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Chapter 4:
The Monochrome Cathode Ray Tube Display and Its Performance
In most radiological imaging workstations today, the monochrome cathode ray tube (CRT) is the electronic display of choice. It offers the best performance, and it is the most highly developed and reliable display in common use. A great deal of effort is being devoted to flat-panel displays and, in particular, to active-matrix liquid crystal displays. But it may take some time, perhaps as long as a decade, until these new systems will replace the CRT in medical applications. Despite popular perceptions to the contrary, current high-resolution monochrome CRT display systems can present all information in digital medical images with the detail and richness of a film hard copy printed by a laser image recorder. In many instances, however, user interactions are required to achieve the same detail rendition. User interactions include, e.g., presenting only part of the image at one time and panning and zooming, and image contrast manipulation.
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