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26 July 2016 Novel multi-telescopes beam combiners for next generation instruments (FIRST/SUBARU)
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Integrated optic devices are nowadays achieving extremely good performances in the field of astronomical interferometry, as shown by PIONIER or GRAVITY silica/silicon-based instruments, already installed at VLTI. In order to address other wavelengths, increase the number of apertures to be combined and eventually ensure on-chip phase modulation, we are working on a novel generation of beam combiners, based on the hybridization of glass waveguides, that can ensure very sharp bend radius, high confinement and low propagation losses, together with lithium niobate phase modulators and channel waveguides that can achieve on-chip, fast (<100kHz) phase modulation. The work presented here has been realized in collaboration with our technological partners TeemPhotonics for glass waveguides and iXBlue-PSD for lithium niobate phase modulators. We will present our results on a hybrid glass/niobate (passive/active) beam combiner that has been developed in the context of FIRST/SUBARU 9T beam combiner. The combiner is structured in three parts: a) the first stage (passive glass) achieves beam splitting from one input to eight outputs, and that for nine input fibers coming from the sub-apertures of the Subaru telescope; b) the second stage consists on a 72 channel waveguides lithium niobate phase modulator in a push-pull configuration that allows to modify on-chip the relative phase between the 36 pairs of waveguides; c) a final recombination system of Y-junctions (passive glass) that allows to obtain combination of each input to every other one. The aim of this presentation is to discuss different issues of the combiners, such as transmission, birefringence, half-wave voltage modulation and spectral range.
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G. Martin, T. Pugnat, F. Gardillou, C. Cassagnettes, D. Barbier, C. Guyot, J. Hauden, E. Huby, and S. Lacour "Novel multi-telescopes beam combiners for next generation instruments (FIRST/SUBARU)", Proc. SPIE 9907, Optical and Infrared Interferometry and Imaging V, 990738 (26 July 2016);

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