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Chapter 10:
Calculation of the OTF: Numerical Methods
In Chapter 9 analytical methods for calculating the OTF are demonstrated by assuming the kinds and the amounts of aberration and then proceeding to calculate the points on the OTF curves that correspond to these assumptions. The kinds and amounts of aberration are expressed in terms of the power series for the wave aberration function, W; in each example the aberration assumptions are made by setting the values of the coefficients in the power series. In this chapter, rather than starting with assumed values of coefficients in the wave aberration function, we assume that the initial data are in the form of optical path differences observed in laboratory measurements or calculated from ray trace data in an optical design. When one tries to get OTF values from this kind of information, it is soon discovered that analytical approaches are not practical. Instead, numerical methods must be applied to the problem through electronic computers.
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