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Chapter 6:
The Image Data Product and Quality Metrics
This chapter examines the UAV imaging sensor data product. Video is introduced, and scales designed to evaluate image quality are defined. Still imagery ratings are compared with analytical predictions of target recognition and identification. Atmospheric correction is discussed, and data exploitation techniques are surveyed. The chapter begins with a discussion of metadata: the information within the data stream used to authenticate the image product. In some applications, particularly involving larger systems designed for military and law enforcement use, analysts need to ensure that the data they receive is associated correctly with the imager that produced it. The U. S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) considers imagery authentication a sub-task of imagery analysis, with relevant issues including “image manipulation, image creation, and consistency with prior knowledge about the circumstances depicted in the image.” To address these needs, metadata - information about the sensor, platform, and collection parameters - is included in the UAV dataset. In disputed and controversial matters, professionals with specific experience in imagery authentication are often called to render their opinions before analysts begin their work.
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