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Chapter 11:
Review Articles

For a regular contribution to a peer-reviewed scientific journal, a paper must meet four criteria before it is publishable:

  • The content of the paper must match the scope of the journal,
  • The quality of the paper (method and execution of the research, as well as the writing) must be sufficiently high,
  • It must present novel results (with the exception of review papers and the like), and
  • The results must be significant enough to be worth reading about (and thus worth publishing).
  • An exception is made for the third requirement, novelty, for an important category of papers: the review article. Review articles, as the name implies, provide a critical evaluation of previously published work on a specific topic. Reviews tend to be quite popular with readers because they pack a lot of information in a small space, giving readers a great return on their invested time. They are a gift. Most readers do not have the time or inclination to thoroughly research the full literature on a specific topic and so greatly appreciate it when an author reports on the results of their thorough review of the topic. “Mini-reviews” are becoming increasingly popular as well (more on that in Section 11.3).

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    CHAPTER 11
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