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Fantano, Louis G., 19, 73

Fanteï-Caujolle, Y., 0U

Fantinel, D., 1A, 3H

Farah, Alejandro S., 5O, 5Q

Farcas, Szigfrid, 1G

Fariña, Cecilia, 1G, 8R

Farinato, J., 32

Farisato, G., 3H

Farrell, Tony, 9O

Farrow, Daniel, 1H, 1I

Fasola, G., 48

Feautrier, P., 1Z, AB

Fechner, T., 4A

Feeney, Michael, 5M

Feger, Tobias, 6K, 76

Fehlmann, Andre, 4D

Feiz, C., 12, 90

Feldt, Markus, 20, 34

Feltzing, Sofia, 1O

Femenía Castellá, Bruno, 0Q

Fenemore-Jones, G., 11

Ferayorni, Andrew, 5A

Fernández, Enrique, 0Z

Fernández, M., 12

Fernández, Patricia, 1J, 8Z

Fernandez Acosta, Sergio, 4Q

Fernández Cáceres, J. Israel, 4Q

Fernandez-Valdivia, J. J., 0M

Ferrand, Didier, 1M

Ferraro-Wood, Vanessa, 1X

Ferreira, Décio, 1M, 82

Ferro, I. M., 12

Ferrusca R., D., 1K, 7Y

Ferruzzi, Debora, 39, 7R

Feuchtgruber, Helmut, 0G, 3F

Figueira, P., 23

Figueroa, Liliana, 5O, 5Q

Finger, Gert, 0D, 1X, 3H, 9I

Fini, L., 1A, 6C

Finkelstein, Steve, 1H

Finoguenov, Alexis, 1O

Fischer, Andreas, 4F, 4H, 4N

Fischer, Christian, 2D

Fischer, D., 6T

Fisher, Martin, 23, 6F

Fitzgerald, Greg J., 1L

Fitzgerald, Michael P., 05, 2R, 35, 36, 37, 3A

Fitzgerald, Roger, 93

Fitzpatrick, Mike, 2C

Fitzsimmons, Joeleff, A5

Fitzsimons, Ewan, 24, 9J, 9S

Fixsen, D. J., 0S

Flagey, Nicolas, 9C

Flaugher, Brenna, 7X, 8C, 8D

Fleury, Michel, 6F

Flores, H., 9P

Flores, Mauricio, 8E

Flores-Meza, Rubén A., 0P

Follert, Roman, 0I

Follette, Katherine B., 37

Fontaine, Gérard, 2H

Fordham, B., 1Y, 2X

Fors, Octavi, 0W

Forsberg, Pontus, 0Q

Förster Schreiber, N., 1Z

Fosalba, Pablo, 0Z

Foster, Jeff, 22, A2

Foster, Rick, 14

Fourie, Pieter A., 27, 3Y

Fournier, Paul, 7G

Franzen, R., 41

Frebel, Anna, 22, A2

Freeman, D., 9T

Fressin, F., 0U

Frey, Steffen, 1O, 7V

Friberg, Per, 07

Frommeyer, Raymond, 4Q

Froning, Cynthia, A3, A4

Fruth, T., 0U

Fuentes-Fernández, Jorge, 0P, 5O, 5P, 5Q

Fuhrmeister, B., 12

Fukue, Kei, 5Z, 79

Fumi, Fabio, 2D

Funk, Stefan, 48, 4H

Fűrész, Gábor, 14, 6J, 7G, AA

Fusco, Thierry, 1X, 3D

Füßling, Matthias, 2H

Fynbo, J. P. U., 23, 41

Gabriel, Jean-Francois, 8U, 8Y

Gaessler, Wolfgang, 1O

Gaggstatter, Tim, 4Q

Galadí, D., 12

Galeros, John, 5U

Galipienzo, Julio, 1L

Gallardo, I., 12

Gallego Maestro, Jesús, 0P, 1K, 1L, 7Y, 85, 86, 8S

Galli, A., 1A

Gallie, Angus M., 1X

Gallo, Giuseppe, 8C, 8D

Galvéz-Ortiz, M. C., 12

Galvin, Michael, 0O

Gal-Yam, A., 41

Gamble, Trevor, 0Y

Ganesh, Rajagopalan, 5F

Gao, Xiaofeng, 3F

Garcés, Eduardo, 4B

Garcés Medina, José Leonardo, 0P

García, M., 1K

García-Bellido, Juan, 0Z

Garcia Dabo, Cesar Enrique, 0F

García-Lorenzo, Begoña, 1X, 9U

García-Piquer, A., 12

García-Rojas, J., 1K

García Vargas, María Luisa, 12, 1K, 40, 8S

Gardiol, D., 41

Garner, Alan, 1L, 4Q

Garrido, R., 12

Garzón López, Francisco, 0P, 1J, 1L, 8Z

Gaudi, B. Scott, 19

Gaulme, Patrick, 3M

Gauron, Thomas, 22, 5U, A2

Gaweda, J., 4K

Gaztañaga, Enrique, 0Z

Ge, Jian, 6I

Geary, John C., 46

Gebhardt, Karl, 1H, 80

Gee, Wilfred T., 5V

Geelhoed, Joost, 6F

Gehrels, Neil A., 3I

Geier, Stefan, 4Q

Geis, Norbert, 2D

Gendron, E., 1Z

Gennaro, Mario, 4Z, 8V

Genoni, Matteo, 6Z, 72

Genzel, R., 0G, 1Z

George, Elizabeth, M., 0G, 3F

Gerakis, J., 0U

Gerarts, Andreas, 4Q

Gers, Luke, 18, 88

Gershkovich, Irena, 7X, 92

Gesa, L., 12

Geuer, L., 6O

Ghedina, Adriano, 1A, 2T, 6C, 7K

Ghinassi, F., 1A

Giacobbe, Paolo, 57

Giannone, Domenico, 1O, 4A

Giarrusso, Marina, 7K

Giavitto, Gianluca, 2H

Gibson, Neale, 2B

Gibson, Steven R., 70

Giebels, Berrie, 2H

Giebink, Cynthia, 4D

Gigante-Ripoll, José Vicente, 1X, 9U

Gilbank, David, 27

Gilbert, James, 1G, 7U

Gil de Paz, Armando, 1K, 7Y, 85, 86, 8S

Gillingham, Peter R., 1F, 1Q, 51

Gimeno, German, 2S

Giordano, Ch., 0T

Girard, Julien H., 0Q, 34, 3D, 3H

Giro, E., 3H, 41

Gironnet, J., 48

Glasse, Alistair, 20, 23

Glauser, Adrian M., 20, 3F

Glazebrook, Karl, 51

Glenday, Alex, A2

Glicenstein, Jean-François, 2H

Glindemann, Andreas, 0G, 3F

Glück, M., 1Z

Goessl, C., 44

Golebiowski, Mirek, 1M, 8U, 8Y, 93

Golub, Leon, 5U

Gómez, José María, 1L

Gómez-Álvarez, P., 1K

Gómez Galera, V., 12

Gómez González, Carlos A., 0Q

Gonçalves, Ivan, 0U, 3M

Gong, Qian, 6P, 7H

Gonzalez, C., 1A

Gonzalez, Manuel, 1A, 7K

Gonzalez, Oscar, 2B

González-Delgado, R., 1K

González-Fernández, C., 1J

González Hernández, Jonay I., 12, 64, 6F

Gonzáles Herrera, Juan Carlos, 1T

González Peinado, R., 12

Gonzalez Solares, Eduardo, 1G

Good, John M., 1H, 1I

Goodsell, Stephen, 2J

Goodwin, Michael, 5E, 9O

Gouvret, C., 0U

Gräber, Tobias, 2H

Gräff, D., 0G

Graham, J. A., 48

Graham, James R., 2I, 36, 38

Granados, F., 85

Grandmont, Frédéric J., 29

Grañena, Ferràn, 0Z, 4G

Gratadour, D., 1Z, 9P

Gratton, Raffaele, 1A, 34, 3D, 3H

Gray, Peter, 1T

Greenbaum, Alexandra Z., 37, 38

Greene, Jenny E., 1M

Greenshaw, T., 48

Gregory, Scott B., 5A

Greimel, R., 1Z

Gribbin, Frank, 1G

Grieves, Nolan, 6I

Griffin, M., 0S

Grill, M., 6O

Grobler, Deon S., 18

Groff, Tyler D., 0O

Groot, Paul, 4L

Gross, Johannes, 1M

Gross, Simon, 0R, 5E, 6K, 76

Grözinger, U., 12

Grunhut, Jason, 0I

Grupp, Frank, 1Z, 44, 5W, 63, 64

Gu, Bozhong, 51

Guàrdia, J., 12, 65

Güçsav, B. Bülent, 5I

Güdel, Manuel, 20

Guenther, E. W., 12

Guerra, José, 1A, 1G

Guerra, Juan Carlos, 3D

Guichard, J., 1K

Guidolin, Ivan Maria, 9I

Guillot, T., 0U

Guinouard, Isabelle, 1G, 95

Gully-Santiago, Michael, 0C

Gunn, James E., 1M, 81, 82, 8U, 8Y, 93

Gurevich, Y. V., 7H

Gutcke, T., 6O

Guth, Giora, 5U

Gutierrez, Gaston, 8C, 8D

Guver, Tolga, 5I

Guyon, Olivier, 0O, 0R, 5V, 76

Guzmán, Dani, 22, 4B

Guzmán, R., 1K

Guzman, Ronald, 9I

Habraken, Serge, 0Q

Haddow, G., 11

Haehnelt, M., 23

Haffert, S. Y., 67

Hagen, H.-J., 12, 65

Haimerl, Andreas, 0I

Halbgewachs, Clemens, 4F, 4H, 4N

Hale, David, 5M

Hall, Richard, 6F

Hall, Zachary J., 6M

Halverson, Samuel P., 62, 6P, 71, 7H

Hamano, Satoshi, 5Z, 79

Hameau, B., 48

