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27 September 2016 Optical lenses design and experimental investigations of a dynamic focusing unit for a CO2 laser scanning system
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Laser scanners are critical components in material processing systems, such as welding, cutting, and drilling. To achieve high-accuracy processing, the laser spot size should be small and uniform in the entire objective flat field. However, traditional static focusing method using F-theta objective lens is limited by the narrow flat field. To overcome these limitations, a dynamic focusing unit consisting of two lenses is presented in this paper. The dual-lens system has a movable plano-concave lens and a fixed convex lens. As the location of the movable optical elements is changed, the focal length is shifted to keep a small focus spot in a broad flat processing filed. The optical parameters of the two elements are theoretical analyzed. The spot size is calculated to obtain the relationship between the moving length of first lens and the shift focus length of the system. Also, the Zemax model of the optical system is built up to verify the theoretical design and optimize the optical parameter. The proposed lenses are manufactured and a test system is built up to investigate their performances. The experimental results show the spot size is smaller than 450um in all the 500*500mm~2 filed with CO2 laser. Compared with the other dynamic focusing units, this design has fewer lenses and no focusing spot in the optical path. In addition, the focal length minimal changes with the shit of incident laser beam.
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Wei Chen, Yue Xu, Huaxin Zhang, Peng Liu, and Guohua Jiao "Optical lenses design and experimental investigations of a dynamic focusing unit for a CO2 laser scanning system", Proc. SPIE 9950, Laser Beam Shaping XVII, 995006 (27 September 2016);

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