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Carosi, Alessandro, 1V

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Castro-Almazán, Julio A., 0P

Catusse, Nicolas, 33

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Chavan, A. M., 1H

Chen, Ming-Tang, 0O

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Hilton, M., 14

Hlozek, R., 14

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Hönle, Rainer, 27

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Hu, Keliang, 23

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Keyes, Charles D., 1O

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Kosowsky, A., 14

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Krause, E., 1D

Krawiec, C. I., 1D

Kremin, A., 1D

Kron, R., 1D

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Kürster, M., 0E

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Lundin, Lars, 2O

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Markwardt, Craig B., 0Z

Marshall, J., 1D

Marteau, S., 02, 1J

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Matheson, Thomas, 0F

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McConnachie, Alan, 1F

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Melchior, P., 1D

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Mignot, Shan, 1F

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Miszalski, Brent, 04, 0T

Miyasaka, Hiromasa, 0Z

Momcheva, Ivelina, 1E

Mondrik, N. P., 1D

Mondrik, Nicholas, 0V

Montes, D., 0E

Montes, Vanessa, 0R

Morales Muñoz, R., 0E, 0Q

Moreno, Cristian, 0R

Morganson, E. P., 1D

Morrison, J., 2W

Moullet, Arielle, 0C

Moutou, Claire, 15

Mudd, D., 1D

Müller, M., 2W

Muñoz-Tuñón, Casiana, 0P

Murowinski, Rick, 1F

Mysore, S., 02

Nadolski, A., 1D

Næss, S., 14

Nagasawa, D. Q., 1D

Naghib, Elahesadat, 11

Narayan, Gautham, 0F

Natarajan, Swaminathan, 0J

Nati, F., 14

Neilsen, E., 1D

Nelson, Jerry, 2I

Neureiter, Bianca, 1S

Newburgh, L., 14

Niemack, M. D., 14

Nord, B., 1D

Noriega-Crespo, Alberto, 16

Nosov, Eugene V., 1Y

Nosov, Viktor V., 1Y

Nugent, P., 1D

O'Donoghue, Darragh E., 04

Ogando, R., 1D

Old, L., 1D

Ortiz, José, 2S

Osorio, Juan, 20, 21

Page, L. A., 14

Palmese, A., 1D

Park, Sam, 2I

Parsons, Harriet, 0O

Patat, F., 02, 03, 1J

Pavlov, A., 0E

Peck, Michael, 2I

Pena, Eduardo, 21

Peña-Guerrero, Maria A., 1O

Pérez, D., 0Q

Perez, Gabriel, 0R

Pérez-Jordán, Gabriel, 0P

Perley, Margaret, 0L

Petravick, D., 1D

Petr-Gotzens, Monika, 0B

Petry, Catherine, 1A

Pevunova, Olga, 0A

Phillips, Drew, 2I

Pickering, Timothy E., 16

Pino Pavez, Andres, 1K, 1T, 2Y, 32

Plazas, A. A., 1D

Poglitsch, Albrecht, 27

Pollard, Mike, 2I

Pomante, Emanuele, 2F

Pontoppidan, Klaus M., 16

Potter, S. B., 2H

Power, Jennifer, 1P

Primas, F., 02

Prochaska, J. Xavier, 2I

Pruemm, M., 24

Pueyo, Laurent, 16

