Savage, Sabrina, 73

Savolainen, T., 1R

Sawada, Makoto, 0U, 0W, 0X, 0Y, 14, 3S, 3T, 3U, 3W

Sawano, Tatsuya, 0M, 2M

Saylor, Maxine R., 1H

Sazonov, S., 1J

Scaringi, S., 1R

Schaeffer, Alexander F., 1H

Schaffner-Bielich, J., 1R

Schanne, Stephane, 1R, 4Y

Schanz, Thomas, 2D

Schartel, Norbert, 0U

Schattenburg, Mark L., 1X, 22, 4P, 73

Schatz, H., 1R

Schee, J., 1R

Scheuerle, Hartmut, 1K

Schiminovich, David, 31, 3I

Schindhelm, Eric, 3J

Schmid, C., 1R

Schmitt, Jürgen, 1K

Schmutz, W., 2X

Schneider, R., 1R

Schnell, Andrew, 4Y

Schnittman, J. D., 1R

Schofield, Mark J., 6X

Scholze, Frank, 1I, 47

Schouten, R. M., 5V

Schreiber, S., 5P

Schühle, U., 2X

Schulz, Norbert S., 4P, 56

Schweiss, Andrea N., 3Q

Schweiss, Nancy S., 1H

Schwenk, A., 1R

Schwope, Axel, 1K, 1R

Schyns, E., 1Y

Sciortino, Luisa, 60, 66

Sciortino, S., 61

Scott, Christopher J., 6B

Sedrakian, A., 1R

Seljak, Andrej, 3F

Sembay, Steve, 02

Semena, N., 1J, 50

Semeniouk, I., 2R

Semper, Sean R., 1H

Serbinov, D., 1J, 50

Serino, M., 1R

Serlemitsos, Peter J., 0U, 0Z, 1H, 3U, 3X, 5D

Seta, Hiromi, 0U, 0W, 0Y, 3S, 3T, 3U, 3W

Seyler, J.-Y., 1R

Sgrò, Carmelo, 4G, 4H

Shackelford, Larry V., 1H

Shah, Harshit, 1E

Shah, Parag, 1D

Shakura, N., 1R

Shanmugam, M., 4N

Sharma, Tejaswita, 6K

Sharpe, Marton V., 21, 6X

Shearer, A., 1R

Shen, Zhengxiang, 20

Shi, Dalian, 6D

Shi, H. L., 2P

Shibano, Yasuko, 0U

Shida, Maki, 0U

Shidatsu, Megumi, 0U

Shih, A. Y., 2Q

Shimada, Takanobu, 0U

Shimizu, Toshifumi, 2U

Shinozaki, Keisuke, 0U, 0Y, 2J, 3S

Shirazi, Farzane, 6L

Shirron, Peter J., 0U, 0Y, 3N, 3O, 3P, 3R, 3S

Shkolnik, Evgenya, 34

Shore, S., 1R

Shortt, Brian, 27, 5K, 5O, 5P, 76

Shourt, William Van, 0E, 38

Shukla, P., 4N

Shuman, S., 3M

Shustov, Boris, 04

Sichevskij, S., 36

Siegmund, Oswald H. W., 0A, 0D, 38, 3F

Simionescu, Aurora, 0U

Simmons, Cynthia, 0U

Sims, M., 1R

Singh, Kulinder Pal, 1E

Sizun, P., 2R

Skup, Konrad, 2D

Slowikowska, A., 1R

Smale, A., 4P

Smith, A., 1R

Smith, D. M., 1R, 2Q

Smith, P. J., 1R, 2X

Smith, Randall K., 0U, 4P

Smith, Stephen J., 0Q, 2H, 2I, 5S, 5T, 5W, 64

Smith, W. S., 1V

Sneiderman, Gary A., 0U, 0W, 0X, 0Y, 3N, 3O, 3S, 3U, 3W

Sobolewska, M., 1R

Sochora, V., 1R

Soffitta, Paolo, 17, 1R, 4G, 4H, 4I

Solanki, Sami K., 03

Soleri, P., 1R

Solly, Peter M., 1S, 7A

Solstad, Mathias, 76

Song, L. M., 1R, 2P

Sonnentrucker, Paule, 2T

Sonoda, S., 2M

Soong, Yang, 0U, 0Z, 1H, 3U, 3X, 4X, 5D

Sordet, M., 61

Soufflet, Fabrice, 0F

Spada, Francesca, 4G, 4H

Spandre, Gloria, 4G

Spanswick, Emma, 02

Spencer, A., 1R

Spiga, Daniele, 23, 27, 5O, 6R, 6W, 76