Hamilton, Ryan T., 0B

Hammer, Francois, 24, 9J, 9P, 9S

Hammersley, Peter, 0P, 1J, 1L, 1T, 1X

Hammond, Randolph, 1M

Hams, Thomas, 3I

Hamuy, M., 41

Han, Jian, 7E

Haniff, C., 23

Hanna, Kevin, 2S, 4Q

Hänsch, Theodor W., 64

Hansen, C. J., 23

Hao, Lei, 80

Harakawa, Hiroki, AE

Harding, Albert, 1M

Hare, Tyson, 1U, 22, 9M, A2

Harris, R. J., 6O

Hart, John, 1Y, 2X, 9F

Hart, Murdock, 1M, 8U, 8Y, 93

Hartl, M., 0G, 1Z

Harutyunyan, A., 1A

Hasegawa, Sunao, 3W

Hashiba, Yasuhito, 28, 2G, 2M

Hattori, Takashi, 06, 28, 2M

Hatzes, Artie, P., 0I, 12, 23

Hau, G., 0G

Haubitz-Reinke, Christian, 3O

Haug, M., 1Z

Haupt, Christoph, 1T

Hauschildt, P. H., 12

Häuser, M., 1Z

Häußler, Boris, 9Y

Hawley, Suzanne, 5H

Hayano, Yutaka, 1W, 2M, A1, A8, AE

Hayashi, Masahiko, 0O

Hayati, Mahmoud, 8E

Haynes, Dionne M., 1H, 1I, 8I

Haynes, Roger, 1O, 4A, 8I

Hearty, Frederick R., 19, 62, 6P, 71, 73, 7H

Heckman, Timothy M., 1M, 4Z

Heeren, P., 6O

Heetderks, Henry D., 92

Hegwer, Steve L., 5A

Heidecke, Frank, 4F, 4H, 4N

Heiter, Ulrike, 0I

Hellickson, Tim, 14

Hellickson, Timothy, AA

Helmi, Amina, 1O

Helmling, J., 12, 65, 6B

Hempfling, C., 4O

Hénault, François, 3S

Henderson, Chuck, 3Q

Henderson, Todd, 6X

Hendricks, Malcolm, 27

Hennawi, J., 1Z

Henning, T., 12

Henry, David, 0Y, 1X, 3F

Herbst, T. M., 0N, 2Y

Herlevich, Michael D., 4Q

Hermann, D., 12

Hernández, Carles, 0Z

Hernandez, E., 4A

Hernandez, N., 1A

Hernández Arabí, R., 12

Hernández Castaño, L., 12, 65, 6B

Hernandez Diaz, Marcos, 1A, 7K

Hernández Hernando, F., 12, 6B

Hernández-Sánchez, Mónica, 2O

Hernández Sánchez, William Miguel, 4Q

Hernández Suárez, Elvio, 1X, 9U

Herald, N., 1Y, 2X

Herrero, A., 1K

Herrero, E., 12

Herreros, José Miguel, 1G, 1X, 9U

Herriot, Glen, A5, A9, AD

Hertz, Edward, 5U

Hervet, O., 48

Hess, H.-J., 1Z, 44

Hetlage, Christian, 2K, 2L, 6N

Hibon, Pascale, 0F, 2S

Hidaka, N., 48

Hildebrand, D., 4O

Hill, Alexis, A5

Hill, B., 5C

Hill, Gary J., 1H, 1I, 3O, 4C, 80

Hill, John M., 3C

Hill, Vanessa, 1G

Hilyard, David, 54

Hinkley, Sasha, 3F

Hinterschuster, Renate, 0I, 66, 9I

Hinton, James, 2H, 48

Hinz, Philip M., 0Q, 19, 3C

Hirata, Christopher M., 1M

Hnat, Kirby, 4D

Ho, Paul T. P., 07, 1M

Hodapp, K., 44

Hönle, Rainer, 2D

Hörler, Philipp, 92

Hofferbert, R., 0N, 1Z

Holzwarth, Ronald, 64

Honscheid, Klaus, 7P, 7W, 7X

Hope, Stephen C., 1M, 8Y, 93

Hopp, Ulrich, 1Z, 44, 5W, 63

Hörmann, V., 1Z

Horton, A. J., 4A

Houghton, Ryan C. W., 1X, 9Y

Hovland, Larry, 1M

Howard, Andrew W., 70

Hsu, Shu-Fu, 1M, 81

Hu, Shao Ming, 5W

Hu, Yen-Sang, 1M, 28, 2G, 46, 81, 82

Hu, Zhongwen, 1P

Huang, Ping-Jie, 1M, 46, 81, 82

Huber, A., 12

Huber, H., 0G

Huber, K. F., 12

Huber, Stefan, 0F

Hubert, Z., 1Z

Hubin, Norbert, 0F, 3H

Huby, Elsa, 0Q

Huehnerhoff, Joseph, 5H

Huélamo, N., 1K

Huet, J.M., 48

Hughes, D. H., 1K

Hughes, G., 4O

Hugot, Emmanuel, 3D

Huke, P., 12, 23

Hummel, Christian, 0D, 2B

Hung, Li-Wei, 36, 37, 3A

Hurtado, Norma, 20

Hurteau, Tom, 2C

Hwang, Narae, 0C

Hygelund, John, 6X

Ichikawa, Takashi, 3J

Ichiki, Makoto, 3P

Iglesias-Páramo, Jorge, 1K, 7Y, 85, 86, 8S

Ikeda, Shiro, 3P

Ikeda, Yuji, 5Z, 75, 79

Ikenoue, Bungo, A8, AE

Ilkiewicz, Krystian, 2L

Illa, José M., 4J, 8A

Indahl, Briana L., 1H, 1I, 4C, 80

Ingraham, Patrick, 37

Insausti, M., 1J

Ireland, Michael J., 2X, 51, 6K, 76, 7A, 7F

Irwin, Michael J., 1G, 1O, 8R

Isaacson, Howard, 10

Isbrucker, Victor, A9

Iserlohe, Christof, 2D

Ishikawa, Yuzo, 9B

Ishizuka, Yuki, 1M

Ita, Yoshifusa, 3P

Iuzzolino, M., 1A, 41, 6C, 7Z

Ives, Derek J., 0D, 0I, 1T, 1X, 1Z, 91

Iwata, Ikuru, 06, 28, 2G

Iwert, Olaf, 1O, 66

Izazaga-Pérez, R., 1K, 85

Izumi, Natsuko, 5Z

Izumiura, Hideyuki, 5D

Jackiewicz, Jason, 3M

Jacobs, Christopher, 5B

Jacobson, S., 44

Jacoby, George H., 1U, 2X, 9O

Jaffe, Daniel T., 0C, 1U, 21, 84

Jager, Rieks, 20, 9Q

Jagourel, Pascal, 24, 9J, 9S

Jahn, Thomas, 1H, 1I, 8I

Jahnke, Albert, 2H

Jakeman, Hali, 6I

Jakob, Gerd, 0D

James, D. J., 2N

James, Don, 4D

Jang, Bi-Ho, 22, A2

Jang, Jeong-Gyun, 22, A2

Jaquet, Marc, 1M, 8U

Jarno, Aurélien, 1X

Jarvis, Miranda, 3Q

Jaskó, Attila, 1G, 5T

Jeffers, S., 40

Jeffers, S. V., 12

Jeffs, Brian D., 5F

Jégouzo, I., 48, 9P

Jelinsky, Patrick, 7W, 8T

Jeong, Ueejeong, 0C

Jermak, Helen, 4I

Ji, Tae-Geun, A3, A4

Jiang, Xiang, 51

Jiménez Rojas Jorge, 0Z, 4J, 4K, 8A

Jiménez, S., 4K

Jiménez-Vicente, J., 1K

Jin, Shoko, 1G

Jing, Yipeng, 1M

Jochum, Lieselotte, 1T

Jogler, T., 48

Johl, Diana, 1O

Johnson, Courtney, 5H

Jolissaint, Laurent, 5L

Jolivet, Aïssa, 0Q

Jones, Damien J., 18, 4B, 89, A3, A4

Jones, Windell, 29

Jordan, Andres, 22, A2

Jorden, Paul, R., 11, 46

Jost, Andreas, 0F

Jovanovic, Nemanja, 0O, 0R, 5V, 6K, 76

Joven, Enrique, 8Z

Joven, E., 1J

Joyce, Dick, 2C, 7X

Juanola-Parramon, R., 0S

Judge, Philip, 5U

Julian, Jeff, 4Q

Jumper, Georgey, 0T

Jung, Yves, 0I

Jurgenson, C., 6T

K., Nirmal, 4E

Kaji, Sayumi, 75

Kalas, Paul G., 36

Kamata, Yukiko, 1M, 2M

Kaminski, A., 12, 65

Kaminski, J., 44

Kamizuka, Takafumi, 2U, 3U, 3W

Kaper, L., 24, 9J

Kaplan, Kyle, 0C

Karcher, Armin, 2C

Kärcher, Hans J., 9H

Karlsson, Mikael, 0Q

Karr, Jennifer, 1M, 81, 82

Kasdin, N. Jeremy, 0O

Kashikawa, N., 5X

Kasper, Markus, 1T, 3F, 3H

Kassis, Marc, 0E

Kasuga, Toshihiro, 3P

Kataza, Hirokazu, 3W

Kato, Natsuko M., 3U, 3W

Käufl, Hans Ulrich, 0D

Kausch, W., 1Z

Kawai, Nobuyuki, 5D

Kawakita, Hideyo, 3P, 5Z, 75, 79

Kawanishi, Takafumi, 5Z

Kawashima, T., 48

Kaye, Stephen, 5M

Kehr, M., 12

Kehrig, C., 1K

Keiman, Carolina, 0P

Keller, Christoph U., 67, 9V

Kellermann, Hanna, 5W, 63, 64

Kelz, Andreas, 1H, 1I, 8I

Kendrew, Sarah, 1X, 9Y

Kent, Stephen, 7X, 8C, 8D, 8F

Kentischer, Thomas J., 4F, 4H, 4N

Kenworthy, Matthew A., 20, 3F, 9Q, A6

Kerber, Florian, 0D, 0I, 1T, 1Z, 64

Kerry, Paul, 0Y

Keskin, Onur, 5I, 5L

Kestner, B., 4F

Ketterer, Ryan, 19

Ketzeback, William, 5H

Kidder, Benjamin, 0C

Kiekebusch, Mario, 0F

