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Chapter 6:
Perspective and Future Work
In this final chapter we pull together all of the aforementioned investigation and attempt to present a coherent picture of the properties and processing relationships in CVD ZnS. This is broadly divided into two sections: the nature of CVD ZnS, and the nature of its transformation during heat treatments. The bulk of this chapter is an assessment of the previously presented literature and the results of investigations described herein, so copious citations and references to previous data presented will be minimized. We begin with a discussion of the chemical, crystallographical, structural, and optical nature of the CVD ZnS material. We review the differences encountered along the different positions of the growth cores from the first to the last material to deposit. We then speculate on the nature of red ZnS and elemental ZnS, and their differences from standard yellow CVD ZnS. The heat treatment of the above material is discussed next. We focus on the hot isostatic press and elicit the role of temperature and pressure. We relate a proposed mechanism of recrystallization and a role that the metals have in inducing it. The chapter ends with some overall observations and conclusions. Much work has been done, but we also relate some specific examples of work yet to be done to test the conclusions and extrapolations from this work.
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