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Chapter 4:
Laser Microprocessing and Applications in Microelectronics and Electronics
Laser material processing has demonstrated its significance in many areas, such as microelectronics, data storage, photonics, and nanotechnology, since versatile laser sources provide a flexible and unique energy source for precise control of material processing. With current laser technology, a short wavelength down to x-ray range and a short pulse duration down to femtosecond range can be achieved. The extreme conditions created by laser irradiation have provided a strong impact on material research. This chapter will summarize a few research topics related to laser applications in the packaging of microelectronics devices: laser surface cleaning for integrated circuit (IC) molding tools, laser removal of mold flash from IC packages (laser deflash), real-time monitoring in laser packaging applications, laser reflow of solder balls for ball grid array (BGA) packages, laser singulation of dies and packages, and laser tagging and laser bumping for magnetic disks.
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