Kikuchi, Yuki, 3P

Killough, R., 40

Kim, A., 5Y

Kim, Hwihyun, 0C

Kim, Jihun, 22, 9M, A2

Kim, Kang-Min, 0C, 22, 9M, A2

Kim, M., 12

Kimura, Masahiko, 1M, 82

King, David L., 0M, 19, 2Z, 73

King, Matthew E., 1M

Kinoshita, Masaomi, 5Z

Kintziger, C., 5R

Kitagawa, Yutaro, 3U, 3W

Kitano, Ayaka, 5Z

Kitaura, Francisco-Shu, 1O

Kittmann, Frank, 2Y

Klaene, Mark, 5H

Klauser, Urs, 4A, 9O

Klein, Barbara, 0I, 9I

Klein, R., 12

Klein, Randolf, 2D

Kleinman, Scot, 2J

Klein-Wolt, Marc, 4L

Klepser, Stefan, 2H

Klochkova, Valentina, 6Y

Klose, Sylvio, 4U

Klüter, J., 12

Klutsch, A., 12

Knapp, Gillian, 0O

Kneib, Jean-Paul, 1O, 92

Kniazev, Alexei, 2L

Kobayakawa, Yutaka, 3U, 3W

Kobayashi, Naoto, 3P, 5Z, 75, 79

Koca, Corina, 19, 73

Koeslag, Anthony, 2K, 6N

Kohno, Kotaro, 3U, 3W

Kokubo, Mitsuru, 3P

Kokubun, Dan, 84

Kolb, Johann, 0F

Komatsu, Eiichiro, 1M

Komiyama, Y., 5X

Kondo, Shohei, 5Z, 75, 79

Konishi, Masahiro, 3U, 3W

Konopacky, Quinn, 37

Koorts, Willie, 27

Kopon, Derek, 19

Korn, A. J., 23

Kornik, Peter A., 1L

Korniski, Ronald, 19

Koshida, Shintaro, 3U

Kosmalski, Johan, 1X, 7V, 9T

Kossatz, Marko, 2H

Koutchmy, Serge, 5U

Kowalski, Marek, 4V

Krabbe, Alfred, 2D, 2W

Kragt, Jan, 1G, 6F

Kratter, Kaitlin, 19

Kraush, M., 48

Kravcar, H., 1Z, 44

Kress, Evan, 2R

Kretzschmann, Axel, 2H

Kriel, Hermanus, 1H, 1I

Kroedel, Matthias R., 5S

Kuchner, Marc, 19

Kuehn, Kyler, 9O

Kuhn, Jeffrey R., 4D

Kuhn, Rudi B., 7M

Kuhn, Rudolph, 2L

Kuijken, K., 1Z

Kukushkin, Dmitrii, E., 6D, 6E

Kumar, T. S., 4Y

Kuntschner, Harald, 0F, 0G, 3F

Kuroda, Daisuke, 5D

Kürster, M., 0N, 12

Kuschnir, P., 4F

Küsters, Daniel, 4V

Kutyrev, Alexander S., 3I, 5N

Labadie, Lucas, 0M, 2Z

Labrie, Kathleen, 2S

Lafarga, M., 12

La Fuente, Carlos, 0F

Lagrange, Anne-Marie, 34

Lambert, A. R., 8Q

Lamensans, M., 4K

Lamert, A., 12

Lammen, Yannick, 2V

Lampton, Michael, 8C, 8D, 8F, 8O

Landoni, Marco, 72, 7B

Landriau, Martin, 1H, 1I

Lane, B., 11

Lang, Dustin, 2C

Langarica Lebre, Rosalía, 5O, 5Q

Lang-Bardl, Florian, 1Z, 44, 5W, 63

Langlois, Maud, 34, 3D, 3H

Langton, J. Brian, 5S

Lapere, V., 8U

Lapington, J. S., 48

Laporte, P., 48

Lara, Gerardo, 0P

Lara, L. M., 12

Larkin, James E., 05, 1W, A1, A9, AD, AE

Larrieu, Marrie, 1X

Lasso-Cabrera, Nestor, 4Q

Lategan, Deon, 27

Laun, W., 12

Launhardt, R., 12

Laurent, Florence, 1X, 3S, 7V

Laux, Uwe, 4U

Lavaila, Alexis, 0I

Law, Nicholas M., 0W

Lawrence, Jonathan S., 1F, 1Q, 1U, 4A, 51, 5E, 88, 9O

Lazio, Joseph, 5B

Lazo, Manuel, 2S

Le Brun, Vincent, 1M

Leclec'h, Jean-Christophe, 3M

Lee, David, 7R, 8P, 95

Lee, Hanshin, 0C, 1H, 1I, 21, 3O, 4C

Lee, Hye-In, 0C, A3, A4

Lee, Jae-Joon, 0C

Lee, Jeong-Eun, 0C

Lee, Martin, 1G, 1X

Lee, Sungho, 0C, 9M

Lefaucheur, J., 48

Le Fèvre, Olivier, 1M

Lefort, B., 1K

Lefranc, Valentin, 2H

Le Fur, Arnaud, 1M, 8U, 8Y

le Gal, Maëlle, 29

Lehner, Matthew, 46

Leich, Holger, 2H

Leisawitz, D. T., 0S

Leitzinger, M., 1Z

Le Louarn, Miska, 0F

Lemke, U., 12

Le Merrer, J., 8U

Le Mignant, David, 1M, 3D, 8U, 8Y

Lenzen, R., 12

Leon, Ed, 5H

Leone, Francesco, 7K

Leon-Saval, Sergio G., 1B, 1F, 4A

Leschinski, K., 1Z

Lesman, Dirk, 1G

Lessio, L., 3H

Le Van Suu, A., 7W

Levesque, Steve R., 29

Levi, Eric I., 62, 6P, 71, 7H

Levi, Michael E., 2C, 8C, 8D, 8J

Lewis, Hilton A., 05

Lewis, Ian J., 1G, 7U

Lewis, Jim, 1G, 8R

Lewis, Steffan, 1T

Lhomé, Émilie, 1G, 8R

Liang, Ming, 8C, 8D, 8F, 8O

Li Causi, G., 32, 8P

Lidman, Chris, 1Q

Lightfoot, John, 3F

Li, Huan, 80

Limbach, Mary Anne, 0O

Linder, E., 5Y

Lindley, E., 4A

Ling, Hung-Hsu, 1M, 46, 81, 82

Linhoff, L., 4O

Liske, Jochen, 1O, 23

Lisowski, Leszek, 0E

Littlefair, Stuart, 0Y

Liu, Jian, 6I

Liu, Liyong, 0T

Li, Yiting, 71

Lizon, Jean Louis, 0I, 12, 3H, 66, 9I

Llamas, M., 12

Lloyd, J., 5Y

Lo Curto, Gaspare, 64

Lockhart, Charles, 84

Lodi, Marcello, 1A, 1G

Logsdon, Sarah E., 0B

Löhmannsröben, H.-G., 4A

Loicq, J., 5R

Lombardo, Simona, 4V

Lombini, M., AB

Loomis, Craig P., 0O, 1M, 8U, 8Y, 93

Looney, Leslie, 2D

López, José Alberto, 0P

López, Luis, 0Z, 4G

Lopez, Manuel Huertas, 4Q

López, Roberto L., 0M, 2O, 2Z

López del Fresno, M., 12

López-Morales, Mercedes, 12, 22, A2

López-Orozco, J. A., 1K

López-Puertas, M., 12

López Ramos, Pablo L., 0P, 1J, 1L

López Salas, J. F., 12, 6B

López Santiago, J. 12

Loreggia, D., 41

Lorente, Nuria P. F., 9O

Lorred, M., 8U

Lotkin, Gennadiy N., 3I

Loubser, Egan, 27, 3Y

Loupias, Magali, 1X, 9T

Lovis, C., 23

Löwinger, Tom, 0I, 4U

Lozi, J., 0R

Lu, Haiping, 51

Lucero, Diana, 0P

Luco, Yerko, 8E

Lüdecke, Hartmut, 2H

Lundin, Lars, 0D

Lundquist, Michael, 60

Lunney, David W., 0Y, 3F

Lupton, Robert H., 1M

Lyke, James E., 0E, 35

Lynn, James D., 1X

Lypova, Iryna, 2H

Ma, Bo, 6I

Ma, Ke, 3Q

Mace, Gregory, N., 0C, 21

Macenka, Steven, 19

Mach, Michael, 20

Macintosh, Bruce, 37

MacIntosh, Mike, 3F

Mackay, Craig, 0M, 2Z

MacQueen, Phillip J., 1H, 1I

Madec, Fabrice, 1M, 8U, 8Y

Madec, Pierre-Yves, 0F

Maehara, Hiroyuki, 3P

Magán Madinabeitia, H., 12, 6B

Mahadevan, Suvrath, 62, 6P, 6R, 71, 7H

Maher, S. F., 0S

Mainieri, Vincenzo, 1T

Maiolino, R., 23

Maire, Anne-Lise, 34, 3H

Maire, Jérôme, 10, 37

Majà, Ester, 4G

Makananise, T., 6N

Malavolta, L., 1A

Maldonado, J., 1A

Maldonado-Medina, Manuel, 1K, 40, 8S

Mali, Slavko, 9O

Mall, U., 12

Malo, Lison, 29, 60

Malonis, Andrew, 14, AA

Mancini, L., 12

Mandar, Julie, 29

Mandel, Holger G., 12, 1O, 65, 6O, 90

Mandel, Olaf, 64

Manescau, Antonio, 1T, 64, 66

Manigot, Pascal, 2H

Manjavacas, E., 1J

Mannheim, K., 4O

Mao, Peter, 1M, 82

Marafatto, Luca, 2Y

Marandon, Vincent, 2H

March, Stephen, 3F

Marchal, O., 9P

Marchetti, Enrico, 1T

Marchis, Franck, 37

Marconi, A., 23

Marcy, Geoffrey W., 10, 70

Margheim, Steve, 7A

Marín Molina, J. A., 12, 6B

Marín-Franch, Antonio, 11, 1L, 4Q

Marino, R. A., 1K

Markoff, S., 48

Marois, Christian, 37

Maroto Fernández, D., 12

Marquart, Thomas, 0I

Márquez, I., 1K

