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Chapter 3:
Structure and Microstructure
Before delving into the details of the physical structure of ZnS, it is important to make some statements about terminology. CVD ZnS has many hierarchies of observable structure and so careful use of nomenclature must be maintained in order to avoid confusion. Figure 3.1 shows these scales of structure and the typical techniques used to access information about them. This chapter will start at the atomic scale and work up to the macroscale. In this section the crystallographic structure of ZnS is presented using data from x-ray and electron diffraction. X-ray diffraction studies show evidence of hexagonality in many if not all of the samples, disordering in the closest-packed direction, and crystallographic texturing. Electron diffraction presents evidence of the nanoscale twinning of ZnS creating hexagonal layers (stacking faults) between regions of cubic sphalerite ZnS.
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