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In industrial processes, illumination is generally a well-controlled element of a system, so that the luminance of a scene matches well with the operation range of a camera. Industrial system developers and integrators have access to a variety of light source types, diffusers, filters, reflectors, and mirrors to design the required light pattern and uniformity. The light intensity can also be easily controlled, and light flashes or pulses can be synchronized with the camera. As the speed of the image sensors and camera increases with each new generation, it is now convenient to take multiple pictures of the same scene with light from different wavelengths or with different directions or intensities. There are, however, some applications where luminance of a scene is not completely (or not at all) under control of the user. These applications are numerous, but most of the time they do not require high dynamic range (HDR) solutions. Some applications, however, are impossible without an HDR imaging system.
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