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Micro-optics is enabling several rapidly growing high technology areas, including displays, lightwave communication, and optical networking; It is also becoming increasingly important to a wide range of state-of-the-art optical system applications that are not discussed in Chapter 3. In this chapter we discuss special micro-optical components, including their testing and characterization. In addition, we discuss a few industry-wide applications of micro-optics. Section 5.1 covers several major micro-optical components, which are building blocks and the infrastructure of modern optical systems. Some of these components are discussed in detail in Chapter 3 and are omitted here. Section 5.2 covers micro-optical testing and characterization, introducing the reader to the most advanced techniques available today. Section 5.3 covers a few specific applications of micro-optics among numerous existing ones, such as focal plane optical concentration and optical efficiency enhancement, color separation, beam shaping, beam steering, miniature optical scanners, optical communication, image transfer, aperture enhancement in confocal microscopy, head-mounted displays, antireflection coatings, and beam combining. In Sec. 5.3, we can cover only a few of these applications.
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