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bio1.jpg J. Scott Tyo has been a professor in the College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona (UA) since 2006 where he directs the Advanced Sensing Laboratory. After receiving the PhD degree in electrical engineering in 1997 from the Univeristy of Pennsylvania, he was a professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Departments at the University of New Mexico and the US Naval Postgraduate School. He served as an officer in the US Air Force from 1994—2001. He is a fellow of SPIE, the Optical Society of America, and the IEEE. Prof. Tyo’s research interests cover a wide range of optical and electromagnetic sensing, including imaging polarimetry, imaging spectrometry, infrared imaging, computational imaging, and active sensing systems.

bio2.jpgAndrey S. Alenin has been with J. Scott Tyo’s Advanced Sensing Laboratory at the University of Arizona (UA) since 2010 where he is currently finishing his PhD titled, “Matrix structure for information-driven polarimeter design.” Prior to joining ASL, he received a BS degree in optical sciences, and a BS degree in electrical engineering from the University of Arizona. Topics of his research include conventional, channeled and partial Mueller matrix polarimetry, the mathematics of which are highly dependent on the concepts of linear systems. Besides his work at the UA, he has worked on various software engineering problems as a consultant.


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