Marquez, Vanessa, 5U

Marsh, Thomas R., 0Y

Marshall, Jennifer L., 1H, 1I, 1U, 5C, 9O, A3, A4

Marshall, Robert, 2C, 7X

Martí, Pol, 0Z

Martín González, Carlos E., 4Q

Martin, Adrian, 1G

Martín, Carlos, 1G, 8R

Martin, Christopher, 05

Martin, Emily C., 2R

Martín, E. L., 12

Martín, Héctor de Paz, 4Q

Martin, Thomas, 29

Martinache, F., 0R

Martínez-Delgado, Ismael, 1K, 8S

Martínez, Manuel, 2N, 3B

Martini, Paul, 7P, 7T

Martin-Mur, Tomas, 5B

Martín-Ruiz, S., 12

Martins, C. J. A. P., 23

Marvin, C., 12

Masegosa, J., 1K

Maslowski, P., 23

Massari, D., 1Z

Mathar, R. J., 12

Mathew, Joice, 4E

Mathioudakis, Mihalis, 09

Mato, Ángel, 1J, 8Z

Matsubayashi, Kazuya, 2M

Matsunaga, Noriyuki, 3P, 5Z, 79

Matthews, Keith Y., 0E, 0Q, 35

Matthews, Sarah A., 09

Mattila, S., 41

Matute, I., 23

Mawet, Dimitri, 05, 0D, 0Q, 3D

Mayya, Y. D., 1K

McConnachie, Alan, 9C

McCracken, Kenneth, 22, A2

McCracken, Richard A., 23, 7M

McCracken, T., 6T

McDermid, Richard, 1F, 7A

McElwain, Michael W., 0O, 6P, 7H

McGregor, P., 1U, 1Y

McGuire, James, 19

McKechnie, T. Stewart, AC

McLane, Jacob, 0C

McLean, Ian S., 05, 0B, 0E, 2R

McMahon, Richard G., 1O

McMillan, Russet, 5H

McMuldroch, Stuart, 22, 9M, A2

Mediavilla, Evencio, 1X, 9U

Mégevand, Denis, 66, 7B

Meghrouni-Brown, Zakios, 9B

Mehrgan, Leander, 0D

Mei, S., 1Z

Meier, Christophe, 0E

Meisner, Jeff, 20

Mékarnia, D., 0U

Melotte, Dave, 1X

Melse, T., 48

Mendes de Oliveira, Claudia, 1M, 22, A2, A3, A4

Méndez-Abreu, J., 1K

Mentzell, E., 0S

Mercatelli, L., 6C

Merlin, F., 1Z

Merloni, Andrea, 1O

Mesa, Dino, 3D, 3H

Messersmith, Ernesto J., 4D

Mészáros, L., 59, 5T

Metchev, Stanimir, 3A

Meusinger, Helmut, 4U

Meyer, Michael R., 20, 3F

Meyer, R. Elliot, 3Q

Mező, Gy., 5T

Micela, Giusi, 19, 1A

Michel, Ch., 4F

Mickey, Donald L., 4D

Middleton, Kevin, 1G, 7U

Migniau, Jean-Emmanuel, 1X, 7V, 9T

Mignot, Shan, 9C

Milburn, Jennifer, 5M

Millar-Blanchaer, Maxwell A., 2I, 36, 37, 3A

Miller, Joseph, 22, A2

Miller, Paola, 1L, 4Q

Miller, Timothy N., 8C, 8D, 8F, 8J, 8O

Milli, Julien, 0Q, 34

Miluzio, M., 1J

Min, S.-S., 4A

Minami, Atsushi, 5Z

Minchev, Ivan, 1O

Minezaki, Takeo, 3U, 3W

Minowa, Yosuke, 06, 1M, 2M

Miquel, Ramon, 0Z

Mirabet, E., 12

Mito, Hiroyuki, 3P, 5Z

Mitsch, W., 44

Mitsuda, Kazuma, 2M, 3P

Miyata, Takashi, 2U, 3P, 3U, 3W

Miyazaki, Satoshi, 9N

Mizumoto, Misaki, 5Z

Moehler, Sabine, 2B

Moggio, L., 0T

Mohr, Lars, 1Z, 2Y

Mohrmann, L., 48

Molgó Sendra, Jordi, 1J, 4Q

Molina-Conde, Ignacio, 0I

Molinari, Emilio, 1A, 1G, 57

Mollá, M., 1K

Molyneux, P., 48

Mondrik, N., 5C

Monna, A., 1Z, 44

Monson, Andrew J., 62, 6P, 71, 7H

Montané, A., 2N

Monteiro, M. J. P. F. G., 23

Montes, D., 12

Montesano, Francesco, 1H, 1I

Montgomery, David M., 1X, 8E, 95

Moon, Dae-Sik, 2I, 3Q, 7N

Moore, Anna M., 1W, 51, A1, A9, AD, AE

Morales, J. C., 12

Morales Durán, I., 1K

Morales Muñoz, R., 12

Morantz, Chaz N., 1M, 82

Moreau, François, 68

Moreau, Vincent, 0D

Moreno, E., 45

Moreno Arce, Heidy, 0P, 1J, 8Z

Moreno, Antonio F., 9U

Moreno-Ventas, Javier, 2Y

Mori, Kiyoshi, 3P, 3U, 3W

Mori, Yuki, 3P

Morii, Mikio, 3P

Morinaud, Gilles, 3M

Moritani, Yuki, 1M

Morokuma, Tomoki, 3P, 3U, 3W

Morren, Johan, 4L

Morris, S. L., 23, 24, 9J

Morris, Timothy, 0Y, 1X, 23, 9J, 9S

Morrison, Glenn, 29

Mortimer, J., 11

Moschetti, Manuele, 6Z, 72, 7B, 7C

Moseley, Samuel H., 3I, 5N

Motohara, Kentaro, 3P, 3U, 3W

Mottram, Chris, 1G

Mouillet, David, 34, 3D, 3H

Mould, Jeremy, 51

Moulin, Emmanuel, 2H

Mouries, Sharon, 27

Moutou, Claire, 60

Mueller, Eric, 66

Mueller, Mark, 22, 9M, A0, A2

Mueller, S. A., 4O

Muirhead, Philip S., 5Y, 6M

Mujica, E., 1K

Müller, F., 1Z

Müller, Friedrich, 9H

Muller, G., 6T

Muller, Rolf, 9O

Mullin, Scott A., 1L, 4Q

Munari, Matteo, 41, 7K

Mundt, R., 12

Mundy, L. G., 0S

Muñoz-Tuñón, C., 1K

Murayama, Hitoshi, 1M

Murga, Gaizka, 2O

Murowinski, Richard, 2S, 9C

Murphey, Charles H., 1L, 4Q

Murphy, David, 1G

Murphy, Patrick, 5M

Murray, Alex, 1B

Murray, Graham J., 1M, 82

Murthy, Jayant, 4E

Muslimov, Eduard R., 42

Muterspaugh, Matthew, 6I

Muthusubramanian, Balaji, 0M, 2Z

Myers, Richard, 1X

Nagasawa, D. Q., 5C

Nagel, E., 12

Nah, Jakyoung, 9M

Nakada, Yoshikazu, 3P

Nakamura, Tomohiko, 2U

Nakanishi, Kenshi, 5Z, 79

Nakaoka, Tetsuya, 5Z

Nakaya, H., 5X

Naranjo, V., 12

Nataf, David M., 1Q

Navarro, Ramón, 1G, 1Z, 6F

Naylor, Tim, 6F

Nayman, Patrick, 2H

N'Diaye, Mamadou, 3D

Neeser, Mark, 0F

Neichel, Benoît, 1X

Neise, D., 4O

Nelson, Matthew J., 19, 62, 71, 73

Neronov, A., 4O

Nguyen Le, Huynh Anh, 0C

Nichani, Vijay, 9O

Nicholson, Belinda, 0I

Nicklas, Harald E., 1H, 1I, 1Z, 23, 9G

Niedzielski, A., 23

Nielsen, Eric, 37

Nielsen, J., 1Y, 2X

Niessner, Christian, 0Z

Nikoleyczik, Jonathan, 5N

Ninkov, Zoran, 4Z, 8V

Nishimura, Tetsuo, 28, 2G

Noethe, M., 4O

Nolan, S. J., 48

Nordin, Jacob, 4V

Nordsieck, Ken, 2K

Norris, Barnaby, 0R, 5E

Norton, Timothy, 46, 9M

Nowak, G., 12

Noyola, Eva, 1H, 1I

Nunes, N. J., 23

Núñez, Miguel, 1J, 8Z

Nuñez, Agustín, 4Q

Obata, Tomokazu, 3J

Oberti, Sylvain, 1T

O'Brien, Kieran, 1X, 9Y

O'Brien, Thomas P., 7P, 7T

Obuchi, Yoshiyuki, A8, AE

O'Connor, James E., 27, 3Y

O'Donoghue, Darragh E., 27

Ofir, A., 12

Oggioni, Luca, 72

Oh, Heeyoung, 0C

Oh, Jae Sok, 0C, 22, 9M, A2

Ohashi, Hirofumi, 3U, 3W

Ohsawa, Ryou, 3P, 3U, 3W

Ohta, Kouji, 5D

Ohyama, Youichi, 1M

Okada, Kazushi, 2U, 3U, 3W

Okita, Kiichi, 5D

Okumura, A., 48

Okumura, Shin-ichiro, 3P

Oláh, K., 5T

Oliva, Ernesto, 0I, 1A, 23, 6C, 7R, 7Z, 8P

O'Mahony, Neil, 1G, 8R

Omata, Koji, 28, 2G

Onaka, Takashi, 3W

O'Neil, Jared, 3D

Onillon, Emmanuel, 0E

Onozato, Hiroki, 3P

Onuma, Eleanya, 19

Onyuksel, Cem, 22, A2

Orban de Xivry, Gilles, 0Q

Ordway, Mark, 22, A2

Origlia, Livia, 0I, 23

Orndorff, Joseph, 1M

Ortiz, R., 86

Osawa, Kentaro, 3P

Osborn, James, 0Y

Osborne, J. P., 48

Oscoz, Alejandro, 0M, 2O, 2Z

Otsubo, Shogo, 5Z, 79

Owen, Russell, 5H

Owen, William, 5B

