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Among the various directions modern optics has taken to develop applications for optical nano-tweezer and nano-manipulator designs, one that stands out is the use of singular optics approaches to anisotropic media. It is well known that singular optics deals with light beams that support wavefront edge dislocations and optical vortices (screw dislocations) as well as polarization singularities. Therefore, optical vortices form specific intensity distributions capable of trapping, transporting, and controlling the orientation of microparticles. New feasibilities of singular optics have been revealed specifically due to the use of optically anisotropic crystals. This new understanding enriches our knowledge of the properties of laser beams and yields new promising applications, in part for implementation of optical tweezers and optical telecommunications. An additional direction of singular optics involves nonlinear singular optics using nonlinear crystals with singularities that allow for the creation of optical solitons, i.e., solitons in optical vortices.
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