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Some useful books on lasers in general:

  • A. E. Siegman, Lasers, University Science Books (1986).

  • O. Svelto, Principles of Lasers, Plenum Press (New York, London), Fourth Edition (1998).

  • F. Träger (editor), Handbook of Lasers and Optics, Springer (2007).

  • A. Sennaroglu (editor), Solid-State Lasers and Applications, CRC Press (2006).

  • W. Koechner, Solid-State Laser Engineering, Springer, 6th Edition (2006).

The first four books focus on the physics of lasers; the book by W. Koechner also covers a lot of engineering issues.

Also see the following resource:

This encyclopedia contains many additional details on lasers and provides additional specialized references on many topics.


page140-1.jpg Rüdiger Paschotta is an expert in lasers and amplifiers, nonlinear optics, fiber technology, ultrashort pulses, and noise in optics. He started his scientific career in 1994 with a PhD thesis in the field of quantum optics. He focused further on applied research thereafter, covering a wide range of laser-related topics. He is the author or coauthor of over 100 scientific journal articles, over 120 international conference presentations, and several book chapters. He is also the author of the well-known Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology (see p. 125).

His successful academic career includes his habilitation at ETH Zürich and his attainment of the Fresnel Prize of the European Physical Society in 2002. In 2004, he started RP Photonics Consulting GmbH, a technical consulting company based in Zürich, Switzerland (http://www.rp-photonics.com). He now serves companies in the photonics industry worldwide, working out feasibility studies and designs for lasers and other photonic devices, identifying and solving technical problems, finding suitable laser sources for specific applications, and performing staff training courses on specialized subjects. His work combines his extensive physics knowledge, his experience with an inventory of numerical modeling tools, a practically oriented mind, and a passion for constructive, interactive teamwork.


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