23 September 2016 Electro-optic tunable Bragg gratings in chromophore doped polymer waveguides
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Tunable waveguide Bragg gratings were demonstrated in PYR-3 chromophore doped polymers. We report on the fabrication and the performance of the device. Polycarbonate thin films were doped with PYR-3 (2-{3- Cyano-4- [3-(1-decyl-1 H-pyridin-4-ylidene)-propenyl]-5,5-dimethyi-5 H-furan-2-ylidene}-malononitrile) chromophore, consisting of a dihydropyridinylidene donor and three carbon atoms in the conjugated linker between donor and acceptor. Ridge waveguides were laser micro-machined into the polycarbonate film with a JPSA micromachining system equipped with a KrF excimer laser at 248 nm. Bragg gratings were inscribed into the waveguide by permanently photobleaching the PYR-3 chromophores using a phase mask to achieve narrowband reflections at wavelengths around 1550 nm. Electro-optic properties were introduced by contact poling. Applying a static external electric field leads to the shift of the reflection peak.
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D. Bogunovic, S. G. Raymond, A. Swanson, M. C. Simpson, "Electro-optic tunable Bragg gratings in chromophore doped polymer waveguides", Proc. SPIE 9939, Light Manipulating Organic Materials and Devices III, 99390N (23 September 2016); doi: 10.1117/12.2238172; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2238172

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