19 September 2016 Recent advance in target diagnostics on the Laser MégaJoule (LMJ)
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Since the first experimental campaign conducted in 2014 with mid field Gated X-ray Imager (GXI) and two quadruplets (20 kJ at 351 nm) focused on target, the Laser MégaJoule (LMJ) operational capability is still growing up. New plasma diagnostics have been implemented: a large field 2D GXI, two broadband x-ray spectrometers (called DMX and miniDMX), a specific soft x-ray spectrometer and a Laser Entrance Hole (LEH) imaging diagnostic. A series of experiments have been performed leading to more than 60 shots on target. We will present the plasma diagnostics development status conducted at CEA for experimental purpose. Several diagnostics are now under manufacturing or development which include a Streaked Soft X-ray Imager (SSXI), an Equation Of State (EOS) diagnostic suite (“EOS pack”), a Full Aperture BackScattering (FABS) diagnostic, a Near Backscattered Imager (NBI), a high resolution 2D GXI, a high resolution x-ray spectrometer, a specific set of two polar hard x-ray imagers for LEH characterization and a set of Neutron Time of Flight (NTOF) detectors. We describe here the diagnostics design and performances in terms of spatial, temporal and spectral resolutions. Their designs have taken into account the harsh environment (neutron yields, gamma rays, electromagnetic perturbations, debris and shrapnel) and the safety requirements.
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T. Caillaud, T. Caillaud, E. Alozy, E. Alozy, M. Briat, M. Briat, P. Cornet, P. Cornet, S. Darbon, S. Darbon, A. Dizière, A. Dizière, A. Duval, A. Duval, V. Drouet, V. Drouet, J. Fariaut, J. Fariaut, D. Gontier, D. Gontier, O. Landoas, O. Landoas, B. Marchet, B. Marchet, I. Masclet-Gobain, I. Masclet-Gobain, G. Oudot, G. Oudot, G. Soullié, G. Soullié, P. Stemmler, P. Stemmler, C. Reverdin, C. Reverdin, R. Rosch, R. Rosch, A. Rousseau, A. Rousseau, B. Rossé, B. Rossé, C. Rubbelynck, C. Rubbelynck, P. Troussel, P. Troussel, B. Villette, B. Villette, F. Aubard, F. Aubard, S. Huelvan, S. Huelvan, R. Maroni, R. Maroni, P. Llavador, P. Llavador, V. Allouche, V. Allouche, M. Burillo, M. Burillo, C. Chollet, C. Chollet, C. D'Hose, C. D'Hose, B. Prat, B. Prat, C. Trosseille, C. Trosseille, J. Raimbourg, J. Raimbourg, C. Zuber, C. Zuber, J. P. Lebreton, J. P. Lebreton, S. Perez, S. Perez, J. L. Ulmer, J. L. Ulmer, T. Jalinaud, T. Jalinaud, J. P. Jadaud, J. P. Jadaud, J. L. Bourgade, J. L. Bourgade, R. Wrobel, R. Wrobel, X. Rogue, X. Rogue, J. L. Miquel, J. L. Miquel, } "Recent advance in target diagnostics on the Laser MégaJoule (LMJ)", Proc. SPIE 9966, Target Diagnostics Physics and Engineering for Inertial Confinement Fusion V, 996606 (19 September 2016); doi: 10.1117/12.2238017; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2238017


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