Ozaki, Shinobu, 2M, 9N

Pace, Emanuele, 57

Packham, Christopher, 4Q

Padilla, Cristóbal, 0Z, 4G, 4K

Padovani, Paolo, 1T

Páez, G., 1K, 85, 86

Pagano, Isabella, 19

Pai, Naveen, 4A, 9O

Paillous, M., 9P

Pak, Soojong, 0C, 21, A3, A4

Pál, A., 59, 5T

Pallé, Enric, 12, 23, 2O

Palmer, I., 11

Panchuk, Vladimir, 6Y

Panduro, J., 12

Pantin, Eric, 0D, 0Q, 20, A6

Papageorgiou, A., 0S

Papovich, Casey, A3, A4

Pappalardo, Daniel P., 7P, 7T

Paravac, A., 4O

Pariani, Giorgio, 6Z, 72, 7B, 7C

Park, Byeong-Gon, 0C, 21, 22

Park, Chan, 0C, 21, 22, 9M, A2

Park, Sung-Joon, 22, 9M, A2

Park, Sunkyung, 0C

Parr-Burman, P. M., 23

Parro, V., 23

Parry, I., 23, 7R

Parshley, Stephen, 5F

Parsons, R. D., 48

Pascal, Sandrine, 1M, 1X, 8U

Pascale, E., 0S

Pascual Ramirez, Sergio, 0P, 1J, 1K

Pasquini, Luca, 02, 0I, 64

Passegger, V. M., 12

Pathan, F. M., 6R

Patrón Recio, Jesús, 0P, 1J, 8Z

Patti, Mauro, AB

Paufique, Jérôme, 0F, 0I

Pauss, F., 4O

Pavel, Michael D., 0C

Pavlov, A., 12

Pavlycheva, Nadezhda K., 42

Pawluczyk, Rafal, 7G

Paxson, Charles, 22, A2

Pazder, John, 3T, 7A, 7F

Peacock, Grant O., 93

Pearson, David, 3F

Pécontal-Rousset, Arlette, 1X, 7V

Pedichini, F., 32

Pedraz, S., 12

Peimbert, M., 1K

Peñate, José, 1G

Penno, Marek, 2H

Pepe, Francesco Alfonso, 23, 66, 6F, 7B

Percino, E., 85

Pereira, Jefferson M., 1M

Pérez, C., 85

Pérez, E., 12

Pérez, Francisco Francisco, 4Q

Pérez, Gabriel, 2S

Pérez-Calpena, Ana, 12, 1K, 65, 6B, 8S

Pérez-Garrido, Antonio, 0M, 2O, 2Z

Pérez-González, P. G., 1K

Pérez-Medialdea, D., 12

Pérez Montero, E., 1K

Pérez Ventura, Héctor, 1A, 7K

Perger, M., 12

Peroux, Celine, 1X

Perrin, Marshall D., 36, 37, 38, 3A

Perruchot, Sandrine, 68, 7W

Perryman, M. A. C., 12

Persson, K., 40

Pessemier, Wim, 4L

Pessev, Peter, M., 4Q

Peterson, Andrew, 80

Peterson, Trent W., 1I, 1H, 4C, 80

Petkovic, M., 0V

Petr-Gotzens, Monika, 0F

Pfister, Terry, 54

Pfüller, Enrico, 2W

Phillips, Andrew C., 1W, A1, AE

Phillips, Daniel, 1O

Phillips, David, 14, 22, A2

Piascik, A. S., 3Z

Picazo, P., 1K

Picó, Sergio, 1G, 8R

Pieri, Mat, 1G

Pietraszewski, C., 6N

Pignata, G., 41

Pinard, L., 4F

Pinna, E., 32

Pío, Cristóbal, 0Z

Piqueras López, Javier, 1X

Piqueras, Laure, 1X

Piron, Pierre, 0Q

Piskunov, Nikolai A., 0I, 1O, 23, 6F

Placco, Vinicius, 2S

Plattner, M., 0G, 1Z

Plummer, David, 22, A2

Pluto, Michael, 12, 4U

Podgorski, William, 22, 9M, A0, A2

Pogge, Richard W., 7P, 7T

Poggianti, Bianca, 1G

Poglitsch, Albrecht, 2D

Points, S. D., 2N

Pompa, O., 86

Pompei, Emanuela, 0F

Ponce, Rafael, 0Z

Pope, S., 40

Poppett, Claire L., 70, 7Q, 8T, 9A, 9B

Porter, Michael, 5M

Pott, Jörg-Uwe, 1Z, 9E, 9H

Potter, Stephen, 27, 2K

Pouzenc, C., 0U

Powell, Scott, 6I

Pozna, Eszter, 64

Pragt, Johannes, H., 1G, 1O, 3D

Prakash, Ajin, 4E

Prasad, Neelam J. S. S. V., 6R

Pratlong, Jérôme, 46

Prees, Ian, 1L

Preis, Olivier, 3M

Preston, George W., 0T

Prieto, Almudena, 0P

Probst, Rafael A., 64

Probst, Ronald, 7X

Prochaska, J. X., 05

Prochaska, Travis, 1H, 1I, 9O, A3, A4

Prunet, Simon, 29

Pruthvi, Hemanth, 3V

Przybilla, N., 1Z

Puech, Mathieu, 24, 9J, 9P, 9S

Puga Antolin, Marta, 0M, 2O, 2Z

Puget, Pascal, 34, 3D, 3H

Puglisi, A., 32, 6C

Punnadi, Sujit P., 1L, 4Q

Puttay, N., 11

Puzia, Thomas, 4B

Quanz, Sascha P., 20, 3F, A6

Quattri, Marco, 9I

Queloz, Didier, 23, 6F

Quiróz, Fernando, 5O, 5Q

Quirrenbach, Andreas, 12, 19, 23, 65, 6B, 6O, 90

Raab, Walfried, 2D

Rabinowitz, David, 2C, 7X, 8F

Rabou, P., AB

Radhakrishnan, Kalyan K., 2Y

Radovan, Matthew, 1V

Ragazzoni, R., 0N, 1Z

Raines, Steven Nicholas, 1L, 4Q

Rains, Adam D., 6K, 76

Rajan, Abhijith, 37

Rakich, A., 7H

Ramaprakash, Anamparambu N., 1L, 4Q

Rameau, Julien, 37

Ramesh, K. B., 3V

Ramlau, R., 1Z

Ramón, A., 12

Ramsay, Suzanne, 1T, 1Z

Ramsey, Jason, 1H, 1I, 4C, 80

Ramsey, Lawrence W., 62, 6P, 71, 7H

Rantakyro, Fredrik T., 37

Rasilla, José Luis, 1X

Raskin, Gert, 4L

Ratzka, T., 1Z

Ratzloff, Jeff K., 0W

Rau, C., 0G

Rauer, H., 0U

Rauw, G., 5R

Ravindra, B., 3V

Rayner, John, 84

Rebell, Felix, 2D

Rebolo López, Rafael, 0M, 12, 1X, 23, 2Z, 64, 6F

Redondo, P., 12

Reed, Tony, 18

Rees, Phil, 7R, 7Z, 8E, 95

Reeves, Andrew, 1X

Reffert, S., 12, 6O

Régal, X., 7W

Reggiani, Maddalena, 0Q

Reichman, W. J., 4F

Reid, Derryck T., 23, 7M

Reil, Kevin, 7X

Reiley, Daniel J., 1M, 5M, 81, 82

Reinacher, Andreas, 2V

Reinecke, Martin, 1M

Reiners, Ansgar, 0I, 12, 23, 65, 6B

Reinhart, S., 12

Remillieux, Alban, 1X, 9T

Renan de Medeiros, José, 23, 64

Renault, Edgar, 1X

Renshaw, R., 11

Reshetov, Vlad, A9

Rey, Juerg, 1G

Reyes, J., 85

Reynolds, Robert O., 19, 73

Rheault, J. P., 5C

Rhode, Petra, 12, 1Z, 9G

Rhode, W., 4O

Ribas, I., 12, 65, 6B

Ribeiro, Rafael, A3, A4

Riccardi, Armando, 39

Ricci, Davide, 2O

Richard, Johan, 1O, 1X, 7V

Richards, Samuel, 5E

Richter, J., 1Z

Ridden-Harper, R., 0V

Riddle, Reed L., 5M

Ridings, Andy, 1G, 8R

Rigault, Mickael, 4V

Rigopoulou, Dimitra, 1X

Rinehart, S. A., 0S

Rippa, Matthew, 2S

Riquelme, Miguel, 0D

Ritter, Andreas, 1M

Riva, Alberto, 40, 57

Riva, Marco, 23, 41, 66, 6Z, 72, 7B, 7C, AB

Riverol Rodriguez, A. Luis, 1A, 2T, 7K

Riverol, C., 1A

Rivet, J.-P., 0T, 0U

Rix, H.-W., 12, 1Z

Rizzi, Luca, 0E

Rizzo, Maxime J., 0S

Robbe-Dubois, Sylvie, 3M

Robberto, Massimo, 4Z, 8V

Robbins, M. S., 11

Roberston, Paul, 6P

Roberts, Mitsuko, 1M

Robertson, Gordon, 7A, 7F

Robertson, Paul M., 62, 71, 7H

Robinson, F. David, 3I

Rochus, P., 5R

Rockosi, Constance, 54

Rodeghiero, Gabriele, 1Z, 9E

Rodler, F., 12

Rodrigues, Myriam, 24, 9J, 9P, 9S

Rodríguez, Alberto José, 0P

Rodríguez, César Cabrera, 4Q

Rodríguez, E., 12

Rodriguez, F. J., 4K

Rodriguez, Hector, 5M

Rodriguez, J. Esteban, 4Q

Rodríguez, M., 1K

Rodríguez-Coira, Gustavo, 2Z

Rodríguez-Espinosa, J. M., 1K

Rodríguez García, Luis A., 4Q

Rodríguez López, C., 12

Rodríguez Losada, José A., 4Q

Rodríguez-Merino, L., 1K

Rodríguez-Muñoz, L., 1K