Pujol, A., 1D

Queiroz, A. B. A., 1D

Querel, Richard R., 1S

Quirós, Fernando, 0G

Quirrenbach, A., 0E, 0Q

Raab, Walfried, 27

Rabe, Paul, 04, 2M

Racine, René, 15

Rahmer, Gustavo, 2G

Rainnie, Jonn A., 18

Ramirez, A., 20

Ramón, A., 0Q

Rana, Vikram R., 0Z

Randall, S., 1H

Randolph, Bill, 2I

Ratliff, Chris, 2I

Ravindranath, Swara, 16

Reardon, Kevin, 1G

Rebell, Felix, 27

Rebull, L. M., 12

Regibo, S., 1I

Reid, I. N., 1O

Reil, K., 1D

Reiners, A., 0E, 0Q

Rejkuba, Marina, 02, 03, 0B, 1J, 24

Retzlaff, Joerg, 08, 09, 0B, 29, 30

Reuter, Michael A., 13, 1A

Reyes, Claudia, 2Y

Reyes-Ruíz, Maurico, 0G

Ribas, I., 0E, 0Q

Ridgway, Stephen, 0F

Rieke, G., 2W

Rippa, Mathew, 0R

Rivas, Leonel, 1T

Robberto, Massimo, 16

Rodrigues, Myriam, 1T

Rogers, Rolando, 0R, 0X

Romaniello, Martino, 03, 0B, 0D, 1U

Romano, Francesco, 2X

Román-Zúñiga, Carlos G., 0G

Romer, A. K., 1D

Romero, Cristian Marcelo, 1K, 1T, 2Y

Romero, Ignacio, 0P

Romero-Colmenero, Encarni, 04, 0T, 2H, 2M

Roodman, A., 1D

Rooney, P., 1D

Rosenfeld, R., 1D

Roth, Katherine C., 1B

Rots, Arnold, 06, 1W

Royer, P., 1I

Rubini, Pascal, 33

Ruíz-Díaz-Soto, Jaime, 0G

Rutten, René, 1M

Saha, Abhijit, 0F

Sako, M., 1D

Salatino, M., 14

Salvador, A. I., 1D

Sánchez Álvaro, E., 1D

Sánchez, C., 1D

Sánchez-Carrasco, M. A., 0Q

Sandford, Dale, 2I

Santiago, B. X., 1D

Santos, P., 24

Savant, Vaibhav, 2P

Saviane, I., 1J

Scheidegger, Carlos, 0F

Schillaci, A., 14

Schloerb, F. Peter, 26

Schmitt, B. L., 14

Schooneveld, A., 1D

Schroeder, Anja, 0T

Schubnell, M., 1D

Seaman, Robert, 0F

Seca, Luis, 0J

Sehgal, N., 14

Seifert, W., 0E, 0Q

Serio, Andrew, 1X

Shang, Zhaohui, 23

Sheldon, E., 1D

Sienkiewicz, Mark J., 16

Sievers, J. L., 14

Silbermann, Nancy A., 12

Simon, S. M., 14

Slocum, Christine, 16

Smale, Alan, 0A

Smette, Alain, 1K, 2T

Smirnova, Olesja, 1B

Smith, A., 1D

Smith, Adam, 1B

Smith, David R., 26

Smith, Niall, 2P

Smith, R. C., 1D

Snodgrass, Richard, 0F

Soares-Santos, M., 1D

Sobreira, F., 1D

Soderblom, D. R., 1O

Solano, E., 0E

Sontag, Christopher D., 16

Souccar, Kamal, 26

Soumagnac, M., 1D

Speiss, Daniel J., 1G

Spergel, D. N., 14

Spinka, H., 1D

Staats, Kai, 2H

Staggs, S. T., 14

Stauffer, John, 12

Stephan, Christian, 21

Stephens, Andrew, 1B

Sterzik, Michael, 02, 03, 2B

Stevens, J. R., 14

Storrie-Lombardi, Lisa J., 12

Strassmeier, Klaus G., 0N

Strydom, Ockert, 0T, 2M

Stubbs, Christopher, 0V, 11, 1A

Suarez Sola, Igor, 1P

Summers, Doug, 1P, 24

Swain, M., 2E

Swart, Paul, 0J

Swett, Hector, 1X

Szeifert, Thomas, 0B

Szeto, Kei, 1F

Tacconi-Garman, L. E., 02, 03, 1J

Taljaard, Cornelius, 0H

Tanne, S. L., 1H

Taylor, Clark, 0F

Taylor, Julian, 2T

Teplitz, Harry I., 0A

Thierry, Pierre, 0G

Tie, S. S., 1D

Tinoco, Silvio, 0G

Toeniskoetter, Jackson, 0F

Torgaev, Andrey V., 1Y

Tran, H. D., 2E

