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Chapter 6:
Silicon Micromachines in Optical Communications Networks: Tiny Machines for Large Systems
Editor(s): Prosenjit Rai-Choudhury
Author(s): Giles, Randy; Aksyuk, Vladimir A., National Institute of Standards and Technology; Pardo, Flavio, NOKIA Bell Labs; Bolle, Cristian A., NOKIA Bell Labs; Bishop, David J., LGS Innovations Inc.
Silicon micromechanics is a field with the potential to impact a large cross section of science and technology. In diverse activities such as the automotive industry, aeronautics, cellular communications, chemistry, acoustics, display technologies, and lightwave systems, highly functional microdevices are establishing a large presence despite their diminutive size. In this chapter, we describe interesting new micromachines that enable engineers to build opto-mechanically integrated circuits and subsystems whose capabilities can facilitate the explosive growth in bandwidth and networking features of lightwave systems.
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