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Applications of coherent singular optics have developed mainly due to progress in nanotechnologies that focus on the problem of manipulation of nano-objects and control of their parameters. An opaque particle falling into the center of a scalar vortex is captured due to the difference in light pressure at the center and at the periphery of the vortex. Such traps can be formed, for example, by focusing vortex beams that are reconstructed by computer-generated holograms (CGHs). The ability to convert orbital vortices into spin energy flows (and vice versa) has been reliably proved. Let us remember that orbital flow is associated with the macroscopic energy redistribution in the beam, while the local (instantaneous) circulation of the field vector with circular (or elliptical) polarization causes the spin flow. Such flows can rotate particles at the orbit about the beam axis, playing the role of so-called micro-motors.
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