Spillantini, Piero, 6D

Sreedhar, Yuvraj Harsha, 1F

Sreejith, A. G., 32, 39

Sreekumar, P., 1F

Sreekumar, S., 1G

Srinivas, A. R., 4N

Sriram, S., 03, 1F

Stalin, Chelliah S., 1F

Stamerra, A., 1R

Stappers, B., 1R

Staubert, R., 1R

Stawarz, Łukasz, 0U, 2N

Steenari, David, 46

Stefanescu, A., 26

Steffl, Andrew, 3J

Stein, Timo A., 46

Steiner, A. W., 1R

Stella, Luigi, 1R, 4Y

Steller, Manfred, 2D

Štĕpán, Jiri, 08

Stergioulas, N., 1R

Stern, S. Alan, 3J

Stevens, A. L., 1R

Stevenson, Thomas R., 0Q

Stewart, Gordon C., 1E

Stockman, Yvan, 2W

Stollenwerk, Manfred, 6V

Stratta, G., 1R

Strecker, Rafael, 2A

Strohmayer, T. E., 1R

Struebel, Jonathan, 1H

Stuchlik, Z., 1R

Stutz, Stefan, 0F

Su, Meng, 6D, 6E

Subramaniam, Annapurni, 1F

Subramanian, K. P., 4N

Suchy, S., 1R

Suematsu, Yoshinori, 08, 3D

Sugawara, Yasuharu, 0U

Sugita, Hiroyuki, 0U, 0X, 0Y, 3S

Sugita, Satoshi, 0U, 0Z, 12, 3U, 41, 71

Suleimanov, V., 1R

Sun, J. C., 2P

Sun, Xin, 6D

Suntharalingam, V., 4C

Sunyaev, Rashid, 1J, 1K

Surdo, Antonio, 6D

Sutaria, Firoza, 1F

Suzuki, Fumiharu, 3G

Suzuki, S., 1N

Suzuki, Yoshio, 12, 41

Swanson, Jack, 2V

Swartz, D., 1J

Swetz, Daniel S,, 0Q, 2H

Sykes, Jon M., 02, 4L

Szabelski, J., 2P

Szymkowiak, Andrew E., 0U, 0W, 0Y, 3L, 3N, 3U, 3W

Tachibana, Kenji, 0Z

Tachibana, Sasagu, 3Z

Tagliaferri, Giampiero, 4H

Tajima, Hiroyasu, 0U, 11, 13

Tajima, Takao, 2U

Takada, A., 2M

Takahashi, Hiromitsu, 0U, 11, 13, 14, 1A

Takahashi, Tadayuki, 0E, 0U, 0X, 11, 13, 1R, 5C

Takeda, Sawako, 3T

Takeda, Shin'ichiro, 0E, 0U, 11, 13, 5C

Takei, Yoh, 0U, 0W, 0X, 0Y, 1N, 3N, 3O, 3Q, 3R, 3S, 3U, 3W

Takemoto, A., 2R

Takemura, T., 2M

Talebi, Jahanzad, 46

Tamagawa, Toru, 0U, 0Y, 3S

Tambov, V., 50

Tamburini, F., 1R

Tamura, H., 1R

Tamura, Keisuke, 0U, 0Z, 12, 3Y, 41

Tamura, Takayuki, 0U

Tanaka, Takaaki, 0U, 10, 13

Tanaka, Yasuo, 0U

Tanaka, Yasuyuki, 0U, 13

Tandon, Shyam N., 1F

Tanimori, T., 2M

Tapie, Pierre, 3I

Tashiro, Makoto S., 0U, 0W, 0Y, 3S, 3T, 3U, 3W

Tatischeff, V., 2N, 6C

Tauris, T., 1R

Tavani, M., 2N

Tavecchio, F., 1R

Tawara, Yuzuru, 0U, 0Z, 12, 1N, 3U, 41, 71

Tayabaly, K., 5O

Taylor, Joanna, 2T

Tedesco, J., 0D

Temi, P., 4P

Tennant, Allyn, 17

Tenzer, Christopher, 1K, 1R, 2D, 4H, 52, 65

Terada, Yukitatsu, 0U, 0Y, 11, 13, 14, 3T

Terashima, Yuichi, 0U

Theobald, Craig, 4H

Theodorou, Theodorus, 4H

Thielemann, F. K., 1R

Thomas, Chris, 2D

Thompson, D. J., 2N

Thornhill, Julian, 02

Thorpe, Rosemary S., 3Q

Tiengo, Andrea, 1R, 6W

Tiwari, Neeraj K., 4N

Tkachenko, A., 1J

Tolos, L., 1R

Tombesi, Francesco, 0U, 1R

Tomida, Hiroshi, 0U, 10

Tomono, D., 2M

