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Chapter 1:
Introduction to Biomimetic Intelligent Robots
The dream of building intelligent, lifelike machines has been with us for thousands of years. Throughout history, humans have sought to mimic the appearance, functionality, and longevity, as well as the cognitive and adaptive processes of biological creatures. This desire to imitate nature also includes mimicking human characteristics. Today, the field of biologically inspired technologies has the monikers of biomimetics, bionics, and biognosis, and it continues to develop engineered systems that exhibit the appearance and behavior of biological systems. This book presents an overview of the ideas, tools, artifacts, and applications associated with the field of biomimetics. Each chapter focuses on a significant theme such as models of biological systems, state-of-the-art component technologies (e.g., artificial muscles), lifelike computer animation, human-machine systems, and creaturelike robots. Biomimetics is a field with fascinating historical precursors and exciting possibilities for the future.
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