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Chapter 2:
Ideal First-Order Microdensitometer Configuration
The classical microdensitometer has been designed and fabricated by many manufacturers and by some industrial laboratories willing to make a one-of-a-kind special-purpose instrument for internal use. These instruments have the same basic components, configured in more or less the same way, engineered for the same essential purpose: the examination of the microstructure of transmissive specimens. This chapter will examine those components as a generic classical microdensitometer is pulled together and defined for subsequent analysis. No performance evaluation will be carried out other than to discuss the limitations and characteristics of the instrument as affected by the hardware being specified and incorporated. A full-scale performance analysis will be conducted in Chap. 4. The aim of this chapter is to consider the component parts of the instrumentation so that subsequent treatment of the microdensitometer will not be confused by the hardware issues. What will be generated here is the basic outline of an instrument that mirrors the classical microdensitometer in function and application. It will provide the framework upon which the remainder of the book will build.
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