Tomsick, John A., 1R, 6P

Torok, G., 1R

Torras-Rosell, Antoni, 5K

Torrejon, J. M., 1R

Torrentó, A.-S., 6C

Torres, D. F., 1R

Torresi, E., 1R

Torrioli, G., 2K, 5X

Tourrette, Thierry, 0F, 4L

Tramacere, A., 1R

Traub, Wesley, 34

Traulsen, I., 1R

Treberspurg, Wolfgang, 2C, 67

Treis, Johannes, 67

Tremsin, Anton, 3F

Tripathi, Durgesh, 03

Trois, A., 1R

Trujillo-Bueno, Javier, 08, 3D

Tsavalas, John G., 6L

Tsuboi, Yohko, 0U, 5E

Tsujimoto, Masahiro, 0U, 0W, 0Y, 3N, 3S, 3T, 3U, 3W

Tsunematsu, Shoji, 0X, 3P, 3S

Tsunemi, Hiroshi, 0U, 10, 57

Tsuru, Takeshi Go, 0U, 10

Turin, Paul, 0E

Turolla, R., 1R

Turriziani, S., 1R

Typel, S., 1R

Uchida, Hiroyuki, 0U, 10

Uchiyama, Hideki, 0U, 11, 13

Uchiyama, Yasunobu, 0U, 11, 13

Ueda, Shutaro, 0U, 10

Ueda, Yoshihiro, 0U

Ueno, Shiro, 0U

Uesugi, Kentaro, 12, 41

Ullán, M., 4B

Ullom, Joel N., 0Q, 2H

Ulyanov, A., 2N

Uno, Shin'ichiro, 0U

Urry, Meg, 0U

Ursino, Eugenio, 0U

Uruga, Tomoya, 3Z

Uslenghi, M., 2K, 6I

Uter, P., 1R

Uttley, P., 1R

v. Kienlin, Andreas, 1K

Vacanti, Giuseppe, 27, 5N

Vacchi, A., 1R, 6I, 6J

Vadawale, Santosh V., 1G, 4D, 4N, 6G

Valencic, L., 4P

Valenziano, L., 62

Vallerga, John, 0D, 3F

Valsecchi, Giuseppe, 27

van Baren, Coen, 1R, 27

van der Klis, Michiel, 1R, 4Y

van der Kuur, Jan, 2H, 2I, 5R, 5S, 5T, 5V

van der Linden, A. J., 5S

van Leeuwen, B.-J., 2I, 5R

van Weers, Henk, 2I, 2J

Varner, Gary, 3F

Varniere, P., 1R

Vasisht, Gautam, 34

Vassal, Marie-Cécile, 0F

Vaughan, Simon, 1R, 2B

Vecchi, G., 23, 78

Verbeeck, C., 2X

Vercellone, S., 1R

Vernani, Dervis, 27

Vezie, Michael L., 1H, 1I

Vibhute, Ajay M., 1G

Vietri, M., 1R

Vievering, Juliana, 0E

Vikhlinin, Alexey, 0Q

Villasenor, Joel S., 1H, 1I

Vincent, F. H., 1R

Vink, Jacco, 4H

Virta, Vihtori, 3F

Vishnyakov, Eugene A., 3B

Vishwakarma, S., 1E

Voisin, F., 5U

Vola, Pascal, 3I

Von Ballmoos, Peter, 2N, 6P

Voronkov, S., 1J

Vrba, V., 1R

Wada, Atsushi, 0U, 0X

Wade, Colin, 6P

Waegebaert, V., 0J

Wakeham, Nicholas A., 0Q, 2H

Walk, S. J., 1R

Walter, Roland, 2N, 6D, 6E

Walton, D., 1R

Wampler-Doty, Matthew P., 4V

Wang, Bo, 6D

Wang, Chi, 02

Wang, Haifeng, 20

Wang, Junjing, 1R, 6D

Wang, Kun, 20

Wang, Le, 6D

Wang, Ruijie, 2P, 6D

Wang, S., 2R

Wang, Xiaoqiang, 20

Wang, Z., 1R

Wang, Zhanshan, 20, 6Q, 7E

Wang, Zhigang, 6D

Wanlin, E., 6C

Wassell, Edward J., 0Q, 2H

Watanabe, Shin, 0E, 0U, 11, 13, 1R, 5C

Watanabe, Tomomi, 0U, 0W, 3L, 3M, 3Q, 3T, 3U, 3W

Watts, Anna, 1R, 4Y

Wawrzaszek, R., 1R

Webb, N., 1R

Webster, Chris, 34

Wei, Zhenbo, 7E

Weinberg, N., 1R

Weisskopf, Martin C., 17, 4H

Wen, Mingwu, 6V, 6Y

Wen, X., 2P