Rodríguez-Ramos, José Manuel M., 0M, 2Z

Rodríguez-Ramos, Luis Fernando, 0M, 1G, 1X, 2Z, 9U

Roelfsema, Ronald, 3D, 4L

Roeser, Hans-Peter, 2V

Rogers, John, AD

Rogers, Kevin, 1G

Rogers, Rolando, 2S

Rohloff, Ralf-Rainer, 12, 1Z, 9H

Rojas, Roberto, 2S

Roman, F., 8U

Román-Zúñiga, Carlos G., 5O, 5Q

Romero-Colmenaro, Encarni, 2K, 2L, 6N

Roming, Pete, 40, 43

Ronayette, S., 7W

Rosa-González, D., 1K

Rosen, S., 48

Rosich, A., 12

Rosich Minguell, Josefina, 1J, 1L

Ross, Duncan, 2H, 48

Roth, Katherine, 2S

Roth, Martin M., 1H, 1I, 24, 4A

Rousseau-Nepton, Laurie, 29

Rousset, G., 1Z

Rowell, G., 48

Roy, Arpita, 62, 6P, 6R, 71, 7H

Royer, F., 8P

Ruane, Garreth J., 0Q

Rud, Mike, 5B

Ruddenklau, R., 1Z

Ruffio, Jean-Baptiste, 37

Ruíz-Díaz-Soto, Jaime, 5O, 5Q

Rulten, C. B., 48

Rupprecht, Gero, 2B

S., Ambily, 4E

Sabater, Josep, 1L

Sachkov, Mikhail, 6Y

Safonova, Margarita, 4E

Saini, Navtej, 5B

Saito, Sakae, A8, AE

Sako, Shigeyuki, 2M, 2U, 3P, 3U, 3W

Sakon, Itsuki, 3W

Salasnich, Bernardo, 1G, 3H

Salek, David, 2H

Salmon, Derrick, 29, 2P

Sameshima, Hiroaki, 5Z, 79

Samra, Jenna, 5U

Sánchez, Beatriz, 0P

Sánchez, Eusebio, 0Z, 4K

Sanchez, Joel, 0D

Sánchez, S. F., 1K

Sánchez-Almeida, J., 1K

Sánchez-Blanco, Ernesto, 12, 1K, 40, 86, 8S

Sánchez-Blázquez, P., 1K

Sanchez-Capuchino Revuelta, Jorgé, 1X

Sánchez Carrasco, M. A., 12, 65

Sánchez Contreras, C., 1K

Sánchez-Moreno, Francisco, 1K, 7Y, 8S

Sánchez-Penim, A., 1K

Sander, Louis, 6F

Sandhu, Jagmit, 5B

Sändig, Karsten, 4H

Sandrock, Stefan, 0D

San Juan Gómez, José, 1A, 7K

Sanna, N., 1A

Santana Tschudi, Samuel, 6F

Santoro, F., 6T

Santos, N., 23

Sanz-Forcada, J., 12

Sarajedini, Ata, 1K, 4Q

Sarkis, P., 12

Sarmiento, L. F., 12

Sarpotdar, Mayuresh, 4E

Sarugaku, Yuki, 3P, 75

Sass, Craig, 27

Sassolas, B., 4F

Sato, Mikiya, 3P

Sato, Y., 48

Saunders, Will, 1F, 96, 9O

Sauseda, Marcus, A3

Sauvage, Jean-François, 1X, 3D

Savage, Maureen, 2D

Savage, Richard, 1H, 1I

Savarese, S., 41

Saviauk, Allar, 7V, 8I, 90, 91

Savini, G., 0S

Savransky, Dmitry, 37

Sawyer, D., 6T

Sayède, Frédéric, 1G, 48

Sayres, Conor, 5H

Sazonenko, Dmitrii, A., 6D, 6E

Scarpa, Riccardo, 4Q

Schade, Markus, 2H

Schaefer, Adam, 1F

Schäfer, S., 12

Schaffenroth, V., 1Z

Schäffner, L., 6O

Schallig, Ellen, 1G, 7U

Scheiffelen, Thomas, 4F, 4H, 4N

Schickling, Greg, 4D

Schickling, Richard, 4D

Schier, Alan, 2K

Schiller, J., 12

Schimpelsberger, Johannes, 1T

Schipani, P., 41

Schlegel, David, 2C, 7X

Schlichter, J., 1Z, 44

Schmid, Christian, 1T

Schmid, Hans Martin, 20, 3D, 3F

Schmider, François-Xavier, 0U, 3M

Schmidt, B., 41

Schmidt, C., 12

Schmidt, Luke M., 5C, 9O, A3, A4

Schmidt, Wolfgang, 4F, 4H, 4N

Schmitt, J. H. M. M., 12

Schmoll, Jürgen, 48, 8T, 9A

Schnetler, Hermine, 1X, 3X

Schnurr, Olivier, 1O

Schöck, Matthias, AD

Schöfer, P., 12

Schofield, Sidney L., 1L, 6I

Scholl, Isabelle F., 4D

Schoorlemmer, H., 48

Schroeder, Anja, 2L

Schubert, Josef, 1Z, 9G

Schubert, Matthias, 4N

Schubnell, Michael, 7X, 92

Schurter, Patricio, 3B

Schwab, Christian, 0R, 19, 62, 6K, 6O, 6P, 71, 76, 7H

Schwab, Philippe, 0E

Schwab, Thomas, 2H

Schwartz, Noah, 1X

Schweiker, Heidi, 2C

Schweitzer, A., 12

Schwochert, Mark A., 1M, 82

Scuderi, Salvatore, 1A, 3H, 41, 7K

Secroun, A., 7W

Sedaghati, Elyar, 2B

Seemann, Ulf, 0I, 6C, 6O

Ségransan, Damien, 6F

Seifahrt, Andreas, 18, 22, A2

Seifert, Walter, 12, 23, 65, 6B, 6O, 90

Seiffert, Michael D., 1M

Sekulic, Predrag, 5A

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Servillat, M., 48

Sevilla Noarbe, Ignacio, 0Z, 4K

Sevin, A., 1Z

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Shao, Michael, 5B

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Sharples, Ray, 8T, 9A

Shectman, Stephen A., 14, 1U, 6J

Sheen, Tyler, 5H

Sheinis, Andrew I., 1Q, 7F

Shen, Tzu-Chiang, 8E

Shigeyama, Toshikazu, 3P

Shimizu, Yasuhiro, 5D

Shimono, Atsushi, 1M, 2M, 81, 82, 8U, 8Y, 93

Sholl, Michael J., 8J, 8O

Shortridge, Keith, 4A, 9O

Shugart, Alysha, 5H

Shukla, A., 4O

Shulyak, D., 12

Sickafoose, Amanda A., 27, 3Y

Siebenmorgen, Ralf, 0D, 0F, 1T

Siegel, Benjamin, 4Q

Siemion, Andrew, 10

Sigwarth, Michael, 4F, 4H, 4N

Silber, Joseph H., 7X, 8F, 8Q, 92

Silich, S., 1K

Silverberg, R. F., 0S

Simard, Luc, 1V, 1W

Simcoe, Robert A., 14, 6J, 7G, AA

Simon, E., 6N

Simón-Díaz, S., 1K

Simoni, Rachel, 2H

Sing, David, 6F

Singer, Michael A., 6I

Singh, G., 0R

Singh, S., 2X

Sirk, M., 5Y

Sissa, E., 3H

Sithajan, Sirinrat, 6I

Sivanandam, Suresh, 3Q, 7N

Sivaramakrishnan, Anand, 3A

Siverd, Robert J., 6X

Skemer, Andrew, 3C

Skrutskie, Michael, 19

Smartt, S., 41

Smee, Stephen A., 1M, 4Z, 8U, 8V, 8Y, 93

Smette, Alain, 0D, 2B

Smith, Dan, 1G

Smith, Greg, 89

Smith, M., 11

Smith, M. P., 6N

Smith, Robert J., 4I

Smith, Roger M., 1W, 5M

Smoker, Jonathan, 2B

Sneden, Christopher A., 0C, 0T

Snellen, I. A. G., 67, 6F

Snigula, Jan M., 1H, 1I

Snik, Frans, 40, 6F, A6

Sodre Jr., Laerte, 1M

Sol, H., 48

Solano, E., 12

Sottile, Rico, 68

Sousa, S., 23

Souza Marrara, Lucas, 1M, 82

Souza Oliveira, Ligia, 1M, 82, 8U

Soyano, Takao, 3P, 3U, 3W

Sozzetti, Alessandro, 19, 1A, 57

Sozzi, M., 6C

Spalding, Eckhart, 3C

Spanner, Erwin, 4H

Spanò, Paolo, 39

Spanoudakis, Peter, 0E

Speckbacher, Peter, 4H

Spergel, David N., 1M

Sprayberry, David, 2C, 7X, 8C, 8D, 8F

Spronck, Julien, 6F

Stadler, E., AB

Staguhn, J., 0S

Stahl, O., 12, 65

Staig, Tomás, 8E

Stamatescu, V., 48

Stangalini, M., 32

Stapelfeldt, Karl R., 19, 73

Stark, Daniel, 22

Stark, Sebastian P., 64

Starkenburg, Else, 1O

Staszak, Nicholas F., 1F, 1Q, 4A, 51, 9O

Stecklum, Bringfried, 4U

Steele, Iain A., 1G, 3Z, 4I

Stefanik, Andrew, 8C

Stefánsson, Gudmundur Kári, 62, 6P, 71

Stegmann, Christian, 2H

Stegmeier, Jörg, 0D, 0I

Steidel, Charles C., 0E

Steiner, Joao, 22, A2

Steinkraus, Aaron J., 1M

Steinmetz, Tilo, 64

Stelter, Richard Deno, 1L, 4Q

Stempels, H. C., 0I, 23, 6F

Stephan, M., 48

Steppa, Constantin, 2H

