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The wide body of information that is now available concerning different methods of antimonide-based crystal growth and physical properties of materials used for IR photodetectors makes it difficult to review all aspects in detail. As a result, only general topics are reviewed in this chapter to give the basic information about crystal growth and physical properties. More information can be found in many comprehensive reviews and monographs (see, for example, Refs. 1–5). Here we describe crystal growth methods and some of the physical properties of III-V semiconductors of interest to the preparation of infrared detectors. More attention is placed on the development of large InSb and GaSb single crystals. InSb is a well-established sensor material in the manufacture of FPAs and is suitable for detection in the MWIR region. Instead, rapid development of GaSb epi-ready wafers are designed to meet the needs of the upcoming type-II superlattice market.
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