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Chapter 15:
Convergence to the CAGE-Barten Eye Model
Complexity of the Barten model prevents the retrieval of reliable values for the fitting parameters by comparing them with individual CSF measurements. In particular, the multitude of parameters illustrates well the multidimensional aspect of human visual response to variable contrast stimuli. To fully explore this dependence, CSF data collected in a variety of ambient and object conditions must be considered. Thus, in the absence of single measurement runs with adequate variation of visual conditions, comparison is made with multiple measurements recorded by different groups, even if the inhomogeneity of the testing conditions widens the variability range of the results that is already relevant on its own. The spread of human response to standard stimuli is another aspect to be evaluated in the fitting study. The causes for such variability are to be found in the individual differences of performance for both optical (residual refractive error, transparency of media, and aberrations) and neurological (retinal integrity, noise immunity, and crosstalk corruption) responses.
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