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LiDAR Performance Metrics
Most early image metrics have been derived for 2D imaging. Change detection and video are currently becoming more popular as well. 3D imaging is a revolutionary sensing technology on the horizon, and other sensing technologies such as laser vibration detection are developing. Eventually, we will need to develop image quality metrics applicable to these new sensing modalities, including 3D sensing. 3D LiDAR is a very likely method for developing a 3D point cloud image. Passive stereo sensors can also develop such an image, and 3D image metrics can be used for both methods of developing a 3D image. A stereoscopic, passive 3D image will likely have lower resolution in range than in angle/angle, with range resolution depending on angle resolution and the size of the stereo angle used, whereas time-of-flight LiDAR has range resolution that is independent of angle/angle resolution.
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