Stoffels, John, 27

Stolberg, Todd M., 1L

Stone, Remington P. S., 10

Storz, C., 12

Strachan, J. B. P., 12, 7Z

Straniero, Oscar, 9D

Strassmeier, K. G., 23, 9L

Strauss, Michael A., 1M

Stuik, Remko, 1G, 1Z, 20, 48, A6

Stupak, Bob, 2C

Sturm, Eckhard, 1Z, 3F

Stürmer, Julian, 12, 18, 6O, 7H

Suárez, J. C., 12

Suárez Mascareño, Alejandro, 64

Sugai, Hajime, 2M

Sukegawa, Takashi, 79

Sun, Xiaowei, 23, 6F

Surace, Christian, 1M

Surdej, Jean, 0Q

Sutin, Brian M., A7

Suto, Yasushi, 1M

Suzuki, Nao, 1M

Suzuki, Ryuji, 1W, A1, A8, A9, AD, AE

Swanevelder, Pieter, 27, 3Y

Swinbank, John, 1M

Swinbank, Mark, 1X

Sykes, J., 48

Szecsenyi, Orsolya, 1T

Szentgyorgyi, Andrew, 1U, 22, 46, 9M, 9O, A0, A2

Szeto, Kei, 9C, A5

Szulágyi, J., 0U

Szymkowiak, A., 6T

Tabernero, H. M., 12

Taburet, S., 9P

Tait, Philip J., 1M, 28

Tajima, H., 48

Takada, Masahiro, 1M

Takahashi, Hidenori, 3P, 3U, 3W

Takato, Naruhisa, 06, 0O, 1M, 28, 2G, 3W, 81, 82, 8Y, 93

Takenaka, Keiichi, 5Z, 79

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Talbot, Gordon, 8T

Tallis, Melisa, 10

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Tamura, Yoichi, 3U, 3W

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Tanaka, Masaomi, 3P

Tanaka, Masuo, 3U, 3W

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Tarlé, Gregory, 7X, 92

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Tateuchi, Ken, 3U

Tavagnacco, Daniele, 9D

Taylor, Brian, 6M

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Taylor, K., 11

Taylor, Keith, A3, A4

Taylor, William, 1X, 3F, 8E, 95

Tearle, J., 11

Tecza, Matthias, 1X, 9R, 9T, 9Y

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Temme, F., 4O

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Terao, Yasunori, 3U, 3W

ter Horst, Rik, 1G, 6F

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Terlevich, R., 1K

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Testa, V., 32

Thaele, J., 4O

Thatte, Niranjan A., 1X, 9R, 9T, 9U, 9Y

Thao, W., 8U

Theurillat, Patrick, 0E

Thibault, Simon, 29

Thimm, G., 6O

Thomas, J., 1Z

Thomas, Jim, 29

Thomes, Joseph, 19

Thompson, Samantha J., 6F

Thöne, Christina C., 40, 43

Thornhill, Julian, 2H, 48

Tibaldo, L., 48

Tietz, J., 6O

Tighe, Roberto, 2N, 3B

Tims, Julia, 1F, 1Q, 4A, 51, 9O

Tinoco, Silvio J., 5O, 5Q

Titus, Keegan, 27

Toda, Hiroyuki, 5D

Todo, Soya, 3U

Tokovinin, Andrei, 3B, 8V

Tokunaga, Alan, 84

Tolstoy, E., 1Z

Tominaga, Nozomu, 3P

Tonello, Nadia, 0Z

Tooke, David, 1L

Tordo, Sebastien, 0F, 0I

Torra, Jordi, 1L

Torres, I., 45

Torres-Peimbert, S., 1K

Torres-Torriti, Miguel, 8E

Tosh, Ian A., 1G, 1X

Toso, Giorgio, 57

Totani, Tomonori, 3P

Toussnel, François, 2H

Toy, Vicki L., 3I

Tozzi, A., 1A, 6C, 7R, 7Z

Trager, Scott C., 1G, 7U, 8R

Treffers, Richard R., 10

Tresoldi, Daniela, 57

Tresse, Laurence, 1M

Trichard, C., 48

Trifonov, T., 12

Trinquet, H., 0T

Tristram, Konrad R. W., 0D, 0Q

Tromp, Neils, 1G, 1Z

Truant, Nicola, 2O

Trujillo, I., 1K

Tsamis, Y., 1K

Tsutsui, Hironori, 5D

Tsuzuki, Toshihiro, 9N, A1, AE

Tubio, Oscar, 8Z

Tucker, B., 0V

Tufts, Joseph R., 6X

Tulloch, S., 12, 1K, 65

Turatto, Massimo, 1Z, 34, 3H

Turner, James, 2S

Turner, L., 5C

Turyshev, Slava, 5B

Tuthill, Peter, 0R, 51, 5E

Tuttle, Sarah E., 1H, 1I, 4C, 80

Uchida, T., 5X

Uchiyama, Masahito S., 3U, 3W

Uchiyama, Mizuho, 2U, 3U, 3W

Udem, Thomas, 64

Udry, S., 23

Ueda, Akitoshi, 1M

Ulbrich, R.-G., 12

Uomoto, Alan, 1U, 22, 9M, A2

Uraguchi, Fumihiro, A8, AE

Urakawa, Seitaro, 3P

Uribe, Jorge A., 0P

Urrutia, Josefina, 0F

Urrutia, Josefina, 64

Usui, Fumihiko, 3P, 3W

Vacca, William D., 0B

Vaccarella, A., 1Y, 2X

Väisänen, Petri, 2K, 2L, 6N

Valbousquet, F., 0U

Valdes, Frank, 2C

Valdes, Guillermo, 0D

Váldez Berriozabal, Francisco, 0P

Valdivia, Juan J. F., 2Z

Valenti, Elena, 0F

Valentini, Angelo, 39, 9D

Valenziano, Luca, 23

Valenzuela, Javier, 0F

Vallenari, Antonella, 1G, 7U, 8R

Valyavin, Gennady G., 42, 6D, 6E

van Boekel, Roy, 20

van den Ancker, Mario, 0D, 2B

van der Horst, Alexander, J., 40, 43

van de Sande, Jesse, 1F

van Eyken, Julian, 6X

van Gend, Carel, 27

Vanzi, Leonardo, 23, 8E

Vargas Catalán, Ernesto, 0Q

Varosi, Frank, 1L, 4Q, 6I

Vattiat, Brian L., 1H, 1I, 3O, 4C, 80

Veach, T. J., 0S

Vega, Claudia, 1L, 4Q

Vega, Nauzet, 1J, 8Z

Vega, O., 1K

Veilleux, Sylvain, 3I, 5N

Velasco, Sergio, 0M, 2O, 2Z

Velázquez, M., 1K, 7Y

Venema, Lars, 0D, 9Q

Veninga, Auke, 20

Venkatesan, Sudharshan, 1F

Verdoes-Kleijn, G., 1Z

Verducci Jr., Orlando, 1M

Veredas, G., 12, 65

Verheijen, Marc, 1G

Verinaud, Christophe, 1X

Vernet, Joël, 1T, 1X

Vernin, Jean, 0T

Vest, C., 1Y, 2X

Vestergaard, M., 23

Veyette, Mark J., 6M

Vibert, Didier, 1M

Vico Linares, J. I., 12, 6B

Vida, K., 5T

Vidal, Clement, 1M

Vidal, F., 1Z

Viera Martín, Himar D., 4Q

Vigan, Arthur, 1X, 34, 3D

Vila Hernandez de Lorenzo, J., 0S

Vilardell, F., 12

Vílchez, J. M., 1K

Villa Martin, Montserrat, 1X

Vink, J., 48

Visser, Martin, 27

Vitali, F., 41, 8P

Vogel, Stuart N., 3I

Vola, Pascal, 1X

von der Lühe, Oskar F., 4F, 4H, 4N

Vuong, Minh, 9O

Waddell, Patrick, 0B

Waelkens, Christoffel, 20

Wagner, Jörg, 9H

Wagner, K., 12, 6B, 6O

Wagner, R., 1Z

Walawender, Joshua, 28, 2G, 5V

Walcher, Jakob C., 1O

Wall, Sheila M., 19, 73

Waller, Lewis G., 9O

Walls, B., 1U

Walsworth, Ronald, 14, 22, A2

Walter, R., 4O

Walther, Craig, 07

Walton, Nicholas A., 1G, 1O

Wang, Eric, 2R

Wang, H.-S, 0T

Wang, Jason J., 36, 37, 3A

Wang, Liang, 5W, 63

Wang, Lifan, 51

Wang, Sharon, 6P

Wang, Shiang-Yu, 1M, 28, 2G, 46, 81, 82

Ward-Duong, Kimberly, 37, 38

Waring, Chris, 3F

Warmbier, Eric, 84

Warner, Craig D., 1L, 4Q

Warnick, Karl F., 5F

Watanabe, Junichi, 3P

Watase, Ayaka, 5Z, 79

Watson, Alan M., 0P, 5O, 5P, 5Q

Watson, J. J., 48

Watson, Stephen, 8E

Watson, Steve, 95

Weaverdyck, Curtis, 92

Weber, M., 23

Weber, Mark, 28, 2G

Weber, Robert W., 1W

Wegner, M., 1Z, 44

Weiss, Jason L., 0E, 1W

Weisz, H., 0G