Wende, H., 1R

Werner, Norbert, 0U

Westergaard, Niels J., 5O, 76

Wheatley, P., 1R

White, James, 2T

Wielders, Arno, 02

Wijers, R., 1R

Wijnands, R., 1R

Wik, Daniel, 0U

Wild, Christopher, 0F

Wilke, Paul, 0X

Wilkins, Dan, 0U

Wille, Eric, 26, 27, 29, 5N, 5O

Wille, M., 1R

Williams, Brian, 0U

Willingale, R., 1L, 1Y, 4L, 4P

Wilms, Jörn, 1K, 1R, 2B, 4P, 5F, 5G, 5T, 5W, 64

Wilson, Jacob, 2V

Wilson-Hodge, Colleen A., 1R, 4Y

Winebarger, Amy R., 08, 3D, 73

Winter, Berend, 1R, 4H, 4Y

Winternitz, Luke B., 1H

Wishnow, Edward, 38

Witthoeft, Michael, 14

Wofford, George I., 1H Wolk, S., 4P

Wong, Emily N., 6L

Wood, K., 1R

Woods, Thomas N., 09

Woosley, S. E., 1R

Wright, Alex M., 6K

Wright, Graham, 22

Wright, Michael R., 1H

Wu, Bobing, 2P, 6D

Wu, X., 1R

Wu, Xin, 2N, 6D, 6E

Xiao, H. L., 2P

Xiong, S. L., 2P

Xu, H. H., 2P

Xu, Ming, 2P, 6D

Xu, R., 1R

Yadav, J. S., 1D

Yamada, Shinya, 0U, 0W, 0X, 0Y, 1N, 3S, 3T, 3U, 3W

Yamada, Takahiro, 0U

Yamaguchi, Hiroya, 0U, 14

Yamaguchi, M., 2R

Yamamoto, R., 1N

Yamaoka, Kazutaka, 0U, 11, 13

Yamasaki, Noriko Y., 0U, 0X, 0Y, 1N, 2J, 3Q, 3R, 3S, 3U, 3W

Yamauchi, Makoto, 0U, 10

Yamauchi, Shigeo, 0U, 12, 41

Yan, Peng, 6D

Yang, Mike Y., 1H

Yang, Yang, 6Q

Yanson, Alexei, 27

Yao, Youwei, 22

Yaqoob, Tahir, 0U, 14

Yaroshenko, Valeri, 1K

Yaskovich, A., 1J

Yasuda, Susumu, 0X

Yatsu, Yoichi, 0U, 0Y, 11, 13, 3S

Yonetoku, Daisuke, 0M, 0U, 13, 1A

Yoneyama, Tomokage, 1A

Yoon, Wonsik, 0Q, 2H

Yoshida, Atsumasa, 0U

Yoshida, Kazuki, 0M

Yoshida, Masaki, 08

Yoshida, Seiji, 0X, 3N, 3O, 3P, 3Q, 3R, 3S

Yoshikawa, Ichiro, 3G

Yoshikawa, K., 2M

Yoshikawa, Shun, 3Y

Yoshinaga, Keigo, 1A

Yoshioka, Kazuo, 3G

Yoshioka, Kenya, 71

Young, C. Alex, 6B

Yu, W., 1R

Yu, Wayne H., 1H

Yuan, F., 1R

Yuan, W., 1R

Yuan, Y., 1R

Yuasa, Takayuki, 0U, 11, 13

Yushkin, Maksim, 2Z, 35, 37

Zampa, G., 1R, 6I, 6J

Zampa, N., 1R, 6I, 6J

Zampieri, L., 1R

Zane, Silvia, 1R, 4H, 4Y

Zanetti, Davide, 4H

Zavlin, V., 1J

Zdunik, L., 1R

Zdziarski, A., 1R, 2N, 6E

Zech, A., 1R

Zenone, Isabelle, 3I

Zhang, Aibing, 02

Zhang, B., 1R

Zhang, C., 1R

Zhang, L. Y., 2P

Zhang, Li, 2P, 6D

Zhang, S., 1R

Zhang, Shuangnan, 1R, 2P, 6D

Zhang, William W., 1S, 21, 6X, 7A

Zhang, X. F., 2P

Zhang, Y. J., 2P

Zhang, Zhong, 20, 6Q

Zhao, Jun, 3L

Zheng, Jianhua, 02

Zhuravleva, Irina, 0U

Zingale, M., 1R

Zoghbi, Abderahmen, 0U

Zoglauer, A., 2N, 2Q

Zorzi, N., 6I, 6J

Zuknik, Karl-Heinz, 27

Zuo, Heng, 22

Zuppella, P., 3H

Zwart, F., 1R

Zwolinska, A., 2P

Conference Committee

Symposium Chairs

  • Colin Cunningham, UK Astronomy Technology Centre (United Kingdom)

