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Each chapter has a detailed set of references. As a general introduction to optics see the standard reference in optics by Hecht. The book by Palmer and Grant contains a comprehensive bibliography. See Kumar for an historic perspective on quantum theory. The NIST Self-Study Guide and the joint ISO and CIE vocabulary defines terminology for radiometry. For additional reading see the NIST Self-Study Manual on Radiometry, Boyd’s book, Bukshtab, Grant’s Field Guide, and the extensive works in the field of infrared engineering, all of which contain comprehensive bibliographies. See Wolfe’s book for an introduction to infrared system design. The Burle RCA Electro-Optics Handbook is a small and convenient quick reference. The performance and testing of electro-optical systems is well described by Holst and Biberman. For the analysis of imaging systems, see Vollmerhausen. Slater provides a radiometric approach to remote sensing. Atmospheric physics and properties of the atmosphere are described in detail in the books by Jursa, Feagle, Barry, Bass, and Bohren. Petty provides a good, informal, introduction to atmospheric radiation. Infrared detectors are comprehensively described in the publications by Dereniak and Boreman, Rogalski, and others. Hobbs provides background information to electro-optical system design.
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