Trifiletti, Alessandro, 2X

Trinh, Christopher, 27

Tripsas, Alex, 2I

Tristram, Konrad, 2T

Troja, Eleonora, 0G

Tucker, D., 1D

Úbeda, Leonardo, 1O, 25

Väisänen, Petri, 04, 0T, 2M

Valenzuela, Javier, 21

van Ardenne, Arnold, 0J

van den Ancker, Mario E., 2T

van der Hoeven, Michiel, 0R, 0X

van Engelen, A., 14

Van Wyk, Veronica, 0T

Vandenbussche, B., 1I, 2W

Vanderbei, Robert J., 11

Varela, Antonia, 0P

Vavagiakis, E. M., 14

Veillet, Christian, 1P

Vieira, Jorge, 0J

Vigan, Arthur, 2O

Vikram, V., 1D

Vila Vilaro, B., 1H

Villard, E., 1H

Vinther, Jakob, 2T

Vivas, K., 1D

Volgenau, Nikolaus, 1C

Wahhaj, Zahed, 2O

Walcher, Jakob C., 1Q

Walker, A. R., 1D

Wallace, Gary, 26

Walsh, Shane, 1P

Walther, Craig, 0O

Wang, Bingxiang, 28

Wang, Lifan, 23

Wang, Zhe, 0F

Ward, Jim, 2I

Watson, Alan M., 0G

Watson, Fraser T., 1G

Weber, Michael, 0N

Welch, Eric, 0F

Wester, W., 1D

White, Richard L., 0A

Whyborn, Nicholas D., 0M

Wiant, Scott, 1G

Wiesner, M., 1D

Wilcox, H., 1D

Williams, P., 1D

Williams, Theodore B., 0T

Wingate, Lory M., 31

Winkelman, Sherry, 06, 1W

Wold, Truman, 2I

Wolff, Burkhard, 2T

Wollack, E. J., 14

Wright, G., 2W

Xin, Bo, 1A

Yang, Shuo, 0F

Yang, Yunfei, 28

Yanny, B., 1D

Yerli, Sinan K., 2J, 2U

Yeşilyaprak, Cahit, 2J, 2U

Yoachim, Peter, 1A

Yuan, Xiangyan, 23

Zaidi, Tayeb, 0F

Zampieri, S., 29

Zaritsky, Dennis, 2L

Zechmeister, M., 0E

Zeng, Zhen, 28

Zenteno, A., 1D

Zhang, Y., 1D

Zhang, Z., 1D

Conference Committee

  • Symposium Chairs

    • Colin Cunningham, UK Astronomy Technology Centre (United Kingdom)

    • Masanori Iye, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (Japan)

  • Symposium Co-chairs

    • Allison A. Barto, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation (United States)

    • Suzanne K. Ramsay, European Southern Observatory (Germany)

  • Conference Chairs

    • Alison B. Peck, National Radio Astronomy Observatory (United States)

    • Robert L. Seaman, The University of Arizona (United States)

    • Chris R. Benn, Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes (Spain)

  • Conference Program Committee

    • David S. Adler, Space Telescope Science Institute (United States)

    • Lori E. Allen, National Optical Astronomy Observatory (United States)

    • Todd Boroson, Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network (United States)

    • Dennis R. Crabtree, National Research Council Canada (Canada)

    • Suzanne R. Dodd, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (United States)

    • Andreas Kaufer, European Southern Observatory (Chile)

    • Nicole M. Radziwill, James Madison University (United States)

    • Arnold H. Rots, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (United States)

    • Christian Veillet, Large Binocular Telescope Observatory (United States)