Wen, Chih-Yi, 1M, 82

Werne, Thomas, 5B

Werthimer, Dan, 10

Wertz, Olivier, 0Q

Weston, P., 11

Wheeler, P., 11

White, John, 2S, 60

White, R., 48

Wiedemann, Manuel, 2W

Wierzbicki, Ramunas, A9

Wiezorrek, E., 0G

Wiid, E., 6N

Wilby, M. J., 67

Wildi, François, 34, 3D, 3H, 68

Williams, Luke, 1L

Williams, Michael, 2I

Williams, T. B., 6N

Williamson, Michael, 6I

Wilson, Richard W., 0Y

Wincentsen, James E., 1W, AD, AE

Winkler, Johannes, 12, 4U

Winkler, Roland, 1O, 91

Winn, Josh, 14

Winters, G., 40

Wishnow, Edward H., 5Y, 70

Wizinowich, Peter L., 05, 0Q, 35

Woche, M., 9L

Woeger, Friedrich, 5A

Wolf, Jürgen, 2W

Wolff, Schuyler G., 37, 38

Woods, Deborah F., 14, 6J, 7G

Woodward, Charles, 19

Worley, Clare, 1G

Worley, J., 11

Worters, Hannah L., 27, 3Y

Wright, Jason, T., 6P, 7H

Wright, Shelley A., 10, 1W, A1, AD, AE

Wu, Yuanjie, 64, 7E

Wung, Matthew, 28, 2G

Xavier, Pascal, 1Q, 4A

Xiao, Dong, 7E

Xu, W., 12, 65, 90

Yabe, Kiyoto, 1M

Yamaguchi, Jumpei, 3P, 3W

Yamamoto, Ryo, 5Z

Yamane, N., 48

Yan, Chi-Hung, 1M, 82

Yanagisawa, Kenshi, 5D

Yang, Y., 9P

Yao, Yongqiang, 0T

Yasuda, Naoki, 1M

Yasui, Chikako, 5Z, 79

Ye, Huiqi, 7E

Ye, Jimmy, 6M

Yelkenci, F. Korhan, 5I

Yerli, Sinan K., 5I, 5L

Yeşilyaprak, Cahit, 5I, 5L

Yoshida, Michitoshi, 5D

Yoshii, Yuzuru, 3U, 3W

Yoshikawa, Makoto, 3P

Yoshikawa, Tomohiro, 5Z, 79

Young, John, 6F

Young, P., 1Y, 2X

Yu, Young-Sam, 0C, 22, 9M, A2

Yuan, Xiangyan, 51

Yuk, In-Soo, 0C

Yushkin, Maxim, 6Y

Zackrisson, E., 23

Zalesky, Joseph, 37, 38

Zamorano, J., 1K

Zanutta, A., 40

Zapatero Osorio, M. R., 12

Zech, A., 48

Zechmeister, M., 12, 65

Zeilinger, W., 1Z

Zenteno H., J. A., 7Y

Zerbi, Filippo, 23, 7B

Zhai, Chengxing, 5B

Zhang, Kai, 1P, 1W

Zhang, Kaiyuan, 51

Zhao, Bo, 19, 1L, 6I

Zhelem, Ross, 1F, 1Q, 4A, 51, 7A, 7F, 88, 9O

Zheng, Jessica, 51, 5E

Zhou, G., 0U

Zhu, Yongtian, 1P

Ziegler, B., 1Z

Zieleniewski, Simon D., 1X, 9Y

Ziemann, Greg, 80

Zink, A., 48

Zins, Gérard, 1X, 1Z, 34, 3D

Zovaro, A., 2X

Zugby, Leonard, 19

Zurita, Christina, 1G

Zurlo, A., 3H

Conference Committee

Symposium Chairs

  • Colin Cunningham, UK Astronomy Technology Centre (United Kingdom)

  • Masanori Iye, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (Japan)

Symposium Co-chairs

  • Allison A. Barto, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation (United States)

  • Suzanne K. Ramsay, European Southern Observatory (Germany)

Conference Chairs

  • Christopher J. Evans, UK Astronomy Technology Centre (United Kingdom)

  • Luc Simard, National Research Council Canada (Canada)

  • Hideki Takami, Subaru Telescope, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (United States)

Conference Program Committee

  • Rebecca A. Bernstein, GMTO Corporation (United States)

  • Julia J. Bryant, The University of Sydney (Australia) and Austrailian Astronomical Observatory (Australia)

  • Armando Gil de Paz, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)

  • Mihalis Mathioudakis, Queen's University Belfast (United Kingdom)

  • Ian S. McLean, University of California, Los Angeles (United States)

  • Kentaro Motohara, The University of Tokyo (Japan)

  • Livia Origlia, INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna (Italy)

  • Erin C. Smith, NASA Ames Research Center (United States)

  • Joël R. D. Vernet, European Southern Observatory (Germany)

Session Chairs

  • 1 Instrument Programs at Major Observatories I

    Hideki Takami, Subaru Telescope, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (United States)

  • 2 Instrument Programs at Major Observatories II

    Hideki Takami, Subaru Telescope, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (United States)

  • 3 Characterisation of Existing Instruments, Upgrades, etc. I

    Luc Simard, National Research Council Canada (Canada)

  • 4 Characterisation of Existing Instruments, Upgrades, etc. II

    Luc Simard, National Research Council Canada (Canada)

  • 5 High-spatial-resolution Instruments I

    Julia J. Bryant, The University of Sydney (Australia) and Austrailian Astronomical Observatory (Australia)

  • 6 High-spatial-resolution Instruments II

    Joël R. D. Vernet, European Southern Observatory (Germany)

  • 7 Novel Concepts and Instruments I

    Kentaro Motohara, The University of Tokyo (Japan) and

    Livia Origilia, INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna (Italy)

  • 8 Novel Concepts and Instruments II

    Julia J. Bryant, The University of Sydney (Australia) and Austrailian Astronomical Observatory (Australia)

  • 9 High-spectral-resolution Instruments I

    Livia Origlia, INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna (Italy)

  • 10 High-spectral-resolution Instruments II

    Livia Origlia, INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna (Italy)

  • 11 High-multiplex Instruments I

    Armando Gil de Paz, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)

  • 12 High-multiplex Instruments II

    Ian S. McLean, University of California, Los Angeles (United States)

  • 13 High-multiplex Instruments III

    Ian S. McLean, University of California, Los Angeles (United States)

  • 14 Instruments for Extremely Large Telescopes I

    Christopher J. Evans, UK Astronomy Technology Centre (United Kingdom)

  • 15 Instruments for Extremely Large Telescopes II

    Rebecca A. Bernstein, GMTO Corporation (United States)

  • 16 Instruments for Extremely Large Telescopes III

    Rebecca A. Bernstein, GMTO Corporation (United States)

© (2016) COPYRIGHT Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE). Downloading of the abstract is permitted for personal use only.
} "Front Matter: Volume 9908", Proc. SPIE 9908, Ground-based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy VI, 990801 (30 November 2016); doi: 10.1117/12.2255839; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2255839

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