    Masanori Iye, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (Japan)

Symposium Co-chairs

  • Allison A. Barto, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation (United States)

    Suzanne K. Ramsay, European Southern Observatory (Germany)

Conference Chairs

  • Jan-Willem A. den Herder, SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research (Netherlands)

    Tadayuki Takahashi, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Japan)

    Marshall Bautz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States)

Conference Program Committee

  • Hisamitsu Awaki, Ehime University (Japan)

    Didier Barret, Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie (France)

    Marcos Bavdaz, European Space Research and Technology Centre (Netherlands)

    Angela Bazzano, INAF - Istituto di Astrofisica e Planetologia Spaziale (Italy)

    Steven E. Boggs, University of California, Berkeley (United States)

    João Braga, Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (Brazil)

    Jin Chang, Purple Mountain Observatory (China)

    Marco Feroci, INAF - Istituto di Fisica dello Spazio Interplanetario (Italy)

    Luigi Gallo, Saint Mary's University (Canada)

    Neil A. Gehrels, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (United States)

    James C. Green, University of Colorado at Boulder (United States)

    Fiona Harrison, California Institute of Technology (United States)

    Margarita Hernanz, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Spain)

    Caroline A. Kilbourne, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (United States)

    Olivier Limousin, CEA-Centre de SACLAY (France)

    Hironori Matsumoto, Nagoya University (Japan)

    Mark L. McConnell, The University of New Hampshire (United States)

    Kazuhiro Nakazawa, The University of Tokyo (Japan)

    Kirpal Nandra, Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik (Germany)

    Shouleh Nikzad, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (United States)

    Takaya Ohashi, Tokyo Metropolitan University (Japan)

    Giovanni Pareschi, INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera (Italy)

    Biswajit Paul, Raman Research Institute (India)

    Mikhail N. Pavlinsky, Space Research Institute (Russian Federation)

    Paul S. Ray, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (United States)

    Vincent Tatischeff, Institut National de Physique Nucléaire et de Physique des Particules (France)

    Hiroshi Tsunemi, Osaka University (Japan)

    Martin C. Weisskopf, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (United States)

    Richard Willingale, University of Leicester (United Kingdom)

    Jörn Wilms, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany)

    Shuangnan Zhang, Institute of High Energy Physics (China)

Session Chairs

  • 1 Solar/UV I

    Shouleh Nikzad, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (United States)

  • 2 Solar/UV II

    Marshall Bautz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States)

  • 3 Solar/UV III

    Shuangnan Zhang, Institute of High Energy Physics (China)

  • 4 Detector I

    Caroline A. Kilbourne, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (United States)

  • 5 NASA Mission Studies: Joint Session with Conferences 9904 and 9905

    Mario R. Perez, NASA Headquarters (United States)

  • 6 Detector II

    Mikhail N. Pavlinsky, Space Research Institute (Russian Federation)

  • 7 ASTRO-H I

    Marshall Bautz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States)

  • 8 ASTRO-H II

    Takaya Ohashi, Tokyo Metropolitan University (Japan)

  • 9 Polarization

    Margarita Hernanz, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Spain)


    Marshall Bautz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States)

  • 11 NICER

    Marco Feroci, INAF - Istituto di Fisica dello Spazio Interplanetario (Italy)

  • 12 SRG

    Marco Feroci, INAF - Istituto di Fisica dello Spazio Interplanetario (Italy)

  • 13 New Missions

    Kazuhiro Nakazawa, The University of Tokyo (Japan)

  • 14 Optics I

    Marcos Bavdaz, European Space Research and Technology Centre (Netherlands)

  • 15 Optics II

    Giovanni Pareschi, INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera (Italy)

  • 16 ATHENA I

    Richard Willingale, University of Leicester (United Kingdom)

  • 17 ATHENA II

    Marcos Bavdaz, European Space Research and Technology Centre (Netherlands)


    Kirpal Nandra, Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik (Germany)

  • 19 Gamma

    Margarita Hernanz, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Spain)

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"Front Matter: Volume 9905", Proc. SPIE 9905, Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2016: Ultraviolet to Gamma Ray, 990501 (15 September 2016); doi: 10.1117/12.2240597; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2240597

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