  • Session Chairs

    • 1 Operations Benchmarking and Metrics

      • Alison B. Peck, National Radio Astronomy Observatory (United States)

    • 2 Archive Operations, Surveys and Legacy Datasets

      • Dennis R. Crabtree, NRC - Herzberg Astronomy & Astrophysics (Canada)

    • 3 Virtual Observatory

      • Dennis R. Crabtree, NRC - Herzberg Astronomy & Astrophysics (Canada)

    • 4 Data Flow and Data Management Operations Processes and Workflows

      • Todd Boroson, Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network (United States)

    • 5 Time Domain and Transient Surveys

      • Todd Boroson, Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network (United States)

    • 6 Site and Facility Operations I

      • Chris R. Benn, Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes (Spain)

    • 7 Site and Facility Operations II

      • Dennis R. Crabtree, NRC - Herzberg Astronomy & Astrophysics (Canada)

    • 8 Program and Observation Scheduling I

      • Suzanne R. Dodd, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (United States)

    • 9 Program and Observation Scheduling II

      • Todd Boroson, Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network (United States)

      • Alison B. Peck, National Radio Astronomy Observatory (United States)

    • 10 Operations and Data Quality Control

      • Andreas Kaufer, European Southern Observatory (Chile)

    • 11 Science Operations Processes and Workflows I

      • Chris R. Benn, Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes (Spain)

    • 12 Science Operations Processes and Workflows II

      • Christian Veillet, Large Binocular Telescope Observatory (United States)

      • Alison B. Peck, National Radio Astronomy Observatory (United States)


This conference provided a forum for discussion of a broad range of issues relevant to the operation of ground-based and space observatories, including observing/support models, calibration, data-reduction/archiving, quality control, engineering and infrastructure, fault-handling, productivity, and staffing.

While every ground and space observatory has its own individual and unique characteristics, each shares with the others a common need to execute technical and science operations in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. This need is driven by the upward pressure from users for more services and capabilities in opposition to the downward pressure by funding agencies to contain or reduce costs. Tension at the interface between users and funders is particularly acute in this time of global economic turmoil. At the same time the technical and logistical challenges are growing with the systems and network complexity of new observing modes, coordinated multi-facility and multimessenger observing campaigns, fully or partially robotic facilities, integrated instrument pipelines and science archives, and the need to integrate more complex cyber-infrastructure such as the Grid and the Virtual Observatory. The subtle intricacies and mega-scales of new instrumentation demand correspondingly creative operations modalities.

Building on previous successful conferences, we gathered to continue discussions of lessons learned, progress made and future initiatives. As before, we were particularly interested in discussions of what works versus what does not work, as well as what was planned versus what actually happened. Discussion of the interplay of science operations, technical operations, data management operations, and observatory development is particularly encouraged—especially as it impacts the maximization of science value return. The relationships amongst available funding, delivered capabilities/services, and user expectation management and how that informs observatory operations models were other important discussion topics. Demand for support of time-domain observations is steadily increasing as well, driven by the desire to study rare, random events as well as long-term, synoptic phenomena. Such studies are particularly challenging when they require coordination, often unpredictable, between multiple space and ground-based observatories. While this trend has recently been driven by space-based detections of gamma ray bursts, the startup of ground-based time-domain survey facilities (ramping up to the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope in the second half of this decade) will quickly take this challenge to a new level. Progress reports from new facilities coming online and existing facilities facing major new operational challenges were particularly solicited.

This volume contains the contributions, both oral and poster, to this conference from the international community.

Alison B. Peck

Robert L. Seaman

Chris R. Benn

© (2016) COPYRIGHT Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE). Downloading of the abstract is permitted for personal use only.
} "Front Matter: Volume 9910", Proc. SPIE 9910, Observatory Operations: Strategies, Processes, and Systems VI, 991001 (1 August 2016); doi: 10.1117/12.2240598; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2240598

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