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Chapter 8:
Photonic–Electronic Integration with Silicon-Based Optical Modulators
Photonic–electronic integration is attracting more interest from scientists and engineers in photonics because of its significance in the design and fabrication of small-footprint optical I/Os and compact optical transceivers. In this chapter, photonic–electronic integration is discussed with respect to two aspects. The first aspect covers the technologies for integration with electronic and photonic devices such as modulator drivers, TIAs, PDs, and laser diodes. The integration technologies are classified according to integration methods of devices from monolithic to package levels. Optical waveguides for vertical coupling are also discussed in terms of 3D photonic integration. Emerging photonic–electronic integration for optical performance monitoring is discussed in the second aspect. Such monitoring is significant in fault management for optical data transmission, and therefore, the integration of optical performance monitoring in a small footprint is crucial for compact optical transceivers. In this chapter, the forefront of photonic–electronic integration for optical performance monitoring in optical modulators is discussed.
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