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Chapter 9:
Alternative Uncooled Long-Wavelength IR Photodetectors
As alternatives to the current market-dominant HgCdTe, a number of II–VI and III–V semiconductor systems have been proposed, including Hg1−xZnxTe (HgZnTe), Hg1−xMnxTe (HgMnTe), InAs1−xSbx (InAsSb), InSb1−xBix (InSbBi), In1−xTlxSb (InTlSb), and InAs-GaSb type-II superlattices. The wide body of information concerning different methods of crystal growth and physical properties is gathered in Chapter 3. This chapter concentrates on the technology and performance of IR detectors fabricated from Hg-based and III–V materials.
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