21 April 2016 Luminescent solutions and powders of new samarium complexes with N,N',O,O'-chelating ligands
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Imaging techniques in biology and medicine are crucial tools to obtain information on structural and functional properties of living cells and organisms. To fulfill the requirements associated with application of these techniques it appears necessary to design markers with specific characteristics. Luminescent complexes of trivalent lanthanide ions with chelating ligands are of increasing importance in biomedical applications because of their millisecond luminescence lifetime, narrow emission band, high signal-to-noise ratio and minimal photodamage to biological samples. In order to extend the available emission wavelength range the luminescent samarium chelates are highly desirable. In this study the ligands with diamides of 2,2’-bipyridin-6,6’-dicarboxylic acid were used to improve photophysical characteristics of samarium complexes. We report the luminescence characteristics of samarium complexes with novel ligands. All complexes exhibited the characteristic emission of Sm (III) ion with the lines at 565, 597, 605, 645 and 654 nm, the intensity strongly depended on the ligand. Absorption and luminescence excitation spectra of Sm (III) complexes showed main peaks in the UV range demonstrating lanthanide coordination to the ligand. The absolute lumenescence quantum yield was measured for solutions in acetonitrile with excitation at 350 nm. The largest luminescence quantum yield was found for the samarium complex Bipy 6MePy Sm (3%) being much higher that for samarium complexes reported in the literature earlier. These results prove as well that samarium chelates are potential markers for multiparametric imaging techniques.
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Anastasia V. Kharcheva, Anastasia V. Kharcheva, Kirill S. Nikolskiy, Kirill S. Nikolskiy, Nataliya E. Borisova, Nataliya E. Borisova, Alexey V. Ivanov, Alexey V. Ivanov, Marina D. Reshetova, Marina D. Reshetova, Viktor I. Yuzhakov, Viktor I. Yuzhakov, Svetlana V. Patsaeva, Svetlana V. Patsaeva, "Luminescent solutions and powders of new samarium complexes with N,N',O,O'-chelating ligands", Proc. SPIE 9917, Saratov Fall Meeting 2015: Third International Symposium on Optics and Biophotonics and Seventh Finnish-Russian Photonics and Laser Symposium (PALS), 99172J (21 April 2016); doi: 10.1117/12.2229849; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2229849

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