24 October 2016 A novel biometric X-ray backscatter inspection of dangerous materials based on a lobster-eye objective
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In order to counter drug-related crimes effectively, and to safeguard homeland security as well as public safety, it is important to inspect drugs, explosives and other contraband quickly and accurately from the express mail system, luggage, vehicles and other objects.

In this paper, we discuss X-ray backscatter inspection system based on a novel lobster-eye X-ray objective, which is an effective inspection technology for drugs, explosives and other contraband inspection. Low atomic number materials, such as drugs and explosives, leads to strong Compton scattering after irradiated by X-ray, which is much stronger than high atomic number material, such as common metals, etc. By detecting the intensity of scattering signals, it is possible to distinguish between organics and inorganics. The lobster-eye X-ray optical system imitates the reflective eyes of lobsters, which field of view can be made as large as desired and it is practical to achieve spatial resolution of several millimeters for finite distance detection. A novel lobster-eye X-ray objective is designed based on modifying Schmidt geometry by using multi-lens structure, so as to reduce the difference of resolution between the horizontal and vertical directions. The demonstration experiments of X-ray backscattering imaging were carried out. A suitcase, a wooden box and a tire with several typical samples hidden in them were imaged by the X-ray backscattering inspection system based on a lobster-eye X-ray objective. The results show that this X-ray backscattering inspection system can get a resolution of less than five millimeters under the FOV of more than two hundred millimeters with ~0.5 meter object distance, which can still be improved.
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Jie Xu, Jie Xu, Xin Wang, Xin Wang, Baozhong Mu, Baozhong Mu, Qi Zhan, Qi Zhan, Qing Xie, Qing Xie, Yaran Li, Yaran Li, Yifan Chen, Yifan Chen, Yanan He, Yanan He, } "A novel biometric X-ray backscatter inspection of dangerous materials based on a lobster-eye objective", Proc. SPIE 9995, Optics and Photonics for Counterterrorism, Crime Fighting, and Defence XII, 999507 (24 October 2016); doi: 10.1117/12.2241970; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2241970


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