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Chapter 4:
The Digital Micromirror Device— A Micro-Optical Electromechanical Device for Display Applications
Texas Instruments has developed a range of projectors using Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology. DLP is a reflective and truly digital projection/display technology in full-scale commercial production. DLP has enabled the development of XGA (Extended Graphics Adapter) resolution ultraportable (i.e., <10lbs.) projectors. There have been dramatic leaps since the first DLP-based projectors entered the market in 1996. The Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) is the heart of DLP technology. The DMD is a semiconductor-based array of fast, reflective digital light switches that precisely controls a light source using a binary pulse width modulation technique. This device is a unique combination of optical, mechanical, and electrical systems. Built on standard CMOS technology base wafers, the DMD mirror "super structure" provides an all-digital display solution capable of high brightness, high contrast